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go Tuesday we’re about to get likk because the law must sent us a flamethrower not a flamethrower no it’s about to go down baby bumping this to a whole new level because this is why this is why we’re hot I’m hot yeah that’s it I’m madly all right our flamethrower burger we got a couple bricks here from spicy jalapeno cheese Gillette no we’re gonna break these down melt them and form a custom cheese slice I’ve never really melted Monterey Jack cheese before but I don’t think it’s supposed to look something like this so I figured it out this cheese doesn’t melt like cheddar melts like mozzarella I’ll be able to form this into a custom cheese slice no matter what so right here we’re gonna start making a flamethrower sauce a spicy sauce little something for this burger to complement it so right now a good base for most burgers is mayonnaise chili powder will give a little shout-out to our boy Sean Evans for the sauce thanks for hooking it up now let me just tell you something you been through a lot of hot sauces at Epic Meal Time and like this last tab it could hurt you you know how they usually put like a little dab at the last wing or episode we’re going for the same amount of sauce that would be equivalent to the whole season of the show now for the flamethrower burger we are pulling out all the stops we’ve resorted to the hottest jalapeno bacon strips right here put some respect on this name put some respect on this name we’re going so hard on this Tuesday it’s like got our shirts off in the club in the early 2000s with like 12 other doers dude we’re all like a TV wall pitched in and bought a bottle of Belvedere a big one and we’re gonna upload it to an album on Facebook oh my god I hated my life that was your birthday dance your 18th birthday when that song was playing what I’m really talking about it this burger right here and then we got even a flamethrower inside so you know we got a got a fire marshal you know we’re gonna get a clear Herman in the city you know this is my dangerous don’t do this at home we didn’t do any of those safety precautions crazy man you are crazy to actually huge liability right here this is almost I mean every day you got a crazy kitchen but we got a couple of crazy crazy IRA burnt here mixing and matching up things he’s gonna flamethrower to cook it up other youtubers trying to be on the news so badly route here casually doing our job to dumb Jews in this Arab man lit on fire in their kitchen yeah who cares it was worth it cuz we came out on top that big-ass plane throw a burger I would watch that episode I’d listen to that story because that story sounds fire literally flamethrower fire [Music] so flamethrower girl is up to name with our spicy secret sauce jalapeno cheddar cheese jalapeno bacon and hitting the burger with some flame thrown up back into some extra flavour you’re not funny at any other restaurant a flame thrower burger no you’re so crazy yo you’re so great [Applause] [Music]
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