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50 AMAZING Facts To Blow Your Mind! #49

(squeals) – Baby Knowledge Whale. Here are 50 amazing
facts to blow your mind. One penny doubled every
day becomes over five million dollars in just thirty days. It takes seventeen muscles to
smile and forty-three to frown. In some species of turtles,
the temperature determines if the egg will develop
into a male or female. Lower temperatures lead to a male, while high temperatures lead to a female. The eyes of a horse can
actually move independently. So, it has panoramic vision. Icelanders consume more
Coca Cola per capita than any other nation. The Atlas moth defends itself by imitating a snake’s appearance and behavior. Along with convincing wing patterns, the moth will fall to the
ground when threatened, and flop around to look like
a writhing snake. (hisses) Andrew Jackson’s political
opponents referred to him as a jackass. So, he adopted the name and
used it as his campaign symbol. It would eventually become the symbol of the entire democratic party in America. When Turkish photo
journalist, Osman Sagirli, took this picture of a
4-year-old girl in Syria, she thought the camera was a gun and raised her arms to surrender. The picture went viral
after Palestine based photo journalist, Nadia
AbuShaban, tweeted the image. Japan now has retirement
homes for senior dogs, so they can get the adequate love and care that they need for their final years. The term, swansong, comes
from an ancient belief that a swan is silent for it’s entire life until it sings one beautiful
song just before dying. You can actually fix your
vision while you sleep. Orthokeratology lenses
reshape your corneas overnight so you don’t need to
wear corrective lenses while you’re awake. When you remove them in the
morning, you can see just as clearly as you would
with prescription lenses. Baby elephants will suck on
their trunks for comfort, just like human babies
suck on their thumbs. Designer Alexander
McQueen’s former apprentice, Emma Sandham-King, made the world’s first Harris tweed suit designed for a horse to celebrate the 2016 Cheltenham Festival. It took four weeks and more
than 18 meters of tweed to complete the three-piece suit, which was worn by a
racehorse named Morestead. There was a newborn
baby that was abandoned in a forest in Kenya for
two days back in 2005, that was rescued by a stray
dog who carried the baby all the way back to her
own litter of puppies. There is a subspecies of butterfly known as the 8998 butterfly. It’s named this way for its markings, which uncannily resemble
the number 89 on one wing, and the number 98 on the other. In 1896, the world’s first
speeding ticket was given to a Britain man that was going four times the speeding limit. Walter Arnold, who was
going eight miles per hour in a two mile per hour zone
was caught by a policeman on a bicycle, and was fined one shilling, which was about eight U.S. cents. Shark teeth are coated
with fluoride which acts like toothpaste and
keeps the shark’s mouth healthy and clean. Fish are friends, not food. To punish tree thieves who
cut down trees illegally, some cities spray trees with fox urine around Christmas time. It freezes on them and
is odorless outdoors, but would stink up your whole house if you brought it indoors. The smell is apparently eye-watering. During its lifetime, an
oyster changes its sex from male to female
and back several times. All swans in England are the
legal property of the queen. The word, stewardesses,
is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand. The pound key on your keyboard,
or hashtag as you know it, is called an octotroph. The only domestic animal not mentioned in the Bible is the cat. (Meows) During his entire life,
artist Vincent Van Gogh sold exactly one painting,
“Red Vineyard at Arles”. Coffee beans aren’t actually
beans, they’re fruit pits. The spider, Calponia
harrisonfordi, was named for the star of “Raiders of
the Lost Ark” and “Star Wars”, as a thanks to Harrison Ford
who narrated a documentary for the London Museum of
Natural History in 1994. The spider itself was discovered in 1993 and is very tiny, only around
five millimeters in length, and lives in California. And still deserves to
burn, ’cause it’s a spider. The average human scalp
has 100,000 hair follicles. The average, I said. One in every 3,000 babies
is born with a tooth. The only member of the band, Z Z Top, without a beard has the last name, Beard. Toto from the “Wizard of
Oz” was paid $125 a week. This was more than the
Munchkin actors were paid. The fastest healing part on
the human body is the tongue. This is due to the rich supply of blood that the tongue receives,
making it able to heal twice as fast than any
other part of the body. In 1938, Time magazine named
Adolph Hitler, Man of the Year. Montpelier, Vermont is
the only state capital without a McDonald’s. Mountain Dew is an old
slang term for moonshine. Hic, sure is. Snakes and lizards flick
their tongues in the air to capture scent particles. In other words, they
smell with their tongues. Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors. The blue whale is the
largest creature ever to have lived on Earth. Their tongues alone can
weigh as much as an elephant, and their hearts as much as a car. Second biggest is the
Knowledge Whale. (squeals) Lizards can self-amputate
their tales for protection. And they grow them back
after only a few months. Our eyeballs are always
the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. Like fingerprints, everybody’s
tongue print is different. I’m talking about tongue a
lot in this one, aren’t I? Actress Candace Bergen’s
father left $10,000 to his ventriloquist
dummy and zero to her. He said the dummy had
been my constant companion from whom I have never been
separated, even for a day. Yeah, the dummy even had its own bedroom. It gets weird. Martha Steward once dated Anthony Hopkins, but broke up with him after
seeing “Silence of the Lambs”. She stated that she was unable
to avoid associating Hopkins with the character of Hannibal Lector. Japan was invaded by the
strong Mongol army twice, and both times were
saved by the harsh storms that crippled the Mongols. They called these storms
kamikaze or divine winds. Zach Braff punched a 12-year-old
for spraying fake paint on his Porsche as part of a
prank on the show “Punk’d. The scene was cut out. During the Afghanistan War,
when his team was ambushed, outnumbered, and under fire,
British Corporal Sean Jones ordered his men to affix
bayonets to their guns and charge across 80 meters of open ground against the Taliban forces. And unbelievably, it worked. Enemy forces scattered, fleeing the fight, due to the unexpected move. The very first attempt at assassination of a United States President
was by Richard Lawrence, and unemployed house painter, when he shot at Andrew Jackson, but his gun misfired. Spain cheated in the
2000 Summer Paralympics. 10 out of the 12 players on
their roster were encouraged to pretend that they
were mentally disabled, and they actually had
no mental disability. Canada consumes the most donuts and has the most donut shops per capita of any country in the world. I don’t know if I should be proud of that. In 1893, the first graduating class of New Mexico State
University had one student. His name was Sam Steele and he was murdered before graduation. In developing countries,
beehive fences are used to deter elephants by taking advantage of their natural fear of
bees, and they worked. They have reduced conflicts
between humans and elephants by over 80%. (buzzes) Oh, and you guys know what comes next. 50 Amazing Facts 50. Look forward to it, it’s a special one. Thank you guys so much for watching this. If you enjoyed this and you’re excited for 50 Amazing Facts 50,
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