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8 Minute Abs Workout – Core Firming At Home Ab Workout Routine

hey everybody this is daniel from here with another workout today we’re doing an eight minute abs routine and we’re going through each one of these exercises just one set each eight different exercises 50 seconds on and 10 seconds to rest and move on and get ready for that next exercise so we don’t have any equipment for this one whatsoever this is all body weight driven and we don’t have a warm up or cool down so you want to make sure you get at least a little bit of warm up in before we get started other than that we’ll be starting up in here in just a second all right guys our first exercise is going to be a knee tuck crunch so this one will be sitting on your tailbone legs out in front for the easier version you put those hands down on the ground just extend out crunch in nice and tight extend out try to lean back as far as you can back in for the harder version pick those hands up off the ground right in front of that chest makes a little bit harder for balance makes that core have to work a little bit harder just move nice and slow and you should be able to keep that bounce if you start trying to move too fast that’s when that balance doesn’t start going on you so try to keep that back relatively flat as you lean back a little bit of a crunch forward as you tuck those knees in again if you want a little bit harder you can always grab an extra weight either hold it at your chest or just behind your head for a little bit more a little more level of difficulty we’re almost done just a few more seconds to go and let it relax all right we’re going to switch to a chest phase real quick so on your stomach arms out in front arms legs out extended this is just me your chest feet stay on the ground so start it up arch up nice and high back down a little bit of the hover right back up again if you need to to make a little bit easier you can go ahead and let that chest and hands completely touch on the ground each time but if you can try to constantly keep them hovering makes that back have to work just a little bit harder also you can make this one harder by holding weight in those hands as well just keep those lungs open breathing normally whatever you do you don’t want to hold your breath just a few more seconds to go keep going through it nice full range of motion as much as you can tight squeeze the top let it relax and switch over to an oblique crunch you’re laying flat out on your side on your left side legs stacked one hand kind of kicked in front about a 45 degree angle crunch up towards those feet and slowly back down those feet hovering crunch it up trying to pull that shoulder down into that hip trying to keep your weight more on your waist than on your hip so if you feel like you’re coming up onto that hip then lean back a little bit more crunching down to that hip bring those legs up as high as you can rather than trying to bring those shoulders up as high as you can just keep those core muscles nice and tight the entire time keep those lungs open if you want a specific breathing pattern exhale the way up inhale on the way down otherwise just keep it slow and try to keep that range of motion as much as you can it’s a few seconds left to go we’re doing this same exact exercise on the other side and go ahead and let it relax go and switch sides same exact position hand kicked out better 45 for balance have your hand up on top of that hip and start it squeeze that shoulder up towards that hip or down into that hip so make sure you’re getting a nice full range of motion as much range of motion as you can but without coming up onto that actual hip joint just keep those lungs open tight squeeze remember if you want that specific breathing it’s exhale on the way up inhaling the way down you want to feel like you’re actually trying to reach down towards your feet and to help you stay up on those hips make sure you’re reaching kind of towards the back of your leg rather than towards the front and let that relax got jackknife crunch come up next flat out in your stomach or sorry on your back hands above your head legs straight out contract those abs bring them straight up crunch up towards those toes and slowly back down keep a little bit of hovering with those legs and hands right back up nice slow controlled motion keep those abdominal muscles pulled in nice and tight press that lower back step mat every single time you come up to those toes you can have a little bit of a bend in those knees if you have to if you have pretty tight hamstrings otherwise try to keep them as straight as you possibly can crunching up towards those toes as high as possible just a few more seconds to go i’m gonna be flipping over to your stomach for the next one and switch it nice and quick over onto your stomach again arms and legs will be straight out you’re gonna be doing a swimmer so it’s meeting me left hand right foot squeeze them up and then alternate back and forth keep them hovering the entire time nice big full range of motion if you’re having a little bit of trouble with the motion on those arms and legs keeping it consistent just slow down a little bit keep that lower back contracted kind of pulling that chest up just a little bit keep those lungs open don’t hold your breath contract that thigh make sure that leg stays nice and straight just keep those lungs open keep that motion going it’s a few seconds left and let it relax now roll onto your tailbone we’ve got a russian twist next so up on that tailbone legs kicked out away from you just a little bit back perfectly flat arms in front of your chest rotate nice and slow left to right make sure that as you start getting tired you don’t let your lower back round you want to keep it perfectly flat constantly rotating left to right nice slow controlled motion keep those lungs open don’t hold your breath your body’s gonna be constantly trying to get you to hold your breath to try to brace your abdominal muscles to your core muscles so if you actually keep your lungs open and breathe normally you’re actually making those core muscles have to work harder nice slow range of motion the further you lean back the harder it’s going to be the further you lean forward the easier it’s going to be just pick a version it’s going to be hardest for you but you can still control a nice clean form and let that relax you have one exercise left it’s gonna be a traditional plank so you’re gonna be facing straight down elbow underneath shoulder and pull those hips up nice straight line trying to let those hips come up too high you don’t want to stick that butt up in the air i want you to keep a nice straight line from shoulder to ankle keep those abdominal muscles pulled in nice and tight don’t let your lower back around you want to keep those abs tight pull them in just a little bit keep those lungs open don’t hold that breath just keep that position nice and steady keep concentrating on those core muscles make sure that lower back’s not starting to round make sure those hips aren’t starting to kick up in the air almost done and let it relax all right that was our last exercise if you want to go on and do another routine that’s perfectly fine if not just go ahead and do a cool down and you’re done either way this workout is complete good job guys see you next time you
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