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ALL NEW!! Breakfast Lasagna – Epic Meal Time

[ __ ] it’s breakfast so we’re making a breakfast lasagna I’m talking about breaking the fast with the fast food break appropriate for the most advanced culinary cooking show in the game all those are the cooking shows you watch there Shh if that guy work for me expire they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day I don’t know who they are every meal is important to me what are we cooking what today boys no we got all this in breakfast 28w ager sandwiches 20 Burger King cross sandwiches 20 McDonald’s McGriddle ‘s and all these french toast sticks and hash brown chips for a crispy tip because you know we gonna dip that tip in our mouths Internet yeah look please you know you’re crazy I’m hypo I know I’m crazy but you know it’s not crazy what breakfast right important meal of the day nothing like getting a completed nutritious breakfast to start off your [ __ ] ass days our days are never [ __ ] ass no because we’re spending our day making a fast food breakfast lasagna that’s just smart too smart lasagnas are three tiers you got to go base build the pond base build upon base but there was this one time where I saw this video where these guys said it was a hundred tier lasagna but there was only actually 50 I counted them how crazy is that I know are they’re liars what they thought is because they put one layer each like a layer saw that counter the widow is actually only 25 layers deep talk to their liar suprisingly so crazy how people just lie on the internet like that you don’t want to overwork yourself a pancake mix because the pairing of the lumps that’s right Matty Matheson thought out he said keep it a bit lumpy it’s right it won’t rise as much you want to make this moment fluff now when building lasagna traditionally you have a noodle layer that is what divides de sauce the meat and the cheese right here we’re making a large custom cake bacon noodle layer Nepal bacon that’s all oh we got some maple bacon about the hips yeah we’ve got some bacon impregnated this big-ass pancake was on your custom ass sheet me my [ __ ] [Music] so today for faster breakfast lasagna I thought it’d be wise to make a maple marinara so right here we got some maple breakfast sausages it’s a lovely maple bacon can add some sexy marinara you want tomato sauce on your pancakes well people put ketchup on them now great let’s catch up on that pancake me and I’m not Gordon Ramsay got great look I’m not the guy who follows a textbook I make new textbook when you open your mathematical textbook I’m the guy who put a picture in there for you to tell you how to do it right you want to add maple syrup to it we need maple bacon add maple sausage yeah cuz we got to make it a Canadian Italian collaboration it’s completed maple marinara I don’t think it’s gonna taste great and none that Oh sound a little bit weird but they really do go well together and it’s very rich so you don’t need a lot of it it’s great we’ve already made a breakfast lasagna before we got to make the breakfast lasagna again use all these fast and companies have incorporated brand new fast food breakfast items so like a whole new playground for us consider this breakfast lasagna through Judgment Day because at the end of the day ladies and gentlemen you deserve a absolute breakfast lasagna double associate you until the end of time so we’ve been sent from the future to change the past to change the future of the cooking game you could debate it all you want but maple marinara is in this breakfast lasagna we got our fast-food sandwich breakfast layer and we topped that layer with cheese and we got some pancakes on top because [ __ ] love pancakes I ain’t saying we’re [ __ ] but we may have some over later and so we’ll be prepared that right there is the what is design it cuz look what’s gonna happen now we made this breakfast design in part to Judgment Day we got sent from the future to the past to change the future of the cooking game or changing the past the breakfast lasagna to Judgment Day have a slice [ __ ] so pretty much in one piece of lasagna you’re getting every single item of three different fast food menus from my favorite if you’re not a sweet person you could just pick off the savory bits a little pills with cheese total poutine I know you don’t like egg that’s okay get the egg out of there pop some bacon looks young some hero here is actually these french toast sticks now you know as in tradition when making a breakfast item on Epic Meal Time the Jack Daniels maple syrup does come in handy Oh maple syrup in those yeah although this was just Jack know eight years ago these breakfast sandwiches weren’t around McGriddle wasn’t there for sandwich mm-hmm and an agar remained W uneven no amw was in the breakfast game to see the evolution of fast-food breakfast sandwiches happen before eyes and implementing him into this lasagna to Game Change got a vault have you seen the new Predator [Applause] [Music]
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