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Abandoned, But Lived In | Flip Or Flop Recap | HGTV

Want to tell me a little
bit about the house? TAREK (ON PHONE):
not a huge place. Just a three bedroom, two bath. It’s right under
1,300 square feet. How does it look? No, it’s not bad. It has nice grass,
has a pretty tree. It just– it looks,
I mean, it’s old. It looks like like
maybe ’50s or ’60s. The outside looks good. Yeah, the inside doesn’t. [door creaks open] [knocking] Hello. All right. Well, what’s going on here? I don’t know. Wow, look at that,
original slider. Oh, my god. This is a huge yard. It’s a lot of work. Is that laundry? Underneath that
mess is laundry? It’s a laundry room. That’s a big space. What was like happening
here with this stuff? Listen. It’s like a clanging. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the plumbing. Something’s loose maybe. Hey, this is a good master. This is a really– what? What do you mean eeh?
– So dark– What does that mean? –and creepy. You know what? Someone’s been sleeping there. And peeing next
to the mattress? It looks like it. Where’s this go? That’s the laundry room. That’s kind of
nice that it flows. But we’d probably get rid
of this door, of course. The floor is really buckling. That’s actually
really bad buckling. You know that clanking
sound we heard might be a plumbing issue here. I mean, that’s what causes
the wood floors to come up. It’s got to be water. Good sized bathroom. I’ll redo the whole shower. We’ve got to reframe
the window, new vanity. Well, this
bedroom’s a good size. Actually, this house
has a lot of potential. Check it out, dude. Looks like they actually
re-piped the house. Wait, hold on. You’re telling me this house,
the plumbing’s in decent shape? It should cost
around two grand. I’ll take it. Huge wall.
– Yes. And this is like
the master bathroom of a million dollar house.
– Oh, yeah. It is.
It’s amazing. OK. So with that being said, we
have to nail the design here. OK, so because the
neighborhood is pretty traditional, I
brought white Shaker, but I also brought this more
of a traditional style cabinet. I like that. Shower walls. I feel like we’re at
grandma’s house right now. Yeah, just messing with you. Yes, this is the real one. This I love. This look on the
main shower wall, and then we could do either
one of these on the sides. Shower pan. I think this right here is
beautiful, especially how it plays off this and then this. So I like that. Agree. Very nice. And then I also
really like that. And then we’ll do the
more traditional cap. Looks so much better in here. Yeah, they got the drywall in. All right. But wow, what a
difference in layout. It’s actually really,
really a big space. Brought a couple
backsplash options. This one’s a little bit
more traditional but more of a like contemporary
flair with the design. Or this backsplash. I really like that together. Two countertop options,
a lighter or a little bit of a darker gray. And then I also brought this,
could also be a backsplash. I mean, this would be the
look in the house right here. That’s beautiful. All right. Cool. I had an idea
for the fireplace. Because I mean, this
is a big fireplace. It’s super bold. I think if we tile it, it
would just be so dominant. I think it would literally
take over the entire space. Oh, yeah, it’s huge. What we can do is we
can do a smooth stucco. Though I think that doing
like a chunky wood mantel will give it a traditional
look, as well, that will go with the neighborhood. And I think it
would be really nice if we stained it like a really
dark color to give it a pop. There we go.
Let’s tilt it. Put it down.
– Put it down? Yeah. That’s a huge slab. Come on, let’s put it on. Watch your fingers. Looks good. [screams] What was that? What happened? This fell on the glass? Yeah. – You OK?
– Yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine.
– You’re good? Yeah, I’m good.
I’m good. No one’s hurt, and
that’s what matters. We were replacing that
old slider anyway. You know what? I actually really
like the paint colors. Yeah, it looks good. It’s really cottage-y. The new siding,
absolutely beautiful. Yeah, it looks pretty. And the landscaping
looks really nice. My thought is we can push
the envelope a little bit and come in at $649, 900. I think based on the comp
and everything we did here, I think that sounds fair. Stage it, list it,
see what happens. All right. I’ll get working on it today. Cool. [music playing] This is definitely cute. Nice. Wow, this is nice. This backsplash,
that’s different. Definitely striking. Like the white cabinets. Countertops. The gray countertops. It all matches perfectly. I like that. Oh, wow. This bathroom is huge. We could have a
party in this shower. It totally makes this house. This house has
really come a long way, and after a couple
of weeks we received a full price offer at $649,900. If this deal goes
through, we stand to make a profit of over $57,000. Time to find another
house to flip.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO1AzFV353o

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