54,000 Subscribers!!!!! Q And A Special

hey guys it’s Nick Hodges here and it’s been a crazy couple of weeks as most of you know I posted a video on the 13th of February celebrating reaching 11,000 subscribers which I thought was awesome it’s a crazy amount of people to be watching a channel that hasn’t even been around that long I mean I don’t exactly have that many videos up yet so imagine the look on my face with a number reached within two weeks 20,000 30,000 40,000 and now history buffs has reached over fifty four thousand subscribers putting that to perspective you guys could fill up every seat in the Coliseum and then some and then just the idea of me standing in the middle of the arena with every one of you watching me is really nerve-wracking I think that image is enough to give anyone stage fright but fortunately not enough to deter me from making any more videos so don’t worry about that some people have asked me if Waterloo was going to be my last video because of that ending so I would like to officially state no no it’s not it was just meant to be a homage to the original intro that’s literally it I’m not quitting anytime soon I am just getting started now how this all started is just crazy shortly after I posted that previous milestone video a really awesome guy called Cobras Panther cop posted my channel on Reddit and it ended up going viral and tens of thousands of people subscribed to me within a few days and it just recently started to slow down but I’m still getting roughly a thousand subscribers a day so thank you Cobras Panta cop thank you all so much for subscribing and watching my videos the love and support I’ve been getting especially over the last few weeks has been overwhelming there’s also been some really exciting new developments happening behind the scenes I’ve been getting emails left and right with possible collaborations and great opportunities that can help promote history buffs to become a really big channel as you can imagine this is all happening a little bit too quickly at the moment of truck I’m juggling to produce content and take advantage of these opportunities aside for my great editor I pretty much do everything by myself and I’m currently in uncharted waters but hopefully sometime in the future I could start making some money off of this and hire some [ __ ] help because I do not predict at all that things are going to change this quickly now unfortunately I can’t tell you what these opportunities are just yet but I know for certain that you’re absolutely going to love them and they will help make history buffs become the channel you want it to be so anyway moving on from that boring stuff let’s get on to the Q&A segment this is a question from toner polo who asks me how familiar are you with history movies from non-english speaking countries we get some reviews from movies all around the world the answer to that question is that I am somewhat familiar and I do definitely plan to review some foreign language films I think it’s a bit silly to just limit history buffs to only doing english-speaking films when there are so much to choose from from elsewhere like for example one of the most shocking films I’ve ever seen about the Second World War is the Soviet film come and see it literally disturbs me when I watched it and even though it may not be as well-known as an enemy at the gates it really does give you an insight into the horror that was the Eastern Front there’s also another film I watched recently that just blew me away which was Admiral roaring currents’ this is a South Korean film about a naval battle in the engine war where the Korea Navy was able to defeat an Amada of 200 to 300 Japanese ships with only 12 ships I had no idea that this battle ever existed and this film has to have the best naval battle presented on screen since Master and Commander so there are many foreign language films I want to review but for the moment I’m choosing to stick with english-speaking films until my channel gets big enough to allow me to review whatever I want so please be patient guys hopefully at this rate it should be much longer the next question is from John Boyd have him saying that right who asks what sources do you use for your vids your own vast wealth of knowledge or Wikipedia or something else I’m guessing he’s being a little bit sarcastic with his comments but I’m going to answer it all the same I don’t use Wikipedia I base my research on online articles and from nicking books for my stepfather’s library spend some really fantastic ones that have really helped me out to my videos but I will say this history buffs never treat any historical source as a fact on its own merit not even my channel the thing is with history that it’s a living breathing thing every single day we find our new information that contradicts what we previously thought entire books have been published years ago that can now contain inaccurate information and quite often I see historians contradicting each other and I had to make a decision on which one to use um I compile multiple sources or presenting the same information and I use that in my reviews I actually see historians as lawyers of the past they present the history they believe to be correct by compiling all the evidence they’ve had at the time at the best way they possibly could so nothing in life is infallible not even history buffs not even the History Channel what I hope these videos would encourage you to do would be to research more if you’re interested or open up a dialogue amongst yourselves and teach one another that’s what I would love to see a community of history buffs do now for those [ __ ] who call me the biggest tool on YouTube and insult me because I didn’t put in information they deemed to be important or my research contradicted their research [ __ ] off and make your own history YouTube channel and then we’ll see how long it takes before someone complains of you doing the exact same thing alright sorry about that moving on to the final question William Tatsumi asks I have two questions one how did you make that intro like what software to don’t you get copyright claims for showing clips from movies thanks keep up the great work thank you very much William to be honest I don’t know what software was used for the intro you’ll have to ask my animator Hugo Kula I just told him what I wanted it to look like and he did an amazing job putting it together this is his channel right here if you fancy looking at more of his stuff he’s an incredibly talented guy and how do I stop copyright claims this is a frustrating part of my life every time I upload a video I have to fight off a copyright claim under fair use and if my just be get rejected then I have to appeal it fortunately I have never received a copy right strike but I’ve gotten very close several times now one of the things that keeps me up at night is the bigger I get the more chance I have of having my channel taken down for no reason at all and I’m not alone in this there have been a lot of youtubers recently you like the nostalgia critic your movie sucks and I hate everything who have been dealing with this for a long time in fact a Doug Walker posted a video called where’s the fair use that explains the whole process and problems that youtubers like us face every single day please watch it it’s brilliant and hopefully this is the beginning of real change coming into YouTube policy and that’s about it thank you very much for subscribing and making this channel into what it is I’m currently working on Alexandre and that’s all I could really tell you for the moment but if nothing falls through and I’m working real hard to make sure they don’t some really cool content is coming your way so thanks very much guys take care
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9ByZo4wua4

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