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6 Dangerous Ways To Cook An Egg

hey guys backyard scientist here watch me today as I try to cook an egg six different crazy ways from flamethrowers to acid high voltage to molten aluminum stay tuned and find out the first idea that I add was T’s a Fresnel lens this is nothing more than a giant magnifying glass it can focus the sun’s energy into a single spot of more than 2,000 degrees didn’t quite cook the egg and more instantly charred a hole straight through it next I wanted to see if I could fry the egg with high voltage I use this microwave oven transformer to apply over 3000 volts straight through the center of the egg I thought this would definitely be enough to cook it instead the egg almost well instantly blew up shattered alright next I tried to use the extremely high temperature plasma generated from this arc you know what else is made of plasma the surface of the frickin Sun if that’s not hot enough to cook an egg I don’t know what is unfortunately I couldn’t cook the egg like this time to break out the big guns alright if the eggs can’t survive a flamethrower I don’t know how I’m gonna get this job done this is just a ten dollar flamethrower I built from an old squirt gun and some gasoline now I give these eggs the old one two three four five and six well the point is I shot these eggs a lot with the flamethrower I don’t see how anything could survive that and for now it couldn’t believe that not even a flamethrower would cook these eggs well I had a couple more tricks up my sleeve next I use the same microwave oven transformer but I rewound it for high-current this works off the same principle as your toaster it forces an extremely high amount of current through a small wire turning a red-hot and generating Heat now I put this wire through the center of an egg and I plugged it in hoping to cook the egg from the inside out unfortunately I would call this a failure because the egg boiled out of the two holes I put in it and it only cooked a small channel through the center of the egg and the smell was terrible alright next on the list is hydrochloric acid and this acid is so strong it can dissolve a rock now mind you this is the same acid that’s inside your stomach now I drop an egg into this acid and we’ll see what happens next this acid is so strong that it dissolves the shell straight off the egg 24 hours later and this egg is well literally cooked in this sense that your denaturing the protein not cooked in the sense that it’s edible but anyway it’s still so acidic that it’s dissolving the rock that it’s on the sulfuric acid egg not cooked don’t know why alright time to break out the foundry melt some aluminum I think my subscribers know where this is going I’m going to try to cook an egg on top of molten aluminum here I’m melting it and here I’m pouring it into a frying pan and above the frying pan there’s a mechanism so when I pull this cup the egg falls out right into the molten aluminum all right now I quickly run back and I pull this string releasing the egg into the molten aluminum and success my little invention worked all right well initially the egg is protected by the leaden frost effect but it is quickly overcome by the heat of the molten aluminum and starts smoking frying catching on fire and everything else in between I don’t know about you but I would not eat this egg even though it is well done however I do know a little somebody who would eat this egg but I’m not gonna let him eat it either nice try dude alright guys well thanks for watching my video please subscribe if you haven’t already check back in the future for more videos and leave any ideas in the comment section I’ll get back to you thanks
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