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A Belly Full Of Cocaine | Locked Up Abroad

[rock music playing] [screaming] AINSLEY: I ran
through the straps. [metal scraping] Bam, bam, bam, bam. [screaming] AINSLEY: I dunno– I
just– for a second, I thought I might get away. [rock music playing] But then, out of nowhere,
all these police come. [thud] Jumps on me and was
wrestling with me. Get off me! [groaning] Get off me! [yells] They had me. Game over. [suspenseful music] They led me to
a medical center. I knew I wasn’t getting home. The doctor puts the
x-ray on this white light that shows from my neck
all through my intestines. I was loaded up
from head to toe. And he goes, ay yi yi. Even the police
officers were shocked. And the doctor went to me– [non-english speech] –you do know if one of these
bursts, you’re dead, don’t you? So they give me a lot of fluid– laxative fluid. Then after a while,
[inaudible] do you need to go to the toilet? I need a toilet. No toilet. And they say, right, you’ve
got to go in that bucket. I said, what? Five minutes late, I’m
squatting over this bucket, feeling embarrassed. I’m squeezing my stomach, and
it was like a machine gun– [thudding] –as all these pellets
come shooting out. [thudding] Yeah, they hit that bucket. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Took three days to
get all of them out. [water running] [bucket clanging] Took me 12 hours to get ’em
in, but three days to come out. And finally, the doctor was
telling the police that, yeah, he’s– he’s clear. So I was expecting
some sort of trial, some sort of court hearing. But that wasn’t– no, it
didn’t happen that way. Shackled by my feet,
and they escorted me out directly to the prison. The prison was in the
middle of a shantytown. [whistling] I didn’t know what to expect. [dogs barking] I’m waddling along
because of the shackles, and after walking– it hits me. It’s like, wow, it
was like a nightmare. [inmates whistling] I’ve been to prison
many a times before, but this one was a whole
different ballgame. [inmates whistling] UK prisons are like holiday
camps compared to [inaudible].. I was scared, I was frightened. And then he said,
right, get in there. And you’re going to sleep
on that floor there. [people chattering] There’s people everywhere. It was overcrowded. It was like, it’s inhumane
living conditions. And then, when it’s
time for lights out, you see the lighters. [imitating lighter click] All over the place, people are smoking crack. And amongst the
flickers on the walls, you can see these cockroaches
crawling all over people’s backs and over their faces. At that moment, everything
closed in on me. There’s nowhere to go. I couldn’t escape my demons. I couldn’t escape the
nightmare I was in. I couldn’t escape the
place where there was. I hated myself, because I
was now locked up abroad. I was now one of them people
that I’d seen on the TV years and years earlier. I was now living that nightmare. [music playing]
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