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A Living Room-Turned-Recording Studio | Budget Living Room Makeover | Freestyled

oh my god so we are at chelsea’s house she’s a single mom juggling two careers and starting a new life here in her new home let’s see what we can do i’m adair kirkham and i am going to reimagine one room in your home i’m going to thrift paint and repurpose what you got with 1500 and 24 hours let’s go my name is chelsea hood i moved to livonia in august of 2021 and it’s just me and my son i am a cosmetologist full-time okay and i am a musician oh of course you are civil mom artist business owner why are you redoing the living room we need some art you need a vibe we need a vibe can you help me with a video girl call the right person talk to me about how you use the space now this is where everything goes down this is where i write i need to feel artsy okay okay i need to feel like i’m gonna write a hit today oh and tomorrow and the next day and what does that for you dim lights i need to feel relaxed i need to feel comfortable and i need color so if i painted the whole room in fluorescent pink you’d be like yes okay aside from lights and aside from color i love plants can you keep them alive i’ll try i think are they real are they real now you have a son i do there any special needs for your son in this space um he thinks he’s an artist so okay so we need to make sure both of you all can come up with your hips yes make it colorful make it vibrant give me the vibe give me the move give me the inspiration yes and then you’re gonna have a hit song and then i’m gonna be your background dance yes yes chelsea has some really bold ideas she wants color she wants plants she wants music studio vibes and we are going to go all the way there all right so let’s talk vive lounge lights plants those are the key words that she mentioned to me that we got to incorporate in this space lounge is all going to be about this couch it’s going to be about a really fun wall here maybe a wallpaper that kind of plays into the lounge vibe i’m thinking this wall blue and then maybe a teal for this wall but the transition from blue to teal we can have a little fun with that and then the led lights is such a major part of what she spoke about having light slice lights we’ll get a long console table here i’ll thrift something that can store some more things that has a more music studio vibe to it add a mirror so it can reflect the light that she really spoke about loving so much this ceiling we need a really cool chandelier so i’m going to come up with a fun concept for the ceiling and then i’ll find a way to incorporate plants in a fun way that ties the music but i’ll make sure she gets her plants for inspiration and here for sure color color color [Music] so both chelsea and raymond’s favorite color is blue so blue was the obvious choice for this first wall and i picked a blue that kind of had a fluorescent feel to it i just imagine those led lights reflecting off of it i’m gonna go as neat as i can be here in the corner but i’m not too worried about the other wall because we’re going to wallpaper over it and you got to see the wallpaper we picked it’s very bold it’s very chelsea chelsea’s going to go wild which is used as well before raymond might not know what the cassettes are but he’s gonna think it’s cool [Music] this is the chandelier i found a bunch of microphones and i wanted to find a fun way to incorporate them in this design my art team they came up with this really great structure here two wooden trays attached together in here they wrapped it with an led light it’ll get poked to the ceiling and then the fun part begins with the mics after the sprinkles where this web of messes we’re going to literally hang a microphone from each one of these strings and they’ll be literally hanging from the ceiling right above her couch and this will be kind of the focal point of the room first up let’s paint the microphones [Music] so roughly this entire chandelier that includes the base all the microphones the wiring the led lights roughly about 150 bucks so really inexpensive way to make a big impact in a space i really wanted enough money to go towards this since it was like our key star piece in the room this is a little outside the box literally i am now going to use these boom boxes and turn them into planters it’s a bloom box we are painting the chandelier in gold we got some really fun speakers that we’re making end tables that we’re doing in gold we are painting the coffee table on gold you want to get close because you’re excited to see the color but the key is to stay at least 12 inches away got to be patient and trust me i do it all of the time and last but not least the bloom box i’m going to do a second round here of touch-ups and then we’re going to cut out the speakers and make this a planter but i have a beautiful cut hole for a four-inch pot to sit right in here and to beautify this thing here are the soundproof panels love that they come in the three different colors this will tie in all the rest of the colors in the space the decision that needs to be made now is is this too chunky is it too large for this wall maybe if i just take out the corners yeah perfect so we’ll do all four we’ll staple these up to the ceiling they’re super lightweight one staples to do the trick and then we’ll cut out this inside because this is exactly where the light is going to be should i not staple it’s going to rip so part of working on a budget is using materials you’ve never used before and figuring it out and being able to pivot along the way staples didn’t work for us we had to pivot and kind of rethink our plan the carpet tape seems to be the way to go [Music] we were able to find a really good console piece it’s white it matches all the other white furniture in the space and this will kind of be her area where she can write her music and kind of get in his own there so we’ll put our speakers there and just add to the whole globe music studio vibe and we have to make sure we do something for raymond i really want him to feel that he was thought of through this process as well [Music] so we’re just about done we just put all our finishing touches throughout the space i’m gonna go get chelsea and uh see what she thinks i’m scared oh come the on away isn’t it wonderful oh it is almost don’t be scared i have no words oh my god oh my god oh i’m so happy you’re happy what’s your favorite part this right here the chandelier you gave me gold mics gold mine there’s no other way and we painted these and we made this a really like fun centerpiece for your space on a scale from 1 to 10 it’s like 25 000. we even have a little gift for raymond there a little truck the only downside to this space is my son is gonna try to take over and it’s not gonna happen so this wallpaper though is so me as soon as i saw it i was like this we have to include this in some kind of way i am not surprised by her reaction i’m so happy that she loves it i’m happy that she feels like it’s her most importantly the paneling the soundproof paneling this is one of the best music studios i’ve answered to i’m in shock for real like i’m in shock i’m in shock and i want to cry some more no crime is good is gonna love it i’m never leaving at all you’re not leaving oh my god you definitely took this to the next level [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0sYkvgE6cs

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