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50 Random Facts About Cassey (The Workout)

(pen scribbling) – Hey guys, Cassey here. So, I have been reading
your Facebook comments and your Instagram
comments and your tweets, and it looks like we need a
little bit more girl time. So I’m going to tell you
50 random facts about me. I want you to do this workout with me. It’s 50 random facts
about me, flat abs style. So we’re gonna be doing
roll-ups the whole time. So I want you to bring
your legs forward, okay? Hands in front. Tuck that chin into your
chest, and slowly roll down, with control, vertebrae by
vertebrae, just like that. Okay, you guys ready? We got 50. Let’s see how fast we can do these. Hands up behind your back. Here we go, inhale and exhale out. Okay, number one, I have a pet turtle. His name is Turtle, because
I used to have seven turtles, and they’re all named Teetle,
Tattle, Tottle, Title, I forgot, because they all died, and only Turtle is left,
so I call him turtle. And, number two, up. I really love tofu. People who say they don’t like tofu just haven’t had it right. Mapo tofu is the best. And inhale, exhale, up. I started playing tennis when I was seven, but I don’t play anymore,
because I was scarred from my experiences in high school. Inhale, exhale, lift. I really love to draw. Actually, when I was in third grade, everybody thought that
I was gonna be an artist when I grew up, and I
used to draw pictures for the popular girls, ’cause
that’s how I could be popular, but I never was. And lift and all the way up. I ran for treasurer when
I was in high school, and I had a dream that I wasn’t
gonna win, and then I won. That’s a weird fact. Okay, lift. I really like to eat. But is that even a random fact? Everyone loves to eat. Okay, and lift. My nails are natural, obviously. Is that obvious? I’m not sure. But I love painting them all
the time, and yeah, okay. I like my nails, okay. And lift up. I have been doing Pilates
for about 10 years. I started when I was 16
and I was in high school. Okay, that’s a fact. Lift up. And then I got certified
as a sophomore in college, and started working for the
small gym down the street. Okay, that’s a fact. And lift up. And I’ve worked at every
gym, like 24, Crunch, Ballys, everything, literally. And now I teach at Equinox, West LA. You guys should come to
class if you’re in the area. It’s on my blog. And up, okay. I lived on the East coast once. I was actually living in Boston, yep. Hate the snow, that’s a fact too. And bring it up. I used to work a corporate job. I hated it. It was so disgusting,
and I’m not gonna say I hated the people, but it’s
a very toxic environment. Stay there, and I will never
go back to corporate job again. I am so thankful for YouTube, and just for teaching you guys, because at my dearest and
deepest heart and soul, I am an instructor and thank
you for letting me do this for my job. Okay, go down. All right. Lift up. I used to be an RA. Yup, and I used to be in
charge of writing people up if they drank outside of their room, but I don’t think I did a
really good job of that. And lift up. Oh, I know. I used, no, I didn’t use to, I was, a bio major in school, and my parents really
wanted me to be a doctor, but I was like, nuh uh,
I’m not gonna do this. But I ended up graduating
with a degree in bio, and then didn’t pursue
medical school at all. Here’s another fact, up. I actually dropped out of
organic chemistry three times, because I wanted to sabotage myself from applying to medical school because I really didn’t wanna go. And it wasn’t like I wasn’t good at it, it was just like my heart wasn’t into it. And so I ended up going into the fashion-buying
industry before this. Target, Target was the
first place where I went to see my yoga bag in “Shape” magazine. Okay, next fact. And then, Target was also
the place where I went and saw the “Pop Pilates” DVD. So I think Target is a
really magical place. It’s just magical. Okay, up. I love Taylor Swift. I mean, don’t you? I used to be infatuated
with Michael Jackson. Like I would dress up
as him for Halloween, and then I taught myself how
to moonwalk, because I love MJ. Lift, I have one little sister. Her name is Jackelyn, and she’s
four years younger than me, and we’re so close. She’s basically like the
cardio version of me. Lift. This is kind of getting hard. (Cassie groans) Hold. I have a lot of Nike shoes. I have a lot of Nike shoes,
in fact, when I was younger, I had like hundreds of heels. Now I just have not
hundreds of Nike shoes, but a lot, a little
bit obsessively, a lot. Okay, lift up. I get really cold, easily,
like really easily. If I’m not wearing this right now, I’d be wearing sweats
over sweats with mukluks and socks and a scarf and two sweaters, with a heater blasting at my
legs, and I’ll still be cold. I don’t know why. Lift. Okay, man, maybe 50 was too much. I really like quinoa. But you know what else
I like more than quinoa? I love seaweed. Seaweed is so good, and so good for you. I like to eat spicy, like intensely spicy. Not like ghost chili spicy,
but like pretty spicy, so that you’ll cry, but
I’ll probably not cry. Oh, I also really love boba,
but don’t get me tiny boba, ’cause I can’t stand that. Only the big, chunky kind, ’cause you’ve actually
gotta chew it, right? I mean, what is the point of tiny boba? My favorite YOLO food, well, let’s start with dessert first. My favorite YOLO dessert might have to be fried banana with
coconut ice cream on top, or just any ice cream, maybe
matcha green tea ice cream. So good. At one point, when I
first moved to Boston, and I was figuring out this
whole living on my own thing, I tried to make fried ice cream and nearly burned down
the apartment complex. We’re not going to go into that. And I have always wanted a little doggy. In fact, I want like a
little teacup Pomeranian. I mean, how cute would that be, right? But I don’t know if I have time for it. Let’s see. I am in front of my computer
pretty much all the time when I am not at the gym, or sleeping, which I don’t do either. Which brings me to the next point. I probably get an average of
like five hours of sleep a day. It’s not good, I go to
sleep at like three. But it’s cause I love
tweeting you guys and stuff. So I am just in love with what I do and I’m in love with you. Let’s see. I am certified in Mat Pilates, but also, I taught Reformer
for a while, which is great. But I really like Mat better, ’cause you can be a lot more creative. I am really bad at hair, like really bad. This is only possible
because my friend, Guy Tang, unbraided my hair and
so it just looks good, and the curls are just hot rollers, but please, if you tell
me to use a curling iron, I don’t even understand. In fact, I didn’t even have a hairdryer until a few weeks ago,
I got it for Christmas. I have really good abdominal
strength, but cardio kills me. This is true. I have been to Vietnam two
times to visit my family, but every time I go, I get
these crazy rashes on my legs, so I don’t really like to go back. Let’s see, this is gonna be
another long one, let’s hold. I, my goodness, oh, you know what? I love eating outside. It just makes me feel really happy. I would much rather eat
outside than inside, but it has to be warm and sunny. Okay, I really don’t like indoor malls, I really like outdoor malls. Oh, there is this one
candle at Anthropologie, I forget what it’s called, but it’s in a blue glass can thing. Maybe it’s called Caribbean something. That is my favorite smell in the world, and I’ve been trying to
find a similar perfume. But if anyone of anything
that smells like that, please, will you just leave
it in the comments below or like tweet me? Let’s see. How are the abs feeling, good? Okay, I hope so. Man, what does that
even, I mean, you know. I really like Disney in general. Disney princesses,
Disneyland, I love it all. Oh, here’s a good one. I can’t eat chocolate. I’m not allergic to it, but my
taste buds are oversensitive, so I can really taste the cocoa. And so I just cannot
eat anything chocolate. Do not give me anything
chocolate, I will not eat it. If you put chocolate to my
mouth and we’re like this, I’d be like, oh, stop, don’t do it. Okay, also I cannot drink. Not for health reasons, well, I guess kind of for health
reasons, not vanity reasons, but when I drink, I actually go blind. Like cannot see blind, it’s really bad. So please, don’t pressure me
into drinking, I won’t do it. For New Year’s, I just
drank cranberry juice and it was great. Oh, here’s a good one. When I was 16, I won the
title of Miss Teen Chinatown and had a sash and a crown
and a pretty sparkly dress. Which brings me to
another couple of points. My favorite number is 16. I’ll tell you why in the next roll-up. Because when I was 16, and my
birthday is on January 16th, that’s when I won Miss Teen Chinatown. So the number 16 is my favorite number, and now when I see that number everywhere, on a good day, usually
something good happens. I know it’s really superstitious,
but it’s really weird. It happens. Going up. Oh, I told you my birthday. So that means that I’m a Capricorn. I’m a Capricorn. But in the Chinese Zodiac,
I’m actually a tiger. So, yeah, rawr. Let’s see. My mom said that the name Cassie,
she got from a soap opera. But if I were a boy, my
name would be Christopher. Good thing I’m not a boy. And, let’s see, hold it right here. Ooh, (hums) lemme think. I actually had a business
minor in college, but, yeah, I had a business minor in
college, and a bio major. Okay, that’s it. You guys, you can do whatever
you want with your life. You can study what you want in school, but you’ll end up living your passion and figuring out what that is later. When I work out, I would much rather lift
weights than do cardio. And let me do, I’ll do one more, and let’s see what I’m going to do here. So, hold it, let me think. (hums) I don’t know if this
is a random fact or not, but, you know how all of
these mats and the shirts and everything I do for
the store and my yoga bags, I actually draw and design
every single one of those, and Blogilates is actually very small. So, everything that you get or you buy to support Blogilates and stuff, it’s really hand-drawn and
made with care and with love. And, a final one, let’s
roll up, and lift, and turn. Okay, so, that wasn’t too bad, right? I think that was actually pretty fun. Let me know in the comments below if you relate to any of the
facts that I talked about or if I’m just really weird. And if you want to, go ahead and upload your own 50 random facts about me while doing a roll-ups video,
and I would love to watch it, and I would love to like it and comment on it and it’d be
really fun to see everything. So guys, thank you so much
for watching this video. Thank you so much for watching
everything I’ve ever done, because it means a lot to me. I feel like we’re friends and
every time we have any meetup, I just really feel like I know you, we’re kind of like
reflections of each other. So it’s really cool going to meet up, and everyone’s just like, hey,
they’re like super excited. and just basically Cassie’s everywhere. Which is not overwhelming, it’s very fun when
everyone’s peppy and happy. ‘Cause that’s how life should be. Anyway, I will see you next time, I hope you really enjoyed that, and I’m looking forward to
seeing your videos on YouTube. Bye! (upbeat music)
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