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Abs And Obliques Workout – The 4 Best Abs And Obliques Exercises

hey everyone this is Daniel Kelly from fitness boy comm here with another workout so today we’ve picked our four favorite core exercises and we’re doing them in a hit structure so 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest four times through for each of these four exercises three going really really quick there’s no extra rest between exercises so make sure you pay attention and get right into it as quickly as you possibly can now you don’t need any equipment for this whatsoever other than an optional exercise mat and you might want to do a little bit of a warm up and a cool down after this routine is done let’s go ahead and get started alright so first up we’re doing jackknife crunches you can watch me for the easier version and Daniel for the harder version to get the flat down your back leg starts straight up down and back up nice full extension on those legs and those arms if you want to get a little extra crunch at the top a little bit of a toe touch so the easier version is just to keep your legs bent at roughly a 90 place it quite a lot easier all right one now staying here is your life yeah quick nap and stand up again keep those core muscles nice and tight for that harder version keep that lower back flat against that map make sure those muscles stay costly contracted never let those feet touch never let those arms touch alright two down two to go hey you have there alright so try not to use momentum while you’re doing this try to do intentional movements no swinging just your body’s way of cheating if you’ve ever done Pilates before this whole exercise should be done in that imprint position or the footprint position with that lower back plastered against that mat makes his ads have to work that much harder all right last one make sure you’re not holding your breath it makes it easy if you exhale each time you crunch upwards to one all right all right flip over on to 7 we have plank steps next and you do this from your elbows or a full position off you’re handling a push-up position so if you’re doing your knees to that to make easier otherwise elbows and toes so step out out in in and then take that same foot and make it Dino on the taps on the outside first the next time say who burned by the time I’ve been with this each one of these exercises is really really heavily focused on those ABS which is why there are family all right Greenup so like Kelly said be sure to alternate those feet basically the last foot to come in the first one we go back out keep those ABS nice and tight straight line from shoulders down to ankle get a good burn going if you need to switch to a different version through these UT election break by all means do so but try to get through it the hardest version you can I’m second Wow one more all right one one more halfway down the hold all right I’m up yeah so if it gets too hard drop to your knees and do the same motion click why don’t either keep focusing on that form those hips low all right that’s the last one all right so next one we’re going to flip over onto your tailbone we’re doing a Russian twist for this one so backs a perfectly flat arms in front of your chest rotating left to right as far as it’s comfortable the main thing you want to focus on with this one is that rotation so try to get as far as you can at every single time but only as long you can keep that back perfectly flat and start getting tired you don’t want to start rounding shoulders don’t round your shoulders it puts your back in a really vulnerable position all right how’s it first one down three more all right flap back lean back before you can control and rotate for the easier version on this one you can stay more straight up and down you bring those hands in a little bit closer the harder version leaned back further bring those legs up off the ground to really make those core muscles have to work hard whoever lasts five seconds two one here we go fly back and start them in so this hand should stay directly in front of your chest no swinging side to side all that motion should come from that upper body that ribcage twisting back and forth not from those arms swinging one more loose that’s a seriously good bird Yeah right for it being so short yeah I know he’s having good on these oh no problem eight minutes that’s nothing my legs are so sore from the lower body when I did the other ten seconds left pushing through this last one of this exercise three two one why all right flat on your back for our last what we’re doing toe touch pulses so those legs come directly above those hip joints get them as straight as you can and start them up stay up the very top just a little tiny pulse up towards those toes so noble aim is not to release thank you you’re not holding your back tried using little tiny short breaths so little tiny inhale little tiny exhale with that pulse sounds a little different I made fun of me in front of each other there’s a hard time is how we show her effects today we have two more all right legs nice and straight try to contract those quadriceps for that thighs those legs straight as you can or right above those hips crunch it up if you need to take a break for just a second and get right back into it sometimes just a one to three second break can make all the difference am I in her sure self heart oh alright one more round we’re almost done two one here we go all right is your last one try to push through it as long as you can without breaking I guess without taking a break big defender I don’t know someone argue that to keep those lungs open oh oh my goodness that is a good bird all right all right good job everybody if you like us you probably have a really nice burn going in your abdominal muscles might even feel it a little bit your hip flexors from your quadricep but those ABS the one they’re getting the brunt of the force so if you want to move on to another workout routine by all means do that otherwise this workout is complete good job guys you
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