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9 Steps To Doing The Splits!

– Hey guys, Cassey here. So I’ve been seeing your
comments and it looks like a lot of you want to get more flexible and especially learn how to do the split. So if you’ve been struggling, this video is made just for you. It took me a while to
learn how to do the split, but I’m telling you,
it is totally possible. You just need to practice. And the most important
thing before you start is that you are bendy and flexible and your muscles are warmed up. For my warmup, I really like
to start out with leg kicks, and I do these for about
30 seconds to one minute to really just warm up my hamstrings. And then I go into jumping jacks, really anything light easy
cardio will really get your body warmed up and ready for
the rest of this routine, as you prep for the split. After you feel ready and warmed up, I’m going to put you into the long lunge. So make sure your knee is down on the mat, the other foot flat on
the mat to really open up your hip flexors. And this is necessary for the split. I want you to go ahead and
open up the sole of your foot and bring the knee to the outside. This may be uncomfortable, so really understand what your limits are and don’t push yourself too hard, but do get a little bit uncomfortable. If you want to get more uncomfortable and also more flexible, go ahead and place your elbows
and forearms onto the mat. Now, this is pretty advanced. If you can’t get here, it’s totally okay. Make sure you do this on both sides. Now we’re going to go ahead and get that hamstring really well. You want to push those hips back, place your heel into the mat, flex your toes towards the ceiling, and then bend your
chest towards your knee. Now I can place my chest all
the way down onto my knee, but if you can’t, it is totally okay. This takes time. Hold each pose for about 30 seconds. The more you push your hip back, the more you’re going to
feel it in your hamstrings. Now we’re going to go
into the pigeon pose. So I like to start in a plank, and then draw my right knee forward and place my left knee all the way down. Make sure your hips are square here. If you’re feeling super flexible and you want a little bit more, go ahead and grab your heel. Push it all the way out
to almost 90 degrees. The flexible people can
really go all the way to 90, and press those hips down again. This will open up your hips. Again make sure to do it on both sides. Now let’s go ahead and
go into the straddle. This will help with middle splits, but today we are learning
how to do the side splits. Open out your legs as wide as possible, and then walk your fingers
all the way forward, trying to keep your back
as flat as possible. Inhale with the nose, on the exhale, reach
out a little bit more, a little bit more. Every centimeter counts. Go ahead and bring yourself
all the way up with control. And we’re going into our pike. Both likes together, toes pointed, and I want you to reach down,
chest towards your thighs. Grab your hands together
behind your heels if you can, and press your chest down. And just take a deep
inhale through the nose, big exhale and relax your chest down. Lovely. We’re finally going
to go into our last stretch before we get into the splits. I want you to lay down, and grab your right knee
and hold onto your ankle. Lift up that leg, point the toes, and try to straighten that leg. Lovely. On the inhale, breathe, exhale, pull that leg all the
way in keeping that leg as straight as possible. Your leg might be shaking, it might be vibrating. Just make sure you are pushing
yourself, but not too hard. Okay. It’s really important to not
get injured as you stretch. Take it slow. It’s gonna take time, Pull that leg as close
as you can to your face. Inhale, every exhale, bring it down lower, and again, make sure
to do it on both sides. All right, now you’re ready
to get into the split. So I’m going to start out
with my right leg in the front and my left leg behind me. And slowly using my hands, I’m going to gradually drop
my hips down to the floor. Now you may have a ton of space. You may be three feet off the
floor, two feet, one feet. It doesn’t matter. Let’s see how far you can get, and just try to hold it there. Hold it there for maybe 10 seconds. Get a little bit uncomfortable. But if you can slide all the way down, go ahead and do that, and just make sure that back knee is directly on your mat. You don’t want it opening out to the side. You want it down onto the mat. Super important. Lovely. Now if you are not feeling this because you are Miss flexible, well what I want you to do is grab a book, pretty thick one. Place it underneath your calf
and sit right down again. This will allow you to
get a super stretch in so that your regular
split won’t feel too bad. All right. So make sure you guys do
everything on both sides. Remember, hold each move for
about 30 seconds and practice, practice, practice. It may take you a month,
three months, a year. It doesn’t matter. I need you to practice, and be patient because
it will come one day. Alright, well, I hope you
guys enjoyed this tutorial. I need to go study for
something right now, so I will see you next time. Bye. Keep practicing. Another move you can
advance into is the stag. So, you’re basically gonna split
your legs, bend your knees, point your toes. It’s a very, very beautiful pose. Take your time getting into this. Finally, if you can, extend your legs and go into a split. Now I’m still working
on my split in the air. I know it’s not totally perfect.
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