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8 Min Abs & Obliques Workout! Swimsuit Slimdown Series

– Hey guys, Cassie here. So, today we are working
on abs and obliques. This routine is gonna be super fun. It’s only eight minutes
and we’ll do one minute of every move, but there’s going to be
an inter junctionary move. That’s how we gonna work. Called the crunch twist and this will be the rest. Then we go back to each type. It’s not really a rest but
I’m just calling it that because it’s kind of like a home base. Have fun, do the best that you can and try to keep proper form. If at any point you feel really tired, just take a break and
come right back into it. Then one day you’ll be able
to finish the whole video. You’re gonna conquer it, either way. You are going to conquer it today. So these are the moves. Crunch extension, Windmill, Double leg lift, Roll-ups, your home base move is the crunch twist. Alright guys. Let’s go
ahead and get started. Bring your hands all
the way forward to that. Tuck that chin into your chest. Stare at the navel and slowly
roll down with control, vertebrate by vertebrate. Aright, before we start, let me show you the first move. This one is called the crunch extension. Both hands long behind the
nape of your neck. Okay. Elbows out wide. Don’t cup it. You’re going to lift yourself
up into that Pilate stance. Notice here, I’m not even moving and I’m already shaking because I’m truly lifting
and engaging my upper abs. Knees, into tabletop
position. Check this out. We’re going to extend the legs, bring it back into
tabletop and then crunch and bring it back down. Okay. That’s the combination move. Let’s go ahead and start that timer. breathe in through your nose. exhale through the mouth. Let’s go. It’s lift and down and out and in. There it is. Up, very nice. Now really important here, that when extend your legs,
you’re not making it go all into your hip flexes. Okay. Make sure that low back is
pressed into the mat and you’re engaging your lower abs as you extend. Boom and in. You know what, it takes time
to get conscious of your body to really understand
what’s going on. Okay. But if something doesn’t feel right, you need to stop doing it. And if it just is really
painful in a good way, I know, you know the difference. Then keep doing it. Cause when you challenge your body, that’s when all the
change starts to happen. Let’s go. Up and down. Upper abs and lower abs,
you’re doing so well. Lift and lower. Out and in. one more. ( upbeat music) Very good legs. Hip width apart. Check this out. Hand nice and long.Elbows long. It’s tap, two, three four and down. This is your home base move, crunch twist. One, two, three, four and low. Excellent. Give me that twist. And every time you sit
up, make sure it’s tall. Two, three, four, and down. So we will be doing this
move a total of four minutes during this whole workout. Not at once, but one minute
at a time, four times. Good. 30 secs. Getting small. Let’s go. Up and down two, three, four. Again. Try to keep your feet down. If you can. You might want to put it
underneath the sofa or something, or have your dog sit on your feet, or have your sister sit on your feet, or just really try to work
those abs and keep them down. Up, two, three, four. Very good. One more. Up and down. Yes. Very good. Arms out. Windmill. The legs are going to go
up. heels press, toes point. This is for the obliques. Check it out. You gonna drop the legs to one side. exhale lift center. Inhale, drop down. Come up again. As you can see, you’re truly
working your sides here, working those obliques. Very good. And up, you wanna keep your upper back, keep your head and neck down on the mat. Really, think about the motion
in your lower body right now. If this is crazy, you can also
bend the knees. Just like so. Right. Beautiful. Inhaling down, excellent. I’m pressing my palms into the mat to stabilize myself. Keep going. And lift. Yes. Up, squeeze those abs. And breathe. You’re doing amazing. One more here. Back to center and lift. Okay. Hips width apart. Get ready. Elbows out. Three, two and one. It’s twist, good and down. And lift. Perfect. Feet down on the mat. Come on, down. Good. Lift, down, Up and lower. Little faster. Keep going and twist and down. Now if at any point you
get really tired here. Forget the twist. Just do the sit up. Up, two, three, four and down. 20 more seconds. Let’s go. Twist. Keep the feet planted. You’ve got this. last 10 seconds. Do not give up, not now. Focus, focus, and relax. Okay. The next move is your double
leg lift for the lower abs. Ready? Here we go. Down, two lift two. Now my hands are right
underneath my tailbone. That allows me to make
sure that my low back stays into that mat. Okay. There’s no hollow underneath. And a lot of times I
always get the question. When I placed my hands beneath my back, my butt lifts off and everything. That’s because you’re
not going low enough. If you’re placing it right here. That’s gonna hurt your hands. Okay. You gotta place it right,
right above your butt. Right above your butt and
on your tailbone area. You’ll know the right space
because when you put it there, it makes this move a lot easier. Down. Exhale, lift. Yep. You know how to breathe now. It’s the same concept
with whatever you do. Whether it’s Pilates or CrossFit
or I don’t know what else. But, it’s inhale when it’s
easy, exhale When it’s hard. come on, little bit more. And one more. Come on. And lift. Good. Okay. Ready? We’re gonna get right
into our crunch twist. Here we go guys. Elbows out. Here it is. Boom. Down. Lift, low. Up and down. Lower. Beautiful. It’s nice and quick.
Down two, three, four, up and feel that beat guys. Lift. Keep the elbows nice and straight. Do not bend them. Nice and straight. Nice and
straight posture as well. Down, two, three, four. Lift, two, three, four. You got this. How are you feeling? You feeling good? Yes, you do. Come on. Up, up, up, up. This is your swimsuit slim down. Keep fighting with me right here. And last one come down. Boom. Oh, okay. Very good. Our next one is the roll
ups of legs all the way out. Hey, arms long behind you. You’re going to peel
your back off the mat. Sit up super tall and come down. Just like that. Ready, and lift. Up and down. Very nice. You’re going to peel the back. Exhale, lift all the way up. Sitting super tall. Crown
the head towards the ceiling. So, then roll down vertebrate
by vertebrae, just like that. And we are lifting up and we’re coming down. Up, lovely. This all reminds me of
like a little ballerina in like a jewelry prop, like a tricky box You know what I mean? Good. Nice and slow. Nice and controlled. Almost there guys. Last 10 seconds. Long fingers, long toes. You are sitting up super tall. One more and up and down. Okay. Your last move guys. It’s
going to be that crunch twist. Now give it the best. Give me the best. Here we go. It’s up, two, three, four. And I want you to slow this time to get a full rotation here. It’s twist, twist, twist, twist, and down. As you can see the slower
you do it, the harder it is. Can’t fake it through this. No guys. Down, good and lift. Down. Nice. Come on guys. Eight minutes is all you need. And I want you to keep fighting
for the last 30 seconds. Go down. And the last 15. Do not give up. Not now. You’re at the end of your marathon. Right here, precise. Up, two, three, four and down two, three, four. Relax. Very good. Bring those arms long behind you. Inhale and exhale. And give yourself a big round of applause. Thank you so much for doing
this swimsuit slim down with me. If you’re interested in checking out another swimsuit slim down,
check out this one right here. The total body one to really
get you ready for your bikini. And also if you haven’t
signed up for the blog, on this calendar this
month, it’s tots free. So sign up for it, right there, and I will email it to you right away. So guys, thank you so much. And I hope you’re having
an amazing summer so far. Let me know in the comments below what your bikini looks like, or if you’re more into like
one pieces, or like monokinis, or like trikinis. Oh no, they’re no trikinis.
What is a trikini? Anyway guys, I will see you next time, and I love you so much.Bye.
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