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6 EASY Kitchen Hacks To Make You A Quicker Cook!! | CBA 2 COOK Ep. 2 | Sorted Food

– [Narrator] We are Sorted, a group of mates who have your back when it comes to all things food. We’ve spent the last months
making our recipe book CBA2, a load of rebellious shortcuts and hacks to get food into your mouth
quicker and/or easier. And we thought we’d
collect some of those tips and share them with you here, because sometimes you just
can’t be arsed to cook. (light chimes) – In celebration of the
release of our book CBA2, I’ve set Jamie a little challenge. Now, one of the chapters in
the book is called CBA2 Chop, and then that is a selection of recipes that don’t use a knife. So in this challenge, he’s
not allowed to use a knife. – This should be fun. What are we cooking? – We are making pulled
chipotle mushroom tacos. (electronic music) Your kinda dish. – Yeah, it is. – And I made this earlier
in 13 and a half minutes. (laughs) – Okay. – But you’re gonna cook
it faster than I did. Because this recipe requires no knife, it’s super speedy, and it’s great for people
who aren’t too confident with a knife, and also it kinda forces us
to think outside the box. Let’s see how close
you can get to my time. Are you ready? – I am so ready. – Let’s do it. (light chimes) – Okay, mate, your time
starts in three, two, one. (horn blares) Would you put the grill on, please. So pro tip number one is something that I’m always gonna say. It’s preheat your grill
or your oven or your pan. Get something on the go
before you start prepping so that when you actually
need it, it’s ready. Okay, grab a baking tray. Nice, nice. Now grab your mushrooms. And we’re gonna pull the mushrooms. These are king oyster mushrooms. They’re really good for pulling. So grab a fork and you’re
gonna stab the fork in the top and then pull it all the
way down to the bottom. You’re gonna hold the
mushroom at the same time. And then go round the whole mushroom. And then you should just be
able to pull it into strips. – [Jamie] Okay, and it comes like this. – Yeah, see? There, you’ve got it. – [Jamie] How’s this looking? – That’s looking great. Little bit faster. (laughs) So this is currently my second pro tip. You don’t have to always use a knife. Mushrooms are really good
for ripping and tearing, and you don’t need even slices. You can just tear them up, can’t you? And king oyster machines are excellent for the pull type thing. – Also mushrooms work perfectly for this, ’cause if this was pork, which you would pull, or chicken that you would pull, that takes ages to cook first before you get the opportunity to pull it, whereas this is raw. – Yeah, you’d be cooking it a long time. Right, shift all of that
to one side of the board. You’re gonna do the same
with the spring onions. So just tear them across and then just kind of
split them up into strips. – This would be great to
get the kids involved with. No danger of knives, but also just rip it up
and see how you get on. – Yeah, you don’t have to look after them. Oh, should we move on? – Always look after your kids. – Okay. (both laugh) And then what you’re gonna do now is chuck a third of those spring onions into one of those little bowls and you’re gonna grab
your sugar and vinegar. You’re gonna put a tablespoon and a half, so about three quarters
of that sugar in the bowl, and all the vinegar. Grab a spoon and give it a little mix, because pro-tip three is
chucking this in the microwave for one minute, and it’s gonna speed up
the pickling process. So you’re heating up the
liquid with the sugar, dissolving the sugar really quickly, and also slightly cooking
the spring onions. So they all kind of dissolve. – We’re getting pickled onions in under 13 and a half minutes? – Yes, yes. Yeah, looking good. Let’s move on. Now mix up your mushrooms with the rest of the spring onions. So we’re gonna put a tablespoon
of paprika onto that tray. Just scatter it over. Same with the oil. And then you’re gonna add the
rest of your sugar, as well. And onto that tray goes my
next pro tip, chipotle paste. You’ve got your basic store cupboard, and I think there are certain ingredients you can add to it that
help you along the way with a lot of dishes. Chipotle paste is one of those things. It instantly adds a sweet, smoky, slightly hot kinda flavour, and I think it’s delicious, and it goes in loads of stuff. It’s just like the perfect ingredient. – You know I love big flavours, so any shortcut to get big
flavours in little time, I’m a massive fan of. – [James] Another pro tip
is one tray goes a long way. – I love me a tray bake
because I am lazy AF. (laughs) – So we’re literally
cooking all the ingredients on one tray. That means you’ve only got
one thing to worry about. It means you’re only washing up one tray, and it means you don’t
have anything on the hob with direct heat. It’s all indirect heat, so it’s hard to burn stuff. Flavour, flavour. That’s got eight minutes on it. So all you have to do, your creme fraiche is
going into that bowl. – Okay. – And then you’re gonna
zest in your garlic clove and your lime. – That’s a mushroom. Garlic clove, lime. (both laugh) So, creme fraiche in. – [James] That is gonna be grated. – Peeled first? – No.
– Ooh. – Pro tip, get yourself a good grater, a fine grater specifically, and you can do all sorts with it. You can zest citrus,
you can grate Parmesan, and you can grate garlic
without peeling it. This is a level up from a garlic crusher. It’s a lot easier to clean, as well. – I think peeling garlic, anything like that takes so long. If there is a way to get round
peeling it, I’m all for it. I can’t tell you how long that
would’ve taken me to dice up. – [James] I know, right? – [Jamie] Give that a stir up? – [James] Yeah, give it a stir up. – [Jamie] Yummy. (electronic music) (applause) (grunting) – [James] Yeah, I think so. – I can smell it. – Whoa.
– Yes. – Hello. – [James] That’s what we’re looking for. – That looks like pulled chicken. – [James] You know you’re
on a time limit, right? – Yeah, oh, sorry. Yeah, right, fine. – [James] Tacos under the grill. We’re literally just
softening them a little bit. Yes. Get everything ready. You can grab your pickle
from the microwave. – In one minute, we’ve made a pickle. – [James] They’re looking good. – Warm and soft, ha,
quite warm, quite warm. Ha, ha, hee, right. Tacos. – [James] So we’re going mushrooms. – [Jamie] What quantities
are we looking like? – We’re going for a decent amount, a decent portion. Nice. Followed by pickles. You can be generous on the pickles. The mushrooms are very
smoky and quite hot, so it’s nice to have a bit
something to cut through. – I’m gonna keep a pickle to eat now, because I’m massively intrigued. – Yeah, you are on a time limit, though. If you could hurry up a little
bit, that would be good. – Sweet and vinegary, but also warm. That gives me every pickle
sensation plus warmth, which is nice. – [James] Followed by
the creme fraiche mix. – Dob?
– Little dob, yeah. – That’s a new word.
(laughs) – He’s a little bit relaxed. And then key ingredient
is the pickle juice. (Jamie gasps) Just a teaspoon over the top of each. – Where, just-
– Yeah, all over. – [Jamie] Interesting. – [James] And then coriander to finish. And you are done. – Stop the clock! (horn blares) – Those are looking good, mate. I think you’ve done a good job. I feel like I’ve done a good job. I mean, I’ve made mushroom tacos in, well, actually, what was more time? – I’m not gonna tell you just yet, but let’s take them to the table and see if lack of time
and knife sacrificed any of the flavour. I don’t think it did. – He’s more confident than me. (electronic music) (bell rings) (crowd cheering) (electronic music) They look great, but how did I do? – Well, I did it in 13 and a half. – Yeah. – You did it in 15 and a half. – Oh.
– I’m so sorry. We were very, very relaxed. – Yeah, to be fair, if I CBA2 cook, I CBA2 stress, also. But 15 minutes, I made a taco dish. – Actual tacos, right?
– Yeah. Cheers.
– Cheers. (electronic music) – Wow. From what we were saying about
does time take away flavour? No, that has got all the
flavour that I want in it. – [James] And it all adds to it, right? – It’s really well balanced. – You’ve got that sweet
acidic flavour of the pickle, and the pickle juice is necessary. – The pulled mushrooms is
something I’ve never had or done before, but the texture is really great, actually. It’s really reminiscent
of eating pulled pork or pulled chicken. – That was new to me, as well. It’s messy, huh? – It is as messy as a good taco should be. I’m impressed by myself. – Wow, good for you. – I reckon I could have a lot of fun making those at home with the kids. – Yeah, it’s perfect. – And not having to worry
about them using knives and stuff like that. Just get hands involved, pull things. Yeah, great. – And you can make them a
little less hot, as well, if they’re not into the heat. You can use a bit of
tomato puree or something instead of all chipotle paste. I know you liked the pulled mushrooms, but was that your favourite tip, or have you got another
one that kind of stood out? – Using the microwave to make
the pickles was sensational. We’ve done quick pickles before, but we’ve been talking 15, 20, 30 minutes to make quick pickles. That was a minute. – I know, it’s crazy, isn’t it? And the texture of them is really good. – Yeah. Mate, I have to say I
am massively impressed. Decent tips and hacks, decent recipe, and it’s gonna make me rethink when I’m cooking in the kitchen. – Good. I hope you do try these with your kids, ’cause I think they’d like them. Right, what are your tips and
tricks for when you’re feeling a little bit too lazy to cook? Leave them in the comments below. And if you liked the
video, give it a, like. – And if you liked this video, you’re gonna love our CBA2 cookbook. It’s full of hacks, tips, tricks, and recipes just like this for when you just can’t be A’d to cook. Next time I’m cooking, you’re gonna make me
think about what I can do without a knife. – That’s good. – I’m gonna be trying to
dice an onion without a knife because of you. – Okay, well, maybe don’t
take it too far, you know? – [Narrator] CBA2 is
available to buy right now. And if you’d like a copy, then check out the link in
the description box below or head to And now for a blooper. (signal beeps) – We are making pooled, pooled? Pooled, pooled.
– Pewled.
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