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50 AMAZING Facts To Blow Your Mind! #72

– Time for some more amazing facts! Ooh! (electronic whooping) In 1871, under his original
name, Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain invented and received a patent for the elastic clasp bra strap. His patent said, and I
quote, “The nature of my “invention consists in an
adjustable and detachable “elastic strap for vests,
pantaloons or other garments “requiring straps as will
hereinafter more fully set forth.” Whatever that means. Microlattice is the
lightest metal ever made. It’s about 99.99% air
and is so light that it can literally rest on
the top of a dandelion. It’s made entirely from
metal, but it’s 100 times lighter than styrofoam. Australians are the world’s
biggest meat eaters. They consume about 200 pounds per year, and the United States
is right behind them, consuming just under that
at 198 pounds a year. That’s a whole lot of meat. According to a study
published in the South African Journal of Science,
traces of cannibis were detected on pipes that were found in William Shakespeare’s garden. Scientists examined 24
pipes using advanced gas chromatography
methods and found cannibis on eight fragments, four of which were confirmed from the Bard’s garden. The dandelion plant, or weed, is edible. The leaves can be eaten
in a salad or steamed. The flowers are sweet
and crunchy and can be eaten breaded, fried or raw. They can even be used to make wine, and the roots can be dried and roasted and even used as a coffee substitute. There are little tiny
holes or pores in chicken and other bird eggs that allow baby birds to breathe in oxygen and
get rid of carbon dioxide. A chicken egg has more than 7,000 pores. Prince Charles is actually a descendant of Vlad the Impaler,
the cruel 15th century Romanian warlord who helped
inspire Bram Stoker’s 1897 vampire novel, Dracula. In the 1940s, there was a remote control for the Garod TV set that was attached to the set with a 20-foot cable. When you pushed the button. Yes, there was only one button, the picture was enlarged, and the sides, top and bottom were cropped. There’s an animal called a
wholphin, which is a cross between a false killer whale
and bottlenose dolphin. Oh oh. They are hybrids that are
believed to live in the wild but have also been born in captivity. The Nazis had a plot to
kill Sir Winston Churchill with a bar of exploding chocolate during the Second World War. Hitler’s bomb makers
coated explosive devices with a thin layer of dark chocolate and packaged it in expensive-looking black and gold paper, but luckily, the plot was foiled by British spies. In 2011, Tom Pearcy, a
farmer from York, England, created a maze by carving
two football-field sized portraits of Harry
Potter into a corn field. Wow, somebody needs a hobby. If you have an irrational
fear of being near, among or in the company of teenagers, you have what’s called ephebiphobia. In ancient Egypt, people
were paid for their services in bread and beer. They were also paid in
grain, meat and cloth rations, which were considered
the necessities of life. But bread and beer were the most basic of the Egyptian diet. In 2016, the Ed Rolf
family from Turkey got food poisoning from eating food that was prepared to celebrate
getting out of the hospital for, you guessed it, food poisoning. Ancient Greeks valued
political participation and collective governance. The term idiot was used in Ancient Greece to describe someone who did not contribute to politics or the community. The state of Alaska has
over three million lakes. In fact, 86,000 square miles of Alaska are covered by water. Hawks have vision that’s about eight times more accurate than humans. They have up to one
million photo receptors in the retina compared to
only 200,000 in humans. The first garbage disposal was invented by architect John W. Hammes in 1927. He wanted to make cleaning
up for the kitchen easier for his wife. What a nice guy. In Fairbanks, Alaska, the
Aurora Borealis can be seen an average of 240 nights a year. On those nights, the sky
is lit up with colors ranging from yellow and greens
to reds, purples and blues. The black and white patterned undersides of a humpback whale are
distinctive for each whale. Ooh. The shape and color patterns
on their dorsal fins and flukes are like
fingerprints for humans. In 2013, Navy Veteran Lonnie Bedwell became the first completely
blind kayaker to paddle the entire length of the Grand Canyon, 226 miles in a solo kayak. It took him 16 days. There are numbers on the
lampposts in New York City’s Central Park to help people
navigate where they are if they get lost. The first two or three
numbers indicate the closest cross street, and the
last number indicates what side of town that you’re closest to. If you’re an odd number, that means you’re on the west side, and if
you have an even number, that means you’re on the east. There’s a beaver dam
located in Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Alberta, Canada, that is so large, it can
be seen from outer space. It spans 2,789 feet across. Personal finance website has launched a programmable handbag designed to help you monitor and curb
your impulsive spending. Using GPS tracking, it can be programmed to lock if you enter your
pre-programmed danger zones. It will actually vibrate and flash lights to indicate how many times
you’ve taken out your wallet. Oh, and it will actually
flash yellow lights and vibrate every two hours to remind you to put on sunscreen. All of this for a mere $5,000 US. But that’s okay, you go
treat yourself, girl. Arf! In August of 2016, 323
reindeer were killed with a single lightning
strike in the Hardangervidda National Park in Norway. They were huddled together
because of a heavy storm and were killed
because of ground current that had stopped all of their hearts. A man named Mbah Gotho of Indonesia claims to be 146 years old, and there is a photo of his government
ID card to prove it. The card shows his birthdate
as December 31, 1870. He has outlived all 10 of his siblings, four wives and his children. The Lithuania village of
Ramygala holds an annual beauty pageant where the
contestants are goats. Around 500 people brave
the summer heat to attend the parade in honor of the
goat, a traditional symbol of the northern village. According to a survey done
by Pew Research in 2016, of 1,520 adults living in all 50 states and the District of Columbia,
just over one in four people didn’t read a single book within the last 12 months. The Great Barrier Reef
is the largest living structure on earth. It spans more than 1,243 miles of islands and submerged reefs. It’s located between the Queensland coast and the western edge of the Pacific Ocean. The little brown myotis bat can consume up to 1,000 mosquitos in one hour. It’s hungry, and maybe one
day it’s gonna come for you. Dolphins actually have two stomachs, one for storing food, and
the other for digesting it. Basically, they’re water cows, except way smarter and a little prettier. Dinosaur fossils have been found on every major continent in the world. They’ve been found in
Antarctica, Australia and India, and in the far north of Canada. The Goliath frog is the
largest frog in the world. It can reach up to 12.5 inches in length and weigh 7.2 pounds. Rrr. On May 31, 2014, according to
the Guinness World Records, 104 volunteers at the
Deer Run Camping Resort in Gardners, Pennsylvania,
made the largest smores ever. It weighed a whopping 267 pounds. Get into my mouth! Because camels live in
conditions where there is little water, their
digestive systems wring their food dry of almost
all of its moisture. In fact, their poop is so dry, you can actually use it to start a fire. The Pagoda in Japan is the oldest wooden building in the world. It was built using trees from 600 AD. The planet Jupiter has a total of 63 moons that have been discovered to date. Gummy bear candies were
originally called dancing bears. Hans Riegel originally
created them back in 1920, which were originally
made out of licorice. There’s a building near Newark, in Ohio, shaped like a picnic basket. It was built by Dave Longaberger, owner of Longaberger Basket Company in 1997 to be used as his head office. The United States has had two presidents who were both peanut farmers, Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter. In Tanzania, almost two
out of every five girls get married before they turned 18. That’s almost 15 million girls a year. The hagfish has no jaws, no bones in its body and is able to
tie itself into a knot. In August of 2016, the first documented case of twin dogs were born via C-section at Rant en Dal Animal Hospital in Mogale City, South Africa. To stay cool in hot
temperatures, kangaroos lick their arms until their fur and skin is sopping wet. The wind hitting their
arms causes the saliva to evaporate and cool them off. Movie theaters are
forbidden in Saudi Arabia and have been banned since the 1980s. According to Guinness World Records, Anthony Victor from India has the longest ear hair ever. Ugh! It measures over seven
inches at its longest point. The Chinese have recorded
solar eclipse sightings all the way back since 720 BC. The Hammetschwand lift in
Switzerland is the highest exterior elevator in Europe. It connects a rock path with the lookout point Hammetschwand on a plateau
overlooking Lake Lucerne. It takes passengers 502 feet up the summit in less than a minute. The Slinky was accidentally
invented by Richard James. Richard was a naval
engineer, and while working with tension springs in
1943, discovered that when one of the springs
fell, it kept moving. He thought it would make a great toy, and the Slinky toy was born. Bees in Ribeauville, France
started producing honey in different shades of blue and green. When the beekeepers
investigated, they actually found that instead of
collecting nectar from flowers, the bees were feeding
on remnants of colored M&M candy shells that were being processed by a plant 2.5 miles away. And there you go. Thank you guys for watching this. If you enjoyed it, maybe you got a smile or learned something,
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