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A Holiday Gift For ANYONE!

I just want to show you my Christmas pants because you might not be able to see them hi guys my name is Becky and I am here from the sari girls and welcome back to another gift idea video this is on our little mini series of Christmas gift or holiday gift ideas that you can make in roughly under an hour and they’re all pretty affordable to do today’s video we’re gonna be showing you how to ways to make your own candles that you can give us gifts candles are great because it’s something that people might not always buy from themselves because it seems like something you don’t really need once you have one in your life it smells so good you’re like yes I need it candles are great gifts they’re super easy to do and they’re also something that can be easily upcycle from older candles because you can always melt on wax I love a good upcycle so the first candle I’m going to show you how to make is this adorable little copper candle we are making this out of a Moscow Mule mug these are so easy to find this time of year I mean especially this time of the year they’re easy to find because I feel like all the stores put out their table decor it like tables set up sections right now and they always have beautiful little mugs for table decorating for the wax you can either use a plain unscented candle or wax bricks meant for candle making for ours we’re gonna be using these plain dollar-store white candles we found this a way cheaper often than buying the actual wax and the craft stores that’s made for candles use something sharp to break apart the candles so they’re easier to melt [Music] nuts on your wax by either putting an existing glass candle in the oven or using a double boiler technique on your stove to do the double boiler technique all you need to do is place a measuring cup inside of a pot with water and then place that on a stove and let your water boil just make sure when you’re doing this using a measuring cup that you don’t plan on cooking with after because the wax is pretty messy and could be hard to get off and you don’t want that in your dinner that you’re making later it’s make while that’s melting add your wick to the bottom of your mug using superglue or using a wooden wick because they crackle like a little campfire while they’re burning once your wax is completely melted add your candle scent into the mixture mix it all together for this candle we’re using a combination of lavender and vanilla since the amount of set required differs depending on the types of oils you’re using it’s always best just to read the instructions they come with but a general rule if you’re not sure is one ounce of scent to one pound of candle wax pour your wax into your container and leave it to harden completely be careful because this will be very hot once it’s cooled you’ll have your completed DIY candle I love the look of this mug candle if super cute super chic and the best part is making candles in bugs is a great idea because you can carry them on they’re hot and does it bring your little pinkies [Music] so next up I’m gonna show you how to make this gorgeous greenery winter embedded candle that has pine and cedar and all your favorite winter things in a candle so using the same process as the copper candle melt your wax down in a double boiler or in the oven so for this candle we’re gonna be using real cedar sprigs to give that wintery Christmas feel but when we were thinking about how to do this we thought that it might be a problem to have real cedar in with your candle because once it starts to burn down we don’t want the tree to hit the candle and start some sort of Christmas tree fire in the little candle that seems dangerous so we thought of a solution or a way around this to do this we’re going to be using two glass containers the first is smaller and will contain three candle wicks then the outside will have your pine Springs and berries spread across the side starting with your smaller container add three wicks to the bottom using superglue we’re going to be using regular candle wicks this time instead of the wood ones because I want to do three and the regular ones are a little bit smaller using two wooden skewers tie the wicks absolutely don’t fall over while the wax is hardening [Music] once the wax is melted add in your scent this time we’re using a mix of amber woods and cinnamon to make a woodsy holiday scent pour the wax into the smaller jar first and then let this cool completely while that’s drying I’m going to start adding the greenery choose a larger container take your melted wax and using a paintbrush brush over the branch onto the glass you’ll want to brush slightly over the edge to keep this in place this is a similar technique to the way you might Mod Podge something onto something else putting the glaze over top and it’s gonna hold it a place once you’re happy with your design around the edge place the mini candle into the larger one you’ll now have to retie your wicks to the skewers but this time to the taller candles height for adding some little red berries around the edge as well and then filling up the entire rest of the candle with more melted wax once the whole thing is completely hardened cut the wicks to the right length and clean off any dried wax around the top edge of the candle this candle turned out so gorgeous and wintery I love it it’s so beautiful and our whole office now smells like winter woods [Music] I also want to give a huge shout-out to the vlog fan because I found this clear candle or while a tea pot holder sort in a vlog and I asked you guys if you thought I could make it into a candle and you guys said yes you can and we want to see how you do it so thank you for inspiring this video if you don’t know what the vlog fam is and you want to be a part of it check the link below we have so much fun over north log channel where you get to learn about our personal lives and the random things that we thrift and want to turn it into giggles thanks so much for checking out this video guys I hope you like these ideas if you want see more easy and affordable gift ideas thank you to subscribe to this channel we had to go up already and there’s gonna be one more tomorrow so make sure you check those out and subscribe so you don’t miss it tomorrow as always guys if you like this video make sure you like it if you love this channel we’d love if you subject and we’ll be [Music] [Applause] [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs72KTa0jvc

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