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[MUSIC PLAYING] This place is ugly. I’m still a little bit
nervous that we paid 540, and they took it like that. House is three-bedroom,
two-bath, 1,951 square feet. The house has been
abandoned for a while. Yikes. All right. I’m honestly a bit
scared to go inside. Is Jeff meeting us here? He’s actually on
the way right now. He got the permits
for the house. All right, the key
should be in here. There’s glass everywhere. Hello? [VOCALIZES] Someone vandalized this house. Oh, jeez. I don’t understand. Someone just came in here and
trashed the place, or what? Oh my God. Oh. I think someone vandalized it. Yeah, you think? Jeez. That’s nuts. Glad I wore my rugged boots. This kitchen is really funky. This is so odd. Look, there’s this wall into
this weird little mudroom? This is the old
back of the house. This is the kitchen
window to the back yard. I think it’s unpermitted. Look at this, over here. All right, so they already
stole the water heater, right? That’s gonna cost us how much? Almost 1,000.
1,000 bucks. Redo this kitchen.
What? 10 grand? About 11. Let’s go check out the rest. I’m not liking this
house very much. It is funky, dude. Wait, what’s going on back here? Oh, tell me this– you got the permits, right? I did. Uh-oh. The den can’t be permitted.
There’s no way. No way. Look at that
step-up right there. This is totally not permitted. Look at this. This is at a complete slope. Well, I don’t know, because– There’s no way
this is permitted. Check it out. We do show quite a few
things on the permits. What, is that from 1912? You can’t even read them. Yeah, right? 1969. How do you find these houses? Patio might have been permitted
as an open patio cover. Oh, God. And then, maybe they
converted it to a den. This is terrible. It says something about a pool. Pool? What? That is not the pool. There’s no way that’s the pool.
Stop it. That looks like a roof. Oh my God. That’s not a patio cover
somebody took down? What did we buy? We bought over 100 houses,
and I’ve never seen this. What is it? It looks like a roof of
a commercial building. Oh, wow. This place is way
worse than I thought. It’s creepy. So uninviting. The ceilings are low, and
the space looks terrible. Let’s go check out the rest. Oh, wow, they
kicked in the doors. Nothing much. What, a couple grand
to clean it up? New floor, paint. All right, well. Oh, they even broke
the windows in here. This is crazy. [GAGS] Oh, it smells good. Look at the toilet. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Let’s just call this
seven grand from out here. That’s terrible, dude. Jeez. Well, this is the master suite. Well, that’s good. It has its own bathroom. It’s the most tiny shower. So I think instead of having
the shower run this way, we take it, and we swap it,
and we throw it in like that. So how much is that? Eight grand, nine grand? For the bathroom, yes. Probably another 1,500 or
2,000 to move all the plumbing. Well, let’s just take this
back yard in for a second. The concrete around
the pool looks OK. We have a block wall. We don’t have a broken fence. Off the top of your head,
safe to say this whole job’s gonna cost about 90? I think you’re over 90 inside. With the equipment,
replastering the pool, dude, I have no idea until
we pull that cover off. All right, let’s
drag that sucker off. What do we got? No. No. Wow, that is nasty. The den totally drops down. It just has such a big slope. Look at the difference
between me and you. It’s terrible. Jeff, how much do you
think it would cost just to pour all-new
concrete in here, raise it to the same level
as the rest of the house? A couple thousand. The question is, if we
don’t level out the floors, is it gonna prevent a buyer
from buying the house? Probably gonna be something
that could trigger, well, if this is
wrong, then what else didn’t they take care of? Right? Let’s just level it. OK. Since it was raining
earlier, everything here is sloping towards the house. Uh-oh. You can see how much
it’s just ponding there. Uh-oh. The other issue is out here. Wow. All this slope goes from
the pool to the house. It is sloping almost
vertical into the house. 1,500 or so. $1,500 just to add a drain? Yeah. And then, how much is it
gonna be if we’re gonna bring up this concrete over here? 3,000 to 4,000. Oh gosh. That’s a lot of money. We really don’t have a
choice, so I guess just do it. I should have known about
this when we bought the house. We are gonna lose our
butts on this house. I love the coloring. Once we get the backsplash in,
this kitchen’s gonna be dialed. Yeah, it will, dude. Looks so pretty. Looks good, right? Oh my gosh, I love it. We picked a really good
backsplash right here. It’s beautiful. I love the color scheme. I like the flooring. It’s really coming together. All right. Now we gotta figure out
what to list this thing for. This house right here
is three-bedroom, two-bath, 1,951 square feet. We paid 540 for the house. We ended up putting
$117,000 into the remodel– Jeez. –which is a ton. Closing costs and commission
when we sell the house are about 30,000, so our
break-even is about 687. That’s a lot. That is a lot. And so the bad news with this
house is, since we bought it, the comps have actually dropped. Uh-oh. So the first comparable
three-bedroom, two-bath, about 1,900 square
feet, sold for 685,000. 685 is what it sold for? Yeah. Our break-even’s 687. Well, that’s not good news. This is the comp that
I feel is good for us, although it’s a
four-bedroom, three-bath. That’s not a comp. Sold for 785. What do you want to list at? 799,900.
79– 799,900. But the house is gorgeous. It came out fantastic,
and we do have a pool. So I feel like– Let’s just give it a
shot, just ’cause I’m curious what’s gonna happen. Let’s get outta here. 799,900? 799,900. All right. (WHISPERING) It’s way too high. House actually looks nice. I’m shocked. I absolutely love it. Oh, and I have a
surprise inside for you. The fireplace! The tile looks so nice. Overall, the room looks great. I love the natural light. It’s a really big room. And bam, look at that kitchen. Oh my gosh, I love
the backsplash and the floating shelves. I love the color combination,
and now this room actually feels like part of the house. But now that it’s all done,
I think it looks perfect. You can tell that
this room can be used for an additional family room. And then, I like how they
did a formal dining room. I like it. This is a cute bedroom.
Look at this. Yeah. Remember, before, it
had that wallpaper? Looks nice. Looks really good. Bedroom number two. I love the windows. All right. Bathroom. And this is the bathroom that’s
gonna sell the house because of my custom gray grout. Overall, it’s a cute bathroom. Cute bathroom. The biggest transformation was
the master, because before, the shower was in the middle. Do you remember that?
Yeah. The layout was horrible. Now it’s functional. We have a beautiful shower. That white grout is sparkling. Double vanity. This bathroom’s definitely
gonna sell the house. Wow, so sparkling out here. Pool tile looks nice. Yeah, I love the steps. I like that we put the
little squares right there. It’s a super clean pool. It’s a nice-looking house. 800 grand, huh? 799,900. Oh, wow. This would be good
for entertaining. You could have a party,
people sitting here, there. Look at how much space there is. All the windows looking
into the back yard. It’s really nice. So it turns out that 799,900
was more than buyers were willing to pay for the
house, so we ended up accepting an offer for 770,000.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlLAQkwXzuo

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