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7-Minute Yoga For Runners – Yoga With Adriene

(upbeat music) – Alright, let’s begin
standing at the top of the mat, feet hip width apart, just take a moment
to loop the shoulders and come into a
nice conscious breath, just do your best,
do whatever you can today, but breath a little deeper.
(breathes deeply) And then on
your next big inhale, send the fingertips all the
way up and over your head, lots of energy
in the hands here, as you just take a
nice full body stretch, pressing the
feet into the earth, inhale, inhale,
reach, reach, reach, and then exhale, release, interlace the
fingertips behind the back, open up though the chest, find a little stretch,
little movement, in the torso, the ribs, you can check in with
the head, the neck here, and then inhale and again,
exhale to release. One more time,
inhale, reach for the sky, really maximize the stretch
here, big full body stretch, feel your muscles,
maybe tight from a run, and then on exhale release,
interlace behind, maybe opposite
thumb on top this time, the one that
feels a little strange, and we open up
through the chest, find a little movement
in the torso and the ribs, and maybe the head, the neck, and then take a deep
breath in, lift your heart, then exhale to release. Beautiful, big inhale to
reach the arms all the way up and overhead,
and this time exhale to Forward Fold, so
bring it all the way down, should feel awesome,
bend the knees generously, (inhales deeply) shake the head loose (exhales) Nice stretch through
the backs of the legs here, again bend the knees as
generously as you like here, feeling that nice stretch
in the lower back muscles, and then bring the
fingertips to the earth. We’ll walk the feet together, and bend the knees,
plant the palms, and we’re gonna step
it back to a Downward Dog, so just step one
foot back then the other, and then send the hips up high, and then really press
your index finger and thumb into the earth. As you lift up
from the hip creases and start to pedal
the legs back and forth. (exhales loudly) Fire up your breath here,
(breathes deeply) and then the next
time the left heel is reaching down
towards the earth, take a deep breath in and
lift the right leg up high. Beautiful. Exhale all the way up
into a nice low lunge, lower the back knee,
open the chest. If you’re looking
for more of a stretch you can walk that
left knee back even more, everyone though open
up through the chest. Then right fingertips,
you’re gonna come to the arch of the right foot
or the heel of the right foot, and then just nice
and slow you’re gonna take your left hand
to the small of your back and start to open up
through the chest here. Breathe deep, stay here, or
you can bend that left knee, and reach back to grab the toes. Another option
here is to maybe bring the right elbow to the
top of the right thigh. You’re going to squeeze
into the midline for support, for stability. Wrap your left shoulderblade
around, inhale, open the chest, again you can just
be here too or here. And then on an
exhale release your left leg and come all the way back,
hands come to the earth and we come back
to that Downward Dog. Pedal it out, pedal it out. Activate the breath
and the next time your right heel is down, inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Exhale, step it all
the way up and through. Now lower your back knee,
feel free to walk it back for more of a stretch, and just be really
mindful here as you explore. Send fresh breaths and
awareness to tight muscles, and when you’re ready
left fingertips come around to the inner arch
or the inner heel, and we lift up
from the pelvic floor and we reach the right
hand to the small of the back or the sacrum, and we
open up through the chest, and you can just stay
here maybe pressing into the top of that back foot, sinking a little deeper,
opening up through your heart, or maybe you
come onto the thigh, or maybe we bend that
right knee, grab the toes, and stretch it out here. So again, squeeze, hug into
the midline for stability, for support,
breathing deep here, one more inhale, and then exhale to release. Awesome work. Plant the palms back to
your Downward Facing Dog. Pedal it out.
(breathing deeply) Awesome, walk the feet all
the way to the center line. You’re just gonna step the
right foot behind the left so that the
ankles are crossed here. Then let your head hang
over, relax your shoulders, and you can keep the
fingertips on the earth for a little stability, and maybe even sway
it a little side to side, nice soft easy movement here. If the fingertips
don’t come to the ground, no big deal, you can
clasp the elbows here, as you breathe.
(exhales) Beautiful, and
then we’ll release, and we’ll bring the right
foot back beside the left, and then take
the left toes around. Crossing the other direction, and then the same thing,
if the fingertips don’t come to the mat here,
you can clasp the elbows, maybe opposite clasp, and just relax the
weight of the head over as you press evenly
through all four corners of your feet, and take one more
deep breath in. (inhales) And then nice and slow,
bringing the feet side by side, back together,
rolling up to Mountain Pose, tucking the chin into the chest. Take your time. And we rise up, Mountain Pose. Shift your weight to one side,
grab the opposite ankle, quad stretch, squeeze
inner thighs to the midline, smile, you’re amazing,
appreciate your body. So awesome, and release. Other side, just
quick quad release here, squeezing in,
smiling, life is good. Wonderful, then release,
rotate one ankle, then the other, and then bring the
hands together at the heart. We take a deep breath in, and we exhale,
bowing chin to chest. Namaste. (upbeat music)
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