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ABS FOCUS // 6-Week Body Toning Bootcamp #2

(upbeat music) – Oh, my gosh guys. I just saw a family of dolphins. (screaming) It was so magical and crazy because in this workout we’re gonna do, we’re actually doing the dolphin. It is the second move on here. And I totally wrote it
before the dolphins came. So I feel like I manifested the reality. Isn’t that awesome? Okay. So guys, today we are doing
a workout for your abs. You’re gonna get some cardio and a lot of core strengthening moves. So just like the other
body toning bootcamp video, it’s gonna be a pit style workout, 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. There’s no intense jumping in this video, but there are some plank jacks. I’m just warning you. So here we go. These are the moves. We’re gonna be doing the
walking plank plus Jack. The dolphin, standing twist crunch right. Double leg lifts for the lower abs standing twist crunch
left, the hollow rock. That’s gonna be a good one. And the plank Jack. Were to end with a nice little finale. So this is your only workout for today. Make sure you do it four times through to get a full 28 minute workout. And if you’re looking for
something even more intense, go to And our challenge is to do one of these body toning boot
camp videos per week for the next six weeks. And you’ll be ready for summer, fit, toned and strong. All right. Walking plank plus plank Jacks. So we’re gonna be on the floor guys, hands underneath the shoulders,
feet out, core tight. What are you gonna do is
come out, out, in, in Jack. It’s an out, out, in, in Jack. Making sure the back stays flat. Your booty is not in the air. Okay. Abs in belly button nice and tight. Out, out, in, in Jack. Good. This is to get you ready for
this plank jacks at the end. Hands right under the shoulders. Out, out, in, in Jack. Very good. Out, out, in, in and Jack. Eyes on your mat. Very good, breath. You’re doing so good guys. Pay attention. – [Speaker] Three, two, one.
– Okay. Very good. Okay, our next one is dolphin. So imagine your Malibu
with me and you’re swimming with your family of dolphins. So forearms onto the mat, toes, press into the mat. You’re going to lift up your booty. Imagine you’re showing your fin off and then come back into
plank, nice and straight fin and swim, up and down. This is really going to
challenge your core strength and your shoulders as well as your arms. Okay? Woo. Feeling good. Nice guys. Lift it up. And coming down to
plank, taking your time. You don’t need to go fast here, but you do need to be precise with your form. Good, come on guys. Do it for the Dolphin family we just saw. One more. Perfect. So good, okay. Our next one is the
standing twist crunch right. So we’re all the way up and get your heart rate back up. Hand here. We’re gonna twist, extend, okay. Looks like an old school
typo move or something and let’s do it. In, in, in. Really pressing the knee into your chest, (breathing heavily) and squeezing your abs. As you do this core working, breathing exhale in nice. Oh, look at my hair. It’s just bouncing all over the place. I love it. Come on. Good. Keeping the knee bent on the other leg. You’re feeling your booty too. Breathe. 15 seconds left. Nice guys. Faster. Come on. You’re almost there. Five, four. – [Speaker] Three, two, one.
– Boom. Okay. Heart rate is up. Next we have to double leg lift. So lets go ahead and
come down onto the mat. Slowly roll down both hands
behind the nip of the neck. Lift your legs up. And you’re going to press heels down towards the mat and lift up. Now I am in Claud stance right now. So my head neck and shoulders
are lifted off of the mat. Elbows wide, working the
lower adds right here. Okay. Now, if you feel like your
head feels really heavy, place your hands underneath and relax your head just like so. But I like to give me a little lift so I can work the upper abs as well. Inhaling down, exhaling up, inhaling down, exhaling up, come on, L super wide looking. Right past your toes. Good stuff guys. One more, perfect. Lift yourself up. And we’ve got our standing
twist crunch left. We’re gonna even it out on top. This way. Your gonna squeeze it in. Okay. Ready? Here we go. In, in (breathing heavily) Guys. Pressing beneath into your chest Good staff. Press, squeeze and just breathe in through your nose,
out through your mouth. Making sure that bottom knee. It’s slightly bent. Good. Keep going. Get that heart rate up. (breathing heavily) Almost there. Push. You got this you got cardio in and
you’re doing so good. Come on body toning bootcamp. One more. Woo. Okay. Heart rate is up for sure. Next we have your hollow rock. Okay. This one is hard, but I know you’ll like it. So that’s why we’re gonna do it. So guys, you are gonna come up right here into the earth like position, making sure the back is
rounded into a C curve. Place your hands above your head, lift up the legs. And what you’re going to do, is slightly rock, rock. Okay? It’s engaged. The body’s long. Imagine you are a banana and you’re simply swinging back and forth. It’s not easy. And if you need a little
bit of assistance, place your hands right in front of you. But if you wanna make
it hard right above you. Oh man. Yup. This is working. And the sun is beating down on me and I’m getting a nice
little tan as I work out. One more. Ooh. Okay, abs are tying. Guys, we’re on to our last move. Plank Jack. We’ll you did this in the beginning, but like mini style. Now we go full on. Plank jack the whole time. Let’s go. Last move. out and in, just like that. Good. Nice and light guys. Nice and light. Butt down, abs engaged,
belly button into the spine. Nice and light little jumps. Squeeze your butt. Squeeze your abs, you’re
are going so good. Come on, you’ve got 20 seconds left. Finish it. In the car you in. (upbeat music) I’m so proud of you guys for working out with me for getting ready for the summer. Focusing on being strong and
not on being slim or skinny. Come on, four – [Speaker] Three, two, one. – And done. Guys, great job. I’m so proud of you. So we just finished one of the rounds of this video for abs, make sure to do it four times
through entirely emphasis, your only workout for the day. Remember to successfully do the six week body toning challenge Just make sure you do
the video of the week, at least once. Okay. Let’s get ready for summer. Let’s be fit and strong and I will see you next time. I love you so much. Bye (upbeat music)
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