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6 VIRAL Video Experiments Put To The Test!

in today’s video we are trying out a few new experiments sent in by you from the blossom video let’s put these to the test guys in the past we have done a few different videos debunking some viral stuff that’s been online and several of these have come from one source a company called blossom they put out a lot of videos like a lot a life hacks weird chemistry experiments some things that are just like we’re decorating tips that I don’t know if anyone want to try but that’s fine they can make whatever they want however some of what they’ve shown has been an outright lie it’s been presented as though or factual and real and it’s completely made-up and fake you can’t make diamonds out of coal you can’t make a perfectly clear sea shell there’s a lot of things that are just not real good here’s the basic idea we have several experiments that we want to try from a new blossom video a lot of these seem like they’re actually going to work but they don’t give you an explanation let’s see if we can explain I don’t know how long ago they put out the video but people started sending it to us maybe four weeks ago and they said oh you got a trial of these they look impossible and I watched through it and I thought I think most those actually do look possible but then people kept on sending it to us over and over and I thought maybe not all of them working I thought maybe they had cheated a little bit on a couple of them so we’re gonna try a bunch of them and we’re going to see if they’re real this I believe was also the first video and at least the cut that I saw the idea was that by rubbing a comb on a balloon you would generate static electricity the comb would become charged with static electricity and you could bring the comb near a thin stream of water and it would actually deflect the water coming out of faucet it would just Bend out of the way this way with the teeth toward it that’s where all the static builds up [Music] let’s see if that’s enough Oh inches away and it’s already starting to move just a bit Wow yeah right the bigger teeth on the comb works way more uh-huh move it down so you can see that curve there’s a fun fact the word electricity comes from the Greek word for amber because they discovered that rubbing things like fur against amber generated static electricity so yeah this one is very simple very easy to do at home pretty cool to show off static electricity so this one’s real good you have blossom all right you picked the last one so I’m gonna go with a jar full of chain jar full of chain this is a wonderful example well not as it sits here but this is what we need to demonstrate a really good example of the mold effective I think that’s awesome I’m not sure he was the one who actually brought it to public attention with a video in 2013 yes no Steve mold unless I’m pronouncing your name wrong in which case I apologize to you so this does something called the chain water fountain and the videos that you see online are would be freaking cool but I didn’t realize just how easy it was to actually make it work basically because I had been sitting here just trying to get the chain into the little tiny jar this was sitting on my counter in the evening and after I had filled it’s actually in the cup at that point and filled it up and I was like okay I’ll leave a little piece out you know just so that I know where the end of it is let me explain how well that works it likes to escape it escapes everything so let’s show you what it looks like when we so drop it for a minute Yeah right there it was siphoning itself out but because it was only falling this far it only had so much weight pulling down on it so you weren’t getting the full effect out of it in most videos that I’ve seen online people have it focused on the jar and the jar doesn’t really move the jars glass whatever you have the ball chain and I was playing around with this and I moved the the jar back and forth and up and down doesn’t affect it so I’ll show you [Music] works pretty good it’s pretty cool just got to make sure that the chain goes in like from one direction you can’t just like grab it and throw it in if just lower it down on top of itself but if you do that yeah we’re like there’s there’s no trick there’s no secret it’s half ball chain and as long as you feed it in correctly so that it’s not like jumbled up in there it’s all just stacked on top of itself it’s gonna work that small pile there is 40 feet of ball chain and it took what a few seconds yep it goes quick our cameraman and I were playing around with whether or not you could catch the chain in the cup and then just fire it off again and we discovered how to make the double waterfall oh I missed it can land in one cup and just kind of bounce back out the other side Oh fun times we’re gonna play her out of that more in the future or the next trick we’ve actually already done this trick wasn’t that neat glad we bought CDs here we go next up again this is a we’ve actually on this channel done this before a long time ago grant showed I think it was in like restaurant or something like that this idea that you can take forks and a toothpick and make them balanced really nice can you Jam them together until the time start sort of making of horrible noises so restaurants really love it when you do this guy yeah we just went out and bought some really cheap Forks in the video they managed to balance a toothpick on another toothpick they had their center of balance lined up right at the very end of the toothpick that really has to do with how far the forks are bent so that has the same basic principle as balancing an eagle just kind of chill you guys have probably seen these in toy stores in the block and video they show some cups about this size the ones they’re using are like that frosted in the video what they do is they put one cup into another spinning it and then it kind of keeps spinning for a second right that was a little bit and then wild spinning they blow in the side and it like pops up and lands in the other one these don’t spin quite as nicely as some brands but I’m gonna try it anyway blowing out the mic there but we did it we’re done I thought we’re gonna have to like use these other later wait because these can kind of go a little overboard baby so the video showed putting a ruler on the side of the table and sort of flicking it and it vibrates and then they showed moving the ruler into brighter light and doing it again and suddenly it looked like the ruler is just like instead of vibrating quickly in the video they called this the rolling shutter effect that’s actually technically not triggered so well we’re going to try to demonstrate the difference between the lower light and the brighter light and how it appears on camera the rolling shutter effect is something else that happens as a camera trick that doesn’t directly relate to the ruler [Music] so by changing the lighting can we see both the blurred bouncing version and the sort of slow rolling version yes adjusting both the light and the shutter speed we get different results based on how much of the ruler we can see moving and if the period of the ruler moving happens to sync up more with the shutter speed so for the next thing that we’re gonna do here we are going to make a cup of smoke this particular video showed where you take some matches you roll them up with a pencil and then you put that tuba foil into a frozen cup and then the smoke sort of blows down into the cup now smoke is a particulate so what’s going to happen is that it’s going to hopefully sink when it’s the the cold atmosphere of the cup so let’s see I think maybe I should have had more layers of foil yeah okay so that’s what I looked like in the video here is something that Nate’s pointed out there’s sort of this suspicious cut in the video at this point where it looks like they stopped real quick and then the cup is full of a little bit more smoke now that could be that they’re trying to let the smoke cool down also could be they might have dropped a small piece of dry ice in to get like a lot of good really cold vapor okay we are pouring the smoke it’s not moving quite like it did for them it’s absolutely doable they dramatis ice date which a lot of videos do and that’s okay it is something very simple and very safe to do at home frozen cup just put it in your freezer for an hour or so soyal with adult supervision if you need an adult oil is very dangerous without an adult to be fair I still need an adult a lot of the time so for our last experiment this is the one that I believe you were the most interested in you take a bone you put it in vinegar for 24 hours overnight they say and then when you take it out it’s bendy and squishy so it’s kind of like one where you put eggs in vinegar you get that sort of soft shell it dissolves the calcium yeah everything that’s left keeps its shape but isn’t so rigid so I want to try this with mouths raw chicken and cooked chicken for the bones so if you’ll go ahead and take care of this one for me thank you [Music] alright guys so it has been not one but two days since we put the components into vinegar let’s see what they look like so this is the uncooked one right ok ok so so let’s take a look at that parts of it that’s not all cartilage some of this is kind of bending but it wasn’t overnight and it certainly isn’t the way it looked in the video it works if let’s try the cooked chicken bone and about the same not very bendy oak in the video guys it looks like he’s holding a piece of rubber when he squishes it this is sad the cartilage feels like it’s bending but not the bone itself so can you make a rubber chicken bone by putting it in vinegar I’m gonna go with yes but absolutely not the amount of time said if you’re using the same size of boat that they are I would assume they left it for maybe three four days maybe even a week this particular video with blossom and other things that it was compiled with most of them worked all of them have elements of truth as a lot of things do that trick you however this one I would say was more real than other ones but again you know always check your sources don’t believe everything you see on the internet if there’s anything else e you want us to debunk or proof let us know in the comments below I was guys that’s not all you know we’ve always got more if you see hit that box up at the top for our most recent video and uh we’ll see you in the next one talk to you then [Music]
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