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Abs In A Flash!

– Hey guys, Cassey here! So if you feel like you
don’t have time to work out, this video is for you,
it’s called Abs in a Flash and basically it’s three minutes
of really intense ab work. I want you to push your
mind, push your body and get through this, okay? It’s gonna be super-fun,
just follow along. And before we get started, I just want to go over
form real quick, okay? So guys, bring your legs
out in front of you, hands forward, tuck your chin in and slowly roll down with control, bringing your back down
vertebrae by vertebrae. Now, there’s gonna be a lot of movements we’re in Pilates stance, okay, so if you haven’t done a
Blogilates video before, don’t worry, I’m gonna show you right now. Pilates stance is when your
shoulders and your neck are lifted off the mat. Now I’m not going like this,
looking up at the ceiling, I’m looking slightly over my knees. This allows my low back to
stay pressed into my mat so then when I’m doing
crazy stuff with my legs, I’m not hollowed-out,
and that’s what’s really gonna hurt your back, okay. We’re trying to focus on your
abs right, now not your back, so make sure throughout all these moves, press your belly button
into your spine, okay? And your abs are going to look
amazing and feel so strong. All right, let’s hit that music. Bring your right knee into your chest, lift that leg up, (upbeat pop music)
shoulders up, ready? Pull, pull, switch. It’s a pull, pull, switch,
pull, pull, switch. Suck that belly button into your spine, point the toes, very good. Getting those hamstrings, nice. Just warming up that core a little bit, then we’re gonna get intense real quick. Come on, here we go! No hands and one, one, perfect, like that! Point your toes, shoulders
down, eyes forward. How you feeling? Beautiful! Try to point, and squeeze your quads. There you go, keep them straight. Love it, I love it. Feet together, hands behind,
it’s down for two and lift. Notice how my low back is
pressed into the mat, okay? I’m looking forward, I’m breathing. Inhale down, exhale up,
you’ve got it, perfect. Stay right here and flutter. Whoo, you feel that? Right here, guys! Upper abs, lower abs,
everything is working. Give me eight, seven six, five, very good. Four, and three, and two, and one. Knees in, lift and lower, crunch it. Now, I want those legs
in tabletop position. Imagine you have some china right here, you won’t let it slip, so
keep it parallel to the floor. Elbows wide, don’t cup your head. Lift with those abs, with
your chest, not your neck. And up, and down, super good. Legs up, come on, up and lower. How you feeling? Nice work, guys, keep going! Perfect, slightly down, let’s go, up. Whoa, talk about doing
abs in three minutes. Perfect, now check it out. Split the legs, up. What, hello, do you feel that? And breathe, switch it. Up, elbows super wide, breathe. (exhaling) So good, nice! Knees in and reach long, guys. Circle it in, give it a hug. Extend the body, swim it in,
I want to see long limbs. Fingers up, legs out
and circle it, one more! Reach, hold it, super long, good. And swim, move the legs. Ooh, it burns! Low back into the mat, come
on, four, three, two, one. Knees in, relax, lift and lower. Knees in that tabletop
position again, good. Legs up, up and down. Now we’re gonna add something
crazy, bring your hands up. Up and open that, that’s
right, you see that? Legs and abs, all at the same time! (exhaling sharply) Breathing, lift, you’ve got it, long. Focus, guys, you’re doing
so well, don’t stop! Only three minutes. (grunting) Point those toes, squeeze
the thighs, work it, up. And hold it right here, flex
and point, bring the legs in, knees in and relax the head. Whew, that was amazing! Bring the right knee into your chest, twist it over to the left. Ooh, my back just got a nice crack there. Look over, onto the right. Relax, inhale through the nose, exhale, feel that low back stretch out. Let’s do the same thing on the other side. Bring that knee in, over. How’d you feel, was that good? I think that was really good. Inhale, exhale, legs
out, arms out, inhale. Big exhale, slowly peel
your back off the mat, vertebrae by vertebrae,
sitting super-duper tall as if you have a crown on the
top of your head, and you do. Great job! You did fantastic. Let me know in the comments
below how your abs feel. Literally right now, I feel them buzzing, like this! (laughs) So guys, amazing work. I want you to check out
this video right here if you want more ab moves. And the calendar, do the calendar. It’s always so fun and make
sure, if you eat healthy or you are posting a post-workout selfie, hashtag #Blogilates so I can
see and so that you can find all the other popstars in the world. And there are quite a few of us. I’ll see you guys next
time, and seriously, love you so much, keep training hard. Bye!
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