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A Southern – Style Home Makeover | Erin’spired | HGTV

We needed the thing
that would lead the way. We always find it. I think this is
where the story begins. This is where
the story begins. The Hogues are moving
to town from Arizona. They’re really fun. They want this house to be
quintessentially southern. I’m not sure what
the wallpaper is. ERIN: It’s actually
not wallpaper. It’s upholstery. What I would love
to do is keep all this upholstery on the walls. BEN: I’ve never seen
anything like this before. It is beautiful. I mean, it’s pretty. ERIN: The moment we
walked in the front door, can we all agree the
upholstered foyer. AMANDA: Beautiful. BLAKE: That was beautiful. ERIN: It’s really cool. AMANDA: Super pretty. And it’s strong too now. AMANDA: Oh, yeah. This is like when you get
that dressing on your salad that makes you go, like. Strong. BLAKE: Well, it has so much
personality on its own. And it really, I think,
helps create a vibe for the rest of the house. ERIN: Yes. It leads the way. There’s so much
texture about this. Now, how do we pepper that
and steal from the colors? That’s what we’re
taking from this for every room in the house. BLAKE: And pull it through. Yeah. Like a color way
that is all talking to each other across
these front formal rooms. We have to find a way to take
this new fabric, make it feel like it’s always been there. AMANDA: Yes. ERIN: And to do that,
it’s about paint. The paint that touches it. Its current state
surrounded by bright white, which feels all wrong. This one needs a
little bit of the warmth to kind of offset this
really pretty linen fabric. ERIN: Yeah. Why don’t we pull from
this deep gray green blue. BLAKE: Well, I think it’s
gonna help with those tones. It’s gonna help pop those out. And then, it really just help
blend everything as well. It will make the highs
higher and the lows lower. I think that formal
living room on the right. We’ve pulled up this wallpaper,
and now we see that it’s tongue and groove pine walls. This is pretty incredible. ERIN: Not a single
seam anywhere. This in perfect condition. I think let’s keep it. Make it a little more
casual like the Hogues. Exactly But then keep
that formal feeling about the room like the house. AMANDA: How we decide to
dress the room is going to be kind of the next step. So again, adding our linens
and things that are just, again, a little bit more relaxed
and elegant and southern. BLAKE: Well, I
think it’s embracing that southern mentality of your
architecture is very classic, but then the way how you
stage it’s very casual. So you’re blending those
two lifestyles together, which is very southern. That’s my favorite
thing about the work that we do is finding the
alchemy between the house you have and the people you are. And how do you make that visual? I feel like the
stairs are a really grand classic southern
moment in the design too. I feel like it would be
cool to have a little custom piece in this entry. Maybe Ben can build something. What if I build a
little console table that would go here along the wall. That would be beautiful. Yeah. They’ll love that. That’s great. We got to choose unexpected
colors in the Hogue house based on that upholstered entry. There were so many great
colors already in that that we could pull from. It’s so southern. And when people
think southern, they think of that staircase
right in the front door. They think of big formal
rooms like this formal living room, formal dining room. Overall, the Hogue’s house feels
like a breath of fresh air. It has so much personality. I think that it feels welcoming,
and they love it so much.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGf3vc50DHE

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