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A Major Porch Upgrade, From Dingy To Eclectic | Freestyled

no way i cannot believe this nope the mitchells live and breeze detroit they have two businesses here and their house is a piece of history they’ve added some modern touches so that all ends at the porch’s edge and that’s where i come in i’m adair kirkham and i am going to reimagine one room in your home i’m going to thrift paint and repurpose what you got with 1500 and 24 hours let’s go name is deway mitchell i am brandi mitchell i have a detroit-based business black bottom dumpster and debris removal so our kids are in detroit public schools we live in a detroit home we’re very detroit some of the things we did to the house we moved in we redid the floors got rid of some carpet tear out a couple walls got to the porch and ran out of gas the history in this house you just feel it when you walk in my grandfather was the first black man to own this home in 1968 the original deed still said that african-americans weren’t allowed to buy that’s why we have this up here just as history and just to always remember it’s really not that far removed can we talk about the porch we’ve been saying every year like this year we’re going to get the porch together and then what do you have in mind my vision really would be to be able to go out there when it’s raining and read a book more lounge loungy we want it to be a space that we used and you know we brought well he barbecues a lot okay you know but i don’t barbecue oh i’m sorry sorry he smokes okay any must-haves colors the turquoise that’s the that’s the absolutely no okay i do like black a lot but we have a lot of black so if you think we’re over doing the black never overjoying the box do you have any pieces of furniture that we could use yeah whatever you see whatever i see yeah okay you know a deer has a funky style tour you know i’m actually very curious to see what she can do with 24 hours and 1500 this is the porch it’s quite the before it’s gonna be a great after this room first and foremost is cleaning i want to paint the ceiling black this wall next to the door here i like to paint black and all of the teal brick columns black on black on black with pops of color of course i want them to have an area where they lounge so i saw a coffee table a wrought iron bench that i think i could use since deway does a lot of outdoor cooking and they like to entertain i think we need to source a table maybe we can use these stools that are already in here give them a little pop of color but a functional area where there’s more of a dining experience on the back half we’ll do plants everywhere in here because it’s outside we’ll add a new light fixture here and we’ll throw a huge rug that has a really big impact and kind of can separate the two areas but yet bring them together at the same time so let’s get to work cleaning it first you gotta get cleaning fasten up broom so much for my crisp white sneakers [Music] this is a coffee table that they had in the house that could use a little love i thought it’d be really fun to celebrate when her family was able to buy this house by spelling out 1968 on the table with these penny tiles we just got all of our numbers situated and once i have all of the white penny tiles in place i’ll then cut out these numbers that we put together and the numbers are going to be in black i chose to use penny tiles because it’s classic just because of its historic value just feels like it fits still stays in theme with black and white and the colors that they like in their home we were about to start cutting the numbers [Music] what number was this supposed to be i’m not even sure what it looks like look like a 90 or six you’re upside down right now this is a six or nine i don’t remember how this was something like that okay you mastered it i’m gonna have to lift up each section of the tile and do a glue and then we’ll start to growl which is the fun part proud cheers it’s time for some grouts [Music] definitely gets me in a dessert state of mind i can watch this all day so this is the wrought iron bench that we found i’m going to spray it in black you can never go wrong with using black for wrought iron keeps the classic antique kind of touches but makes it feel like it belongs in this decade everything in this room is gonna be black and white but i really wanted to give a pop of color let’s try like a chartreuse color on their four stools that they had i’m feeling like i’m gonna need primer on this yeah you should prime it darn it we do have what 18 hours left [Music] angie and i are now racing and i’m winning [Music] champion there’s still so much brown chair where now that our stools are primed we’re gonna spray this is gonna bring some pops of color to the space everything else is pretty much gonna be black white neutrals but this will be the only kind of vibrant color we might throw some metallic i love that we’re doing the doors gold they’re originally going to be black but once the whole room was painted black i was like we got to do something different so gold was the obvious choice for me i really wanted it to be a black and white neutral zone with pops of color and then the metallic doors are just super fun we’re down to the wire here we have a few more pieces to kind of bring into the mix just to stage it and all that jazz [Music] yes this is like french bistro style it’s an indoor outdoor kind of space so we have to add some plants these are real and they’re fabulous we’re gonna hang these from could be oh there’s another one i feel like i’m in a forest now this is great i found this oversized lantern that i wanted to hang from the ceiling but it’s a little too big so how fun would this be here in the corner i’m loading it with all the extra plants it’s just a fun way to reuse a lantern and turn it into a floor statement please all about greenery in this room this table turned out lovely i don’t think they’re going to think it’s even their coffee table that we found in their home but the 1968 plays really well the wood trim looks really nice i love the natural look ties in with the cool legs that they already had it’s a classic look these doors i love all the drips and the dents and the wear and tear there’s a nail sticking out right here it’s great i love how it looks and it really feels like a place that you can read a book i would read a book here all right last touches are in i threw some last minute touches on this little bookshelf over here we got a stand for our little solarium set up it feels so comfortable in here and so inviting and i hope they can feel it when they walk in okay here we go open up oh my gosh no way i cannot believe this nope i cannot believe this this is amazing that’s the table i’m gonna be honest i did not expect this let me shut these doors for you oh this is all of your stuff right so this is your bench that we found in the backyard we sprayed it black those are your stools i got those out of one of my dumpsters i said these could be something one day i love that fun fact all of these pieces that are in here are from the dumpster somebody was throwing this out this is the poster child of reusing furniture do we remember what it looked like before i don’t want to but i do the room absolutely matches the house perfect can you see yourself reading here right yeah i can you’re cooking outside no i’m over there dancing i don’t think that to do a space for a family that has passed this home on from generation to generation it makes it that much more special for me our kids are gonna flip out wow [Applause] this is mine no this is mine right here now i found my new spot this is your new spot yep yep favorite part of the room is everything that i’ve got out of a dumpster and i see it looking fabulous [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQICjRQzPGA

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