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Absurd Vintage Recipes From Early 1900s America

[Music] and today on tasty kitchen we’ll be making three vintage recipes from the 1900s and here’s miss jasmine pack our host to show us how hello there let’s get started our first dish today will be the banana candle a what first cut bananas in half [Music] there we go then brush with lemon juice this is interesting i’ve never done this before arrange the bananas in the pineapple hole i’m so sorry this is so funny okay continue once the banana is in the pineapple hole use a vegetable peeler to remove orange peel in one-inch slices use a paring knife to trim the sides to create straight edges then use a toothpick to attach to the banana it’s so cute to give the effect of candle wax drizzle the banana with mayo sorry to simulate a flame use a toothpick and a cherry to attach it to the top of the banana [Music] it mainly just tastes like bananas and pineapple i can’t even taste the mayo i think it was fun to try this time and just this time [Music] in a large mixing bowl whisk together the lime jell-o and boiling water until the gelatin is completely dissolved whisk in cold water vinegar and grated onions grated onions grated onions it just plopped next pour one cup of the mixture into the bottom of a greased jello mold now we’re gonna let these set in the fridge for about an hour to 75 minutes this one should be the consistency of egg whites and this one should be set until it’s firm but not too firm now that the jello is chilled use a rubber spatula to fold in cottage cheese and mayo yum i’ve never done this to my jello before i’m actually not very picky so the chances of me liking it are actually quite high then pour the mixture over firm jell-o so chunky [Music] just like mama made it now put back in the fridge and chill until firm preferably overnight remove the jello from the mold and place on a platter jiggly wiggly beautiful perfection i do like this part very relatable now we have to make the seafood salad in a large mixing bowl combine the crab mayo celery red onion dill old bay salt and pepper i always do big pinches of black pepper so good place the tossed seafood salad in the center of the jello and arrange the salad greens around the outside of the ring yum [Music] not gonna lie i’m not looking forward to this one so good i had to eat it really fast i really liked it just listen to it that won’t make the cut i think there’s a reason i think there’s a reason that this is not a popular recipe nowadays that’s really gross guys [Music] for our main dish we’ll be making meatloaf igloo in a large mixing bowl combine the ground beef bread crumbs minced onion salt pepper and evaporated milk oh i can tell this is going to be really tender once combined pack it tightly into a bowl lined with plastic wrap to get that igloo shape remember to leave a small handful in the mixing bowl you’ll need that to form the entrance to your igloo invert the bowl onto a greased aluminum lined sheet tray and remove the plastic wrap wow it’s beautiful place the remaining meat mixture on the front of the meat mountain and fix to look like the front of an igloo now bake at 325 degrees for one and a half hours in a small saucepan whisk together the water evaporated milk salt and butter bring the mixture to a boil and remove from heat next whisk in the instant potatoes i love me some taters smells good whisk potatoes until they’re nice and thick take the potato mixture and spread it evenly and cross the baked meatloaf i’m not gonna lie i love meatloaf but i know a lot of people who despise it to their very core oh my god my stomach’s growing so much this smells so good all right i think it’s good nice and smooth use a skewer to carve in lines to get that igloo look this is a lot harder than i expected once your masterpiece is complete go ahead and pop it in the oven for 15 minutes after baking place a slice of cheddar cheese on top of the baked igloo and bake until melted beautiful [Music] home run meat loop igloo meatloaf that sounds weird eat loaf meatloaf meatloaf igloo home run this is so good not sure if i would do it again as a meatloaf igloo i think i would just make the meatloaf and have mashed potatoes on the side but i do admire the hard work that was put into it this was a lot of fun i feel like i was able to transport back into that time and really get into it if you guys want to see us do some vintage recipes again let us know in the comments below thanks guys bye [Music] you
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