50 States 50 Scenarios (PT. 1)

it’s 2015 a brand new year with brand new videos what better way to celebrate than bring back a past favorite at the start of this channel I created a video series called 50 states 50 scenarios basically take one historical event from each American States past and change it using alternate history this is a remake of one of those videos which now looked pretty dated some of these are serious some are jokes let’s begin the Indian Removal Act never occurs in Alabama instead the tribes of the Cherokee and Creek are able to keep their land while European settlers move into surrounding areas today Alabama has a distinct Native American culture in its north the Russian Empire never decides to sell Alaska to the Americans and instead keeps it for themselves eventually after centuries there is a mass migration of ethnic Russians into North America and the culture of Alaska becomes extremely Russian if a communist revolution still occurs Alaska becomes the forefront in the Cold War Soviet missiles are placed in Alaska in order to strike the west coast if a nuclear war breaks out Mexico wins the mexican-american war and keeps a hold of what is today Arizona the area today is one of the most northernmost territories of Mexico Bill Clinton who served as Arkansas governor never becomes president so no Clinton jokes ever exists China spreads its influence across the Pacific during the 16th century to compete with European nations it sends columnist to the California shore where they meet local native tribes after years of tension war breaks out between the Chinese Californians and European colonies China eventually spreads upward into northern California and South Oregon North American cultures would be Spanish British in Chinese all competing with one another the territory of Colorado never exists and so today the region is split between three different states Connecticut never gives away Long Island to New York this affects the future of New York City perhaps named Connecticut City Delaware never was colonized by the British yet instead is colonized by the Swedes in our timeline the Dutch took over New Sweden after the northern war in the 18th century yet in this timeline new Sweden remains this would drastically affect the politics of early America as new Sweden would be between all British colonies perhaps New Sweden would eventually fall when a new US would invade and take over the Swedish land Florida is never given to the United States by Spain and remains a colony of Spain until its independence in the nineteenth century its culture today as much more Spanish influence than Anglo more similar to that of Cuba than to Georgia it could either become a separate country itself be annexed by the US or be a part of Cuba in 1735 British Americans banned slavery in Georgia instead of in our timeline when it was overturned for the profits of African slavery Georgia remained a bastion of abolition in the deep south instead of African slaves Europeans would travel to Georgia willingly as indentured servants Hawaii remains its own separate entity and is never annexed by the Americans the u.s. never uses it for a territory so Japan doesn’t bomb for a harbor today it is either a colony of the British or an independent Polynesian state and our timeline Idaho never loses land to Montana that’s all the Mormons never leave Illinois for Utah after the assassination of Joseph Smith jr. today Illinois is unique in the Midwest for having a large Mormon population and influence on its political system the Indiana Territory is never split up and so the state contains areas of Wisconsin Illinois in Michigan the state dominates the nation in comparison size and power to California in Texas no matter what alternate scenario we’re in Iowa will literally always be Iowa Bleeding Kansas become such an issue that it leads to a full-scale insurrection / civil war Kentucky splits from the Union and joins the Confederacy this makes the effort for the Union harder in devastates Kentucky as more battles are fought between the borders Ohio becomes involved in the war physically as the conflict is fought on the Ohio River France never sells Louisiana to the United States it remains a French colony until the 20th century in French cities dot the Great Plains central North America can be compared to Quebec during the revolution England captures Maine and never returns it to the Americans instead the British make it a part of British Canada and today it acts as a border province to American Vermont since there are so many states in the u.s. there is no way I can cover them all in a reasonably sized video instead I split this series into two parts part two will be out in the coming days not all of these will have to be realistic or serious it’s just to show how differently things could have been in these states like us on Facebook subscribe if you have not done so this is Cody from the alternate history hub
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjCnizGumAE

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