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A Former Drug Kingpin Shares His Secrets | Informer

i think when you’re living in a world of drugs and stuff like that you have to be violent because if someone doesn’t pay you the money you’re not just going to sit on your arse and take it on the chin you’re going to end up kissing his daughter and kicking the out of him you have to kidnap the if you have to maybe he’s not paying you your money then that’s your money to be paying the next shipment so he needs to pay your buddy be going missing i’m a former cigarette and drug smuggler and my totality a prison sentence was 23 years i didn’t get in the drug well to just do little bits of drugs and a little bit of money and get arrested and go to jail i wanted to earn a lot of money and make sure that i did go to jail i’d come out to something i was 11 when i first got into criminal activity i got groomed by older people to go move stuff to deliver stuff to pick stuff up to drop stuff off i wanted to be in criminality and that was the route i took so my parents went on the dole on benefits and we lived on a council estate it was all about get what you can while you can’t and try and get out of it as fast as you can earn as much money but it doesn’t work like that you got involved in the buzz you got involved in the money you got involved in the drugs and then next minute it’s one of them things that just comes normality to you you just you start moving stuff and then within like 14 15 you know you’re utterly selling trips ecstasy weed so you’re actually getting involved in the day-to-day we started getting involved in ecstasy and we started earning a lot of money in the clubs by selling them from there basically you always want to go that step ahead so we went over to belgium we bought a tablet machine and we were making our own ecstasy we were making 10 000 a day easy ecstasy started making us a lot of money at one time we you know with the club scene and stuff like that you could have like 100 people working for you at once and we did sell a lot to a lot of different people some people had sold tablets like you wouldn’t believe well the politicians were more about cocaine the singers were more about cocaine and ecstasy i felt really good selling drugs because i felt like i was someone i was earning money i was doing what i wanted to do i was having parties constantly left right and center even when you’re walking through clubs with bottles of champagne with bloody fireworks on and the police are looking at you saying yeah there’s a drug dealer and the police started cracking down really really big on ecstasy then that’s when we got involved in the cigarettes i just sort of fell into place with someone and he offered me a role in getting to help him learn the tobacco trade i went and worked with him for a couple of months didn’t like him he was a rot he deserved to go and you know we ought to go so in the end i ended up taking over the whole of the operation so i think we were taking in between 340 to 425 thousand pounds a day in kosh we used to smuggle them on boats we used to smuggle them in wagons we used to have stashes in cars we’d have many aeroplanes dropping stuff off we always had friendly lorry drivers who would take it to the destination but also keep an eye out what was going on behind them after the week of doing the cigarettes we were out of town in a hotel and here two my partners had come back to the hotel room and we had about six hundred thousand pounds just thrown all over the room and it was just when they walked in it was just chaotic and it was like there’s just money everywhere i’d have to be counted like but we just threw it everywhere and just had a big party and that’s what our parties were like he was money everywhere drugs everywhere women everywhere it was just in it when we were kids growing up we you know we’ve we’ve been playing around with guns and stuff like that and then you know we’ve shot at people people have shot at us but i’m still here today so i’m happy a few of my mates have been shot yeah being shot being killed being stabbed being killed tough dogs died happens all the time don’t they it doesn’t has an impact on you and the one thing you need to do then is get back out and get revenge and that’s that’s where the world goes you know i got caught in 2000 so my totality that was six years then i got a 40 million pound fine so on my second sentence for the drugs i was put in the cottage unit in a secure uni and i was deemed one of the highest risk offenders in the country for escape i was well respected going into the prison anyway but once people found out what you were in for and the type of money you were earning and what you were about you meet other people in prison who are just the same as you we were still selling drugs on the outside when we were in prison and we were using mobile phones for them now you know so i’d be sitting in in jail with someone from scotland and he wanted to buy drugs but they wanted them from liverpool you just made the connection with my mates and their mates and let the next do the business themselves if i could stand back and change all that i would we’ve done some serious damage to people and obviously seeing some of them people now with limps and stuff like that it’s not very nice you know but when you’re a kid you don’t give a it’s when you get older and you’ve got kids yourself and you realize the stuff you’ve done it’s not very nice but you know what there’s all i can do about them now what’s done’s done you know you look at the past and it’s there for the reason it’s called the past because it’s the past the way the world is now the technology is too too big and too better and no matter what if you’re involved in drugs or criminality if you’re not a grass you’ll be going to jail and if you know don’t go to jail then you’re probably out nine times out of 10 me getting shot and killed [Music] [Music] you
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