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8 Min Ab Plank Series | XHIT

what’s going on x-hit family welcome back to our channel i’m katerina cantoris your host and today we have an eight-minute ab plank series we’re gonna be focusing on building that core not only for your beautiful six-packs but also it’s used for all other exercises during every single workout your core is so important to protect yourself from getting injured so it’s gonna be a nice quick workout it’s only eight minutes four exercises 40 seconds of work 20 seconds of rest i’m gonna be doing it with you the entire time it’s gonna be such a good time this workout is brought to you by fitbot we are gonna get into it we are dropping down on the ground first one is going to be nice and simple it’s going to be a plank and we are holding it for 40 seconds here we go let’s work with the plank you want to make sure your booty is down your shoulders are pushed away from your ears you have a mind to muscle connection with your abs so you may be feeling it in your shoulders and your legs because the plank really is a full body workout but i want you to close your eyes and really focus and squeeze and engage your core so we can get all of our energy to our core because we are burning out those abs today we are almost there we have about five seconds left keep breathing three two one and down shake it out like i said planking and all these movements are really a full body workout but i really wanted you to use your mind to focus on your core so we’re burning out our abs next exercise is a plank twist so it’s gonna be a high plank and we’re alternating our twist here we go and work all the way look at that hand and twist we’re keeping our core nice and engaged nice and tight moving with intention through each motion if you can’t do this feel free to go on your knees and twist right on your knees i want you to build up to it what i don’t want you to do is not do anything you have about 10 seconds left keep breathing core is tight almost there last one and rest whoo shake it out we are halfway done with the first round next up are going to be alternating plank up down deep breath in into your nose exhale out through your mouth we’re going to be down on our elbows first so we’re going to be pushing ourselves up here we go let’s work right left right left now switch left right left right we’re breathing the entire time keep moving keep focusing on your core what i don’t want to see is your body twisting like this every time we do it keep it nice and steady the entire time we have about 15 seconds left keep breathing keep moving almost there deep breath you’re so close keep working three two one and rest keep breathing we only have one more exercise left these ones are my favorite because they’re kind of fun it’s kind of an exciting movement it’s a plank toe touch so you’re gonna be alternating which toe that you touch always go back into your plank position move with the tension nice and slow less work touch and back touch and back keep it going keep it moving breathe you got this almost there quality over quantity you’re using your core to push your booty up into the air use that core engage it exhale as you go up exhale you’re almost there five seconds last one and rest shake it out all right you are done with round one that means you are halfway through the workout you got this that means we have four minutes left deep breath in and exhale tell yourself you can do it because you can i am right here with you let’s plank 40 seconds keep breathing keep moving remember core is engaged the entire time shoulders are pushed away from your ears your entire back your booty everything is nice and in line i don’t want to see this all the way down [Music] you are almost there you are almost done 10 seconds this is it keep breathing keep pushing do not give up three two one and rest that plank is just it’s a burner we are almost there we only have three exercises that’s three minutes you can do it we’re going to be doing our plank twist i know these are difficult but go nice and slow really focus on rotating left work all the way all the way you can speed it up if you feel comfortable but if not just keep moving nice and slow i really want you to focus on your lower abs on all your abs the whole body right here [Music] you got 10 seconds keep breathing you are so close don’t stop two and one rest halfway two more minutes two more exercises you can do anything for two minutes i know your core is burning right now but that’s the point you showed up for yourself today i’m here for you we can do this together we have our plank up downs 40 seconds you got this let’s work down down up up alternate we’re going left right left right now right left right left keep breathing keep moving try not to shift your body too much remember to relax those shoulders we’re almost there don’t stop keep going here we go five seconds left last one and rest shake it out i know i said this was an ab workout but your shoulders should be burning too deep breath in exhale this is it we only have 40 seconds of work and you are completely done with your workout today we have our plank toe touches here we go let’s work touch that toe all the way down touch and down each movement whatever you do needs to have an intention i don’t want you just aimlessly moving because you want to get it done and over with i’m moving nice and slow i’m stretching and engaging and breathing through every single second ten seconds left here we go five and three two one and relax you did it we did our eight minute ab plank series y’all crushed it that is not easy full body workout thank you so much for joining me here today like i said earlier this workout was brought to you by fitbod they help you find your stride they help you get in the zone they create customized workouts just for you for certain body parts for certain goals that you have different equipment or if you have no equipment whatever it is they have it and if you go into our description link you click on it you actually get 25 off your membership and they’re gonna be giving you three personalized workouts for free yes that’s what i said so again thank you so much for joining us we’re gonna see you next time you
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