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A Look At The Filth Inside Hotels Charging Top Rates For The Super Bowl

[Music] it happens every high-profile event Hotel prices go up so it’s no surprise the prices for even modest rooms near at the site of Sunday’s Super Bowl are more expensive than usual but while you might Blanche at the price of the room you shouldn’t scream because of what you find inside it Lisa Guerrero checked into some rooms that might make you prefer to stay home and watch the whole thing on TV this is either a crime scene or somebody really cut themselves shaving disgusting stains and look at all those bugs so where did we find all this nasty stuff at hotels charging sky-high rates for the Super Bowl here in Houston I first checked into this super 8 which typically charges $70 per night what are your rates during $390 I quickly found all kinds of problems would you want to sleep on that bed I don’t know what this stain is but this is disgusting on the sheet that you’re actually going to be touching with your body and behind the bed look at all this trash behind the bed including Oh a condom wrapper and what was this it appears to be dried vomit on the back of this chair check out the smoke detector I don’t think a smoke detector wrapped in a plastic bag is gonna work very well when I called the manager he didn’t come into the room don’t you want to know that there’s a plastic bag over your fear smoke detector I had not good day but that was nothing compared to what I found at the in town sweets on a regular night it cost $60 but for the Super Bowl the fist is going to be to $99.99 so 300 the room seemed fine at first but upon closer inspection this room is completely bug infested in fact we found dead bugs all around the carpet and we even found one in the sheets this one’s still alive this might explain why the rooms bug-infested this air-conditioning unit is broken and goes right through to the outside I didn’t even want to put the phone to my ear can I have somebody come up to room 303 I want to point out something there’s bugs all over the room she didn’t want to talk there’s bugs all over this room you guys are going to be charging hundreds of dollars during the Super Bowl and there’s a bug infestation in this room the most disgusting place was the frontier in which typically charges 70 bucks a night how much is the rate during Super Bowl felicitous 10 times as much however the room was anything but super almost everywhere I looked I found mold look at that Oh check out the dishwasher I finally get it open oh there’s standing water this place is filthy at least I have a room with a view maybe not and there’s a dead bug and even though the pool is closed for the season who wants to look at this check out this carpet it’s not even nailed to ground come on in it was time to show the manager I wanted to point out some mold problems you have he took notes as I pointed out the myriad of gross stuff well take this down if you’re charging hundreds of dollars for a Super Bowl room at least make sure it’s cleaned in town sweets says they take pest control seriously they have closed that room until it’s up to standard super 8 says what we found is not reflective of their brand and they’ve reached out to that franchisee to address the problems [Music] you [Music]
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