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6 Minute Ab Workout

everyone you’re watching exit with me Rebecca Aries now today I will be showing you a really quick routine that you can do every single day I’m not sure what that exactly was about but that’s all about that later now let’s take it down to the floor now first exercise we’re going to be really working out that lower ab so it’s the hardest part of the body to work so we’re going to really tone it up that lower pooch I just want you to extend the legs up we’re going to push them down through and then extend up to the ceiling we’ve got thirty seconds so let’s go we’re nice slow and controlled movements now don’t worry to touch the floor on them to be an inch or two off the floor so extending down bring it up keep those legs straight and then again as I said this bit is the hardest part of the body to work out the first three exercises are really going to help strengthen those lower abs okay give me one more extend it out and we’re going to take it into some flutter kicks so just up and down 30 seconds again and now this is all working really hard on that lower core make sure you’re breathing guys inhale and exhale keep it going you can really feel it in those quads to engage that core feel those ABS working come on guys keep it going we’re going to swap two scissor kicks in five four three two one let’s cross it over now if you’re finding it too hard you can take it up higher and then just slowly taking it down I’m really feeling it in those lower abs come on guys you’ve only got 30 seconds keep it going and all these exercises will be showing you we’re just going to be doing for 30 seconds one of them is going to be the 20 seconds on each side let’s hope they hear you keep going four five four three two one okay drop those legs down we’re going to bring in the arms and the legs at the same time again 30 seconds perfect squeeze in those ABS working these top ass now now we’re getting ready for the bikini summer season keep it going and this workout goes is nice quick and short so you can just split it into your day you can do it every day if you want to great job boats come on bye 4 3 2 1 okay staying in the same position I just want you to come up to sitting maybe the first time you’re going to do it you’re going to work out where your feet need to be so gently taking it down and sit up that’s great 30 seconds again I just want you to slide your legs your hand sorry down your legs just using it for a little bit of support now you might find that you can only do about two or three of these but if you do just work out every single day get me able to add another one each time come on keep it going 5 4 3 2 1 bring it all the way up okay then let’s take it onto your side now don’t wait to be flat out I guess we need to take on a 45 degree angle and we’re just going to lift our legs up and down we’ve got 20 seconds on each side testing you can really feel it in those ABS now what we’re trying to do is after every exercise we’re going straight on to the next one so really constantly working out those ab muscles try not to have too much rest in between okay let’s swap onto the other side taking over straight away no rest guys 45 degrees and up great job now if you need to have some water by your side just so if you quickly can swig some water while you’re exercising great job guys come on keep it going five four three two one okay the next exercise everyone’s favorite mountain climbers so a little bit of cardio here – 30 seconds again we can either take it in slow like this or you can bring it in quicker however you’re feeling but just make sure that you are engaging those core muscles when you squeeze the belly up to the spine and breathe come on inhale and exhale that’s it keep that tummy pulled in pull it up less than ten seconds keep it going three two one okay now I need you to pick up a weight or if you haven’t got one of these at home just go to your cupboards get out can of tin food it’s going to do just the same job so we need your figures of eight okay taking it round and then coming up thirty Seconds again as we go cute that core tight think about engaging it the whole time and squeeze it is good for your gluts – so as you come up to the top as you extend your legs give your glutes a little squeeze keep it going come on you’re almost done just two more exercises left five four three two one okay put that weight down jumping right back onto the floor we’re going to extend our legs out open the limb for 30 seconds we’ve got some reverse crunches okay great job guys come on keep it going all the way to the end you might find this difficult the first time that you do it if you do it every single day for a week two weeks you know the fines is going to be getting so much easier and then you’re gonna be able to go through it twice okay keep it going 5 4 3 2 1 okay your last exercise what did you come from well you’re here now so you might as well give me a challenge right I’m going to do a plank and you’re going to do your cou hoop and whoever gives up first they’re the loser okay let’s go I’m hobbling it oh god I hope he’s not too good guys if you’re doing for home then try the plank know if you have got hula hoop you can you can do it with I guess think his name was Fred sound guy that you got I’m gonna beat him he’s gonna give up before I did come on guys hold it here guys got the moves but I’m feeling pretty strong so far come on guys if you’re holding the plank with me keep it going keep that tummy pulled in you want to feel that belly up to the spine and make sure you breathe because when you get up from the pranks and haven’t been breathing you’re gonna feel super dizzy okay keep it going guys keep holding okay i’m determing now and determined to be him is there any way I can put him off maybe my moving this way no it’s not working I’m going to hold it here for a little bit longer he’s pretty good at there I don’t know what your background in hula hoop is where’s he gone I’m holding out and still holding it come on guys if you’re home holding the point keep that tummy pulled in keep those elbows underneath the shoulders and if you put your legs a little bit wider at the part you can have more support okay I’m just gonna keep holding he can go on for a long time right oh god it’s really hard for me just to drop down oh my god is good at rounding knees so smooth you can actually like he’s dancing with it okay keep holding hey guys I’ve come through my legs twitching mom’s giving way let’s still gonna work out more after this guys if you’re still holding that plank at home oh yes come on and she wins pitching unlucky mate oh you’re gonna give up that okay back to me again well there you have it that is a really quick abs workout that you can do every single day and like I said the more you do it this easier you’re gonna find the workout my name is Rebecca Reese I’m here on X here you can follow me on Twitter at the model pilot or you can check me out on my Facebook Rebecca reads Fitness subscribe to my channel you can even hit this link and it’s gonna be a to sign you up for our emails thank you so much for working with me today and I hope to see you again soon
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