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what’s up guys we’re back with another dollar Stewart chunk we’ll be back get our favorite dollar store and we don’t really have a theme this time and I don’t really have an idea if you guys don’t know what our dollar store challenge is it’s where we head to the dollar store we’re just gonna find something and either upcycle it or make it into something else that is way cooler than what it was originally see if we can spend like do we have a budget Becky do we have a budget and usually we try and stick like under ten to fifteen dollars I think last time she spent more than me so noted I don’t even know if we’ve done a proper dollar store challenge since I’ve had Danny so now that pet Isle is much more interesting to me oh my goodness is this a bath towel for dogs oh it’s so cute honestly it’s so interesting what you can get inspired by throwback to the best dollar store upcycle ever with the toilet paper holders okay something we actually need is like a shoe mat because it’s winter now and our floors get all wet maybe I could use something else at the base of it okay I just remembered that I was actually gonna come to the dollar store to pick up something for Ella fashion DIY I’m gonna do a couple of different fashion DIYs from the doll I start this Oh sheep hide is really in but I don’t know what I can do with it and that’s a dog bed go ahead this is the worst ever the only bag actual rocks is ripped open and like it’s all out here I don’t know nothing’s going my way today I love this challenge because I just watched this store not knowing what I want to do and now I have like a really genius idea [Music] okay so we’re back from the dollar store I got my stuff Kelsey got her stuff and I’m gonna start taking a stab at everything I picked up so my plan was to make a super cool chic floor mat because in these winter months here my floors are getting destroyed with wet wintery gross boots so I need something to fix that now I was planning to do it with like an actual rubber mat and add some like rustic looking stones but the dollar store was not helping me out today so we had to go with different materials and hopefully make something similar for the base I got a oven cooking tray I picked up some of these I think they’re like vase stones or they go in aquariums or in flower vases or something and that’s gonna be my rock and then I picked up this shelf liner that I’m gonna put on the bottom so it has some grips so when you’re taking off your boots your boot mat doesn’t go flying across the floor okay so first step is putting the grip on the bottom of the tray [Music] okay so I did two layers of the like grip on the bottom and now it’s time to add the stone on top so I picked up a bunch of different blues and whites because they didn’t have a ton of one color and I’m gonna try and do like a pattern on here or something cute but basically I’m just using hot glue and filling the entire trait with the stones [Music] [Applause] nice so my super jewels up shoe matte is complete looks awesome feels really cool actually surprisingly so that completes my Dollar Store DIY I’m pretty happy with it turned out a little like bling and boho II and I love the aesthetic I think it’s gonna work great to hold my boots so at the dollar store I decided after much searching around to do something fashion related so what I picked up was this tube also picked up this shower curtain and a pair of pantyhose now literally last night I was surfing the internet doing some online shopping and I almost bought a couple of these things but I didn’t but I even still have my tabs open I was looking up these tooks I really liked this one which I’m gonna try to make today I saw this hat on Amazon it has a pony tail hole so I’m gonna try to do something that involves a pony tail hole and a toque and I don’t know we’ll figure it out so the first thing I’m gonna do is cut a tiny little hole in the top of the Hat and then just sew the edges so that it doesn’t fray okay so I have the whole in here now so my idea is that you could wear it like this with a ponytail and honestly even if you didn’t have a ponytail it wouldn’t be a big deal I don’t think you can really tell but I also want to attach a removable faux fur pom-pom to get that look and then if you want to do the pointy tail thing you do that anyways if you guys have seen our faux fur DIY video we showed how to make a pom pom so I’m just gonna repeat that first [Music] okay so I have a little safety pin on here so I can go ahead and close up the hole on the top here and at the same time add a nice decorative pom-pom cool and if you want to go ponytail you can take off the pom-pom put your hair up and then put your little pointy tail through that is this gonna look stupid honestly though I never not know what to do when I wear my hair up and I need to go outside cuz I’m just like do I wear one of those like your muff things well now thank you sobbing is this stupid okay option two and then you can just like put this in your bag for later or leave it at home or like like a brooch right here okay next fashion DIY okay so for this next one I picked up a pair of pantyhose and I’m gonna turn them into like this sheer long sleeve thing this is kind of inspired by our lookbook that we did recently I was wearing the white t-shirt with the dress overtop I thought it would look even fancier if it was worn with like a sheer long sleeve top underneath the dress so we can create that today hopefully with some pantyhose I think the way you do this is that the part where your waist goes becomes like the shirt and then the legs become the arms I think first off we cut off the crotch just by cutting the crotch oh and cutting off the feet we have something that kinda looks like a shirt and so far it’s not running if it starts running it’ll just be more of a punk look than a glam hook one size fits most okay so it pretty much works but to put it all together I need to make a little slip dress which I’m gonna do out of this facility shower curtain okay so got our shower curtain here so I’m cutting out a rectangle roughly the size I want my dress and then I’m kind of tapering it so that it’s a little bit smaller at the top and bigger at the bottom and then I’m cutting on an angle kind of where my straps are gonna start towards the armpit and I did this through the front and the back but you’re going to take away the front piece because it’s cut take just one piece which is gonna be your back piece and cut straight across from where your slant ends just so that the back is a little bit lower and then I hemmed the top of the back and the top of the front and then I pinned the good sides together and sewed up the sides so I have my dress here you can see that the top is a little bit higher than the front and I just cut off a piece of the hem which was kind of already sewn for me and then I’m just going to create straps out of it tighter than I thought you’d be and then I sewed on the straps okay my dress is all done I made my sheer sleeves and my hat let’s see this whole textured look all put together [Music] I hope you guys liked this dollar-store challenge if you didn’t know we do dollish their challenges semi-regularly so you can check out the rest of those below yeah if you want to yes do another one let us know below and tell us like a category I feel like we kind of we’re all over the place this time because we just didn’t know what to do hot messes okay and make sure you guys are subscribed to our channel if you aren’t already because we have lots of fun things planned for the new year yes we upload you know all the time at least once a week trying to do more definitely there’s lots of other stuff too on our Instagram and other oh but they got the vlog channel guys if you don’t subscribe to the blog Channel it’s called the story life and it’s a week in our lives lots of exciting things new houses you know go check it out please in description below if you guys like this video make sure you give it a like and if you loved it make sure you sub it and we’ll see you next time [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjEY5C-EPWY

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