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70’s Home Gets A MAJOR Renovation Upgrade | Reno My Rental | HGTV

we live in a three-bedroom two-bath rental property in the fraser community that’s north memphis it just really provides that type of community that we’re looking for for our daughter we love our landlords they literally told us to come in and make ourselves feel comfy and cozy which is what we’re trying to do but i don’t like the kitchen it doesn’t have that same life and energy that i feel that i give off the den is my space but definitely does not promote wellness i’m a case manager for the state of tennessee department of children’s services and that can be very draining i hate coming home to a dark game we knew that redoing the kitchen would cost a little more so we saved eight thousand dollars for the kitchen and then combined welcome wait oh don’t laugh try not to judge it too harshly you know what to do with it as you can see i blended into the wall you’ll need like a polyester suit y’all have taken me back to the 70s i noticed on your socials there’s a lot of the dominican republic the dr started in 2014. loved it didn’t want to leave so it became a yearly trip i don’t see any of it here though i mean to you it’s like right over your shoulders that yellow yeah right there yeah he does have stuff from the dr but we haven’t figured out how to showcase it like how do you make it not look like a hodgepodge of stuff i can help you with that i love bringing those pieces of you and incorporating those into a tangible part of the space so what is this space really used for i use this space to unwind from my stressful day at work basically i kind of read horror stories for a living and when i get done this is my spot but uh it doesn’t help with my decompressing from the day it is literally one of the pillars of my design business is creating spaces that bring about wellness to the people that dwell in them so you need more of a chill zone is this a record place this is my vintage record player okay got the double cassette player you see it it also has a turntable okay so music very important totally want to elevate this piece for you okay thinking we may need to build something custom for it it’s got to come off the floor all right i’m down now where’s the next face i’ll just slide right on over here this is our kitchen so the den was like the 1970s but the kitchen i feel like we’re in the 80s you know we traveled a little bit okay i grew up with having thanksgivings at our house all the time every year i want to get to a point where i can do that with my daughter but the cabinets have no style i agree and it also is not separate from his space i need some separation to make it feel like i can come in here and unwind because this relaxes me okay grab something let’s go my team is packing up the place so we can get all of the work done in my signature four days to save money we’re gonna keep all the appliances and we’re gonna paint all the cabinets instead of replacing them for the walls i’m gonna showcase marquise’s memorabilia from the dominican republic our biggest challenge will be painting over all the dark wood in the den and kitchen to do it right we’ll need three coats so we’ll need to do it fast [Music] i want all of the paneling indigo blue what about this line i want to keep them that actually saves time and money i want to carry that blue to the base cabinets in the kitchen but the uppers i want them to go white easy we’ll install a honed marble backsplash to complement the countertops we’ll need to find a deal on some tiles that were either returned or never picked up from the store great in here i want to build a custom console for marquise’s stereo system something like a cabinet do we want to store stuff store records okay yes his stereo can sit on top of it and his speakers can flank each side then i want a console table to surround the whole thing are we painting or staining what are we doing painted but also a wood look what if we do like something reclaimed that sounds great [Music] we ended the day by saying goodbye to the 70s before you paint over wood paneling you have to clean it with a degreaser then apply a shellac based primer we also painted the upper cabinets in the kitchen a bright white and for the backsplash we scored these marble beauties for pennies on the dollar [Music] hi hi is this the media console yeah let me show you uh-huh so i have dividers here okay oh for my records oh that’s a snug fit yeah that’ll give us four slots four then on the top yes i’m gonna put drawer slides on it that way it can come out so the record player can open it while dylan and the team continue to work on the media console painting is underway inside and the old wood paneling and lower cabinets in the kitchen will get three coats of indigo blue the geometric art panels for the den are coming along and now i need to tackle another problem with a runner-friendly solution i knew my tape measure walked off somewhere i needed it needed for what so ashley is not a fan of how open the two spaces are to each other so i kind of want to aesthetically break up these spaces with a partition wall but it needs to be removable what if we did multiple boards and we turned them on an angle that way if you’re standing here you can’t see through but if you’re standing here you can see through so like slats like angled flats yeah perfect i know you’re working on the media console is that going to take you long how much time do i have a day a day like two day in the morning i need my tape measure then okay i’m gonna get to work thank you it’s gonna be a long night since i saved a few hundred dollars on the marvel backsplash i should be able to stay on budget even with the addition of the new room divider that wasn’t in our original plan what do you think a little separation never hurt nobody right never and it’s removable no no carmilla no way [Applause] [Laughter] carmilla you don’t know how much this means because i know what he goes through and so just to be able to have this for him and to see it be this absolutely incredible he was in my dreams i mean you had to have been there this is exactly what i imagined it to be that’s my job we completely updated this place all within your 8 000 budget the 1970s they’re gone just with the magic of paint this indigo color completely inspired by the dr it feels like blue waters and white sand check out your new leather sofa yes yes yes you can entertain in here now let me help you i’m excited do you guys recognize the reclaimed lumber pieces you’re making yes you have your vintage record player on the floor now all of your stereo equipment this completely elevated misconsole and this cabinet down here for you to store records yes and this drawer pulls out and this whole project only costs 350 and it’s elevated you know it’s going to be elevated into my life now yes before your dominican republic memorabilia was kind of just put away and now it is on display for not only you to see but anyone else to see it looks amazing i wanted some texture on this wall to pop against the blue so we custom built these geometric wall panels this is so nice the best part about them they’re completely removable no matter where you go they go on with me they go with you [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is not the same kitchen i just want to cry this kitchen was dated and dark we transformed it into the modern farmhouse kitchen of what i hope are your dreams actually it really is like wow yes i wanted to connect the spaces that indigo blue had to come on the base cabinets but also brighten the space by going white on the uppers two-tone cabinets i love it you really had amazing countertops but i wanted to add a little jewelry by adding this marble backsplash absolutely gorgeous you may notice some jewelry on the cabinets themselves i love this indigo blue yes i know he wanted these spaces to be a little bit more defined i had dylan create this custom partition this is note it separates the space but it’s like i can still have some visibility exactly and your landlord can remove it when you move out you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evrivaHxeJk

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