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8-Minute Flat-Belly Workout With Astrid Swan

get ready for a quick ab workout with ostrich Swan you start with your hands behind your ears open up your elbows make sure you have space between your chin and we’re a focus on your breath as you exhale so inhale and then exhale come up think about that crunch leading up towards the ceiling not forward so inhale down and then exhale up when you breathe really engage your belly towards your spine and at any point that you feel like you need to take a break take that break but think about your belly is it your focus and summer is your round no matter where you eat so keep going big breath out pushing the spine down engaging the ABS inward let’s go for five more big exhale Joyce I don’t know if I hear you good right here giggling so that always helps the ABS three more two we’re gonna hold it up on one hold again you want space between your chin and your chest push that belly down hold it and we’re gonna send one leg straight out and do little crunches it doesn’t matter which let you extend we have two so we’re gonna get both in keep the foot on the floor for me there you go she’s already taking it up a notch belly presses down again and I don’t hear any breathing good if you need to take a break take that break but let’s go for ten five four three we’re gonna hold up again hold now here’s your challenge try to extend the other leg but if you notice that your back arch is up you either should lift your legs a little higher or Joyce for a modification you can take your legs all the way down to the floor and continue but Anna let’s give it a go so 10 here feel any pressure but you don’t want to put your legs down put a little bend in your knee 3 2 both legs comes down back to your crunch again so bend your knees how we doing Oh it’s burning well good that’s the point right here we go nice six more keeping constant tension on those ABS – and then hold it up remember what leg you extended and let’s go for the other leg extended out little crunches so if you notice I’d really try to get my exhale to be louder so I’m pulling all those abdominal muscles in great to hold it out whatever you did for the other side to either extend it lower it down or maybe put a bend but ten little ones [Music] halfway and now go ahead and bend your knees or rest your head take a breath and we’re gonna reset with your knees directly over your hips so tabletop position and crunch [Music] so when I’m working my ABS I always think I don’t need to do a thousand crunches but the ones that I’m gonna do I want them to be done effectively get the results and then take breaks again when I need it so if I feel like oh my neck is really starting to bother take a moment reset going back in let’s go four three two and hold it up so now from here with the knees the tabletop extend one leg out again too much pressure choice you can put that leg down for a modification or bend the knee but little crunches five two back to tabletop reset knees over the hips and crunch up yep just keep it still there huh oh my god I was wondering if they were back there I got anything for a minute other than a brother I guess go to and hold it up it send that opposite leg little crunches [Music] by March 4 we get to reset again three two good take a second rest your knee breath up here at some snap stand your legs all the way straight up here not think about your toes over the knees knees directly over the hips and again we want to find straight up buy more three two and hold drop one leg down there we go little crunches take the modification you can put it down and Bend that knee just make sure that the back is pressing down two and then go ahead bring that leg back up back to your straight up crunch [Music] good how are we feeling oh my gosh my abs are up so you feel fantastic but you lean to the head there we go hold it up drop the opposite leg little crunches for Reimer take a complete rest 2 & 1 get dramatic about it take a second Tenley stretch your arms we’re not done but take a moment and now we’re gonna do a little bit of a combination here so we started with the feet down with a knees bent so let’s get back into that crunch just hold engage your abs chest up chin up shoulder blades up hold it here and now without releasing use your abs pull your knees up hold good I love a static hold for the abdominals keep pressing down the spine send your legs up and hold punch a little higher okay so we’re gonna go for a full body crunch so here I want you to take an option harder option is gonna be legs out and in here a little modification and slip your hands underneath your lower back out and in good try to with your shoulder blades if you can again take a moment if you need always rest but otherwise send then Anna for you try to keep your shoulder blades up the whole time good 5 more 4 3 so now we’re gonna hold this me in and start a twist side to side almost done [Music] don’t just roll punch up you’re gonna finish with bent knees bicycle but I don’t want your knees to go past your hip so think about that we’re gonna burn it out here we go in four in three two so sharp twist twist so don’t let them come in so far knees stop and extend elbows wide don’t just turn your head let’s go ten each side doesn’t need to be fast six good you got a five whoo four three two and one finish take a second the arm will now let your back lift up and [Laughter]
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