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5 Ways To Toned Arms & True Friends

(upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Hey guys, Cassey here. So today we’re gonna work on your arms, and I’m talking your entire upper body. So your back, your shoulders,
your triceps, your chest. And in these five moves, I’m also gonna share with you five tips for making new friends as an adult. And I know it can get really scary, it’s so much easier to make
friends when you’re a kid. I feel like you have the playground and you have someone in your class, and you’re like, “Hey, you wanna hang out? “You wanna be friends?” And you just do the thing. But when you’re an adult, all of a sudden you’re super
reserved, your guard is up, you think everybody
wants something from you, someone’s gonna take advantage of you. So I’m gonna show you, hopefully, what might help you make
friends as an adult, okay? So we have five moves. The five moves are up up down downs, half cobra push-up, goal post punchers, arm circles and inch worms. We’re gonna be doing each
move for two minutes. If it is two-sided, then it’s gonna be one minute each side and I’ll be distracting you with our talk throughout the entire thing. So hopefully you will not think about how much it’s hurting and you’ll think about how
you can make new friends. Okay, so I’m gonna start this timer and then we’re just gonna go and get started with
those up up down downs. All right and begin. So, guys check it out. You can do these on
your knees or your toes. You’re gonna bring it onto
the elbow, onto the elbow. Place the hand right where the elbow was and right where the elbow was, okay? At that one-minute mark, we
are going to switch it up. Now, if you want to go crazy,
come with me on the toes. We’re going down, down, up and up. You wanna try to keep your
body as still as possible. All right let’s get to that first tip. How do we make new friends as an adult? So I think sometimes it’s easier if you actually just
reconnect old friends. Yes, and now because you have Facebook, you can see what everyone’s up to and see if they’re doing something cool, leave a comment, naturally like it and just see what people are up to. Reach out, text. It’s not weird. I think if you were able
to connect on something in your past, you’ll be able to connect on something in the future as well. I think a lot of times, as
adults, like I said earlier, we get so reserved, we feel
like people may not like us. Go ahead and switch. We feel like it’s hard to make friends but honestly it’s not because
at the end of the day, I think everybody wants
positive relationships. You want more people in
your life who get you and so really stop being so shy. Everybody wants to have a friend so go ahead and reach out
and really be vulnerable. Let them know how you’re doing, how you’re feeling and they’ll connect over some experiences they had in the past and let that be the beginning
of your conversation. Okay, keep those abs nice and tight. Place the hands right where
the elbows are back flat. Ooh, this feels good. Down, down. I didn’t know how two minutes of this was gonna feel but we’re gonna get through it we’re gonna do this up and up down and down plus the same old friend
and see they’re doing something that you’re into now too you need to hook and do it together. Come on lift lift this was so good for the chest and the shoulders and the abs okay perfect. (timer beeps) Okay one move down now we’ve got your Half Cobra Push-Up. So go ahead and come down on the floor place the hands in front of you slide the hands underneath your shoulders bring those elbows out bring those elbows in okay, what you want to do is push through the heel of the palm and come back down try some from the chests. Here we go up and lower okay my tip number two it’s to a join a club um not like the clubs where
you’re dancing you till 4:00 in the morning not those but those are fine too I suppose but the kind of people you wanna meet are people you can meet who have a common hobby as you. For example, if you
really like square dancing okay no let me change that. If you’re really like knitting. Why am I choosing all these weird topics? Okay, but there’s nothing wrong with knitting or square
dance that’s fine too. Let’s say you really like cooking. Okay that’s very generic
and people understand. If you really like cooking join a cooking club or something and then you’ll meet other people there who already one have something in common with you so it’s a lot easier to connect to people when you already have something
that someone else likes, so it’s easy to start a conversation it’s easy to get excited and hopefully you’ll find
somebody in that club that you can really connect with. And I also think it’s important that when you are finding this thing and you can be going to like you can meet with people on Facebook groups, Instagram groups, just really be open be yourself don’t try to be anyone else and that’s how you’re really gonna find new friends who love you for who you are. And I also think as adults we
do have a better sense of who we are and so it’s very possible to find even deeper relationships as an adult than when you were a child. Alright let’s go ahead and lift and lower and up and
down exhale up and down. (timer beeps) Whoa okay my triceps my triceps. Okay now we’re gonna head into our goal posts punchers. So you can be on your knees you can also stand up you can be on in cross-legged
style doesn’t matter. So your hands are up like so, you’re gonna come down
you’re gonna punch out boom hand up goal post
punchers here we go. Bah uh ta and lift. So my third tip is to open up here’s the thing people
like to connect with other people who are willing to be vulnerable who are willing to share their real stories who are willing to be embarrassed if you’re gonna have so much pride and you know talk about yourself only you don’t listen to other people no one’s gonna want to
be your friend, okay? You wanna make sure you’re a good listener and you also want to let your guard down I think that’s really important I think even in a relationship if you’re trying to
protect your heart so much and you don’t let your true self shine it’s hard to really fall in love to really fall deeply in love and so if you’re willing
to have your heart broken, I also think you can find the truest love there is out there when you really give everything. Give that relationship everything. So similar in a friendship I think you should be very open let people know what you like what you like about them and don’t hold anything back. I think that is meaning of
a truly beautiful friendship and relationship. Oh yeah and don’t forget
to compliment each other I think that helps a lot too. Let them know what you like about them ooh and out and up so good boom lift you got it how the shoulders feeling? Feeling good I know you
probably forgot about the pain because I kept talking, right? And now I gotta keep talking about that but I want you to punch
boom pow just like boom and the reason why I wanted
to talk about friendships with these arm movements
because I feel like with an arm you can hug you can reach out and give a handshakes so I feel like that makes a lot of sense. All right next we have arm circles so out and out mini little circles. Okay two minutes here we go. Number four set up a time to hang out. So here’s the thing I feel like as adults we always get so busy everyone has work or they have these
commitments all the time and kids and whatever but if you don’t make the time to hang out then you’re not really gonna be able to create those deeper relationships or to create new friends. And so for me I never really
ever wanted to be the type of person who would have to setup the time and set out the date set out the activity but then I felt like if I didn’t, then none of our friends
would ever get together. And so my role now in our social circle I actually try to get people together and at the end of the day yes it’s a little bit more work but good things take work, right? And so we’ll set up a pit work out at the Blogilates HQ with some friends We’ll go out for a KBBQ afterwards and it’s fun. I think we have another
minute of this, right? Yeah we’re gonna keep going. Set up a food date. I don’t know go for a run the beach, go shopping get your nails done. Anything, have someone come over and play video games it doesn’t matter. I think getting together with friends but also being the person to initiate will help as well. And hey when friends bring other friends that’s also a really good
way to make new connections because somebody likes something about your friend you like something about your friends so therefore through
transitive property in geometry you will most likely like to
be a friend of the friend. So, I think that’s a
really good thing to do. All right, now make sure go faster faster how the shoulders feeling? Are they burning? I can’t even feel them right now. They’re like hardening up right now. But you got this you can keep going. Belly in chest open
shoulders down keep circling you got this ten seconds left come on faster faster faster okay because our last ones super fun. Almost there almost there. And one okay. Whoa last one we’ve got the inch worms. I love this one because it’s for the chest shoulders abs and hamstrings. So look, you’re gonna
go right left right left coming down two three into plank. All right, ready? Let’s go for two minutes boom. Now these two minutes go by so fast we’re taking our time
we’re getting stronger and we’re talking all right? So my fifth and final tip
for making new friends. Just so honestly tell
someone that you like them. Tell us what they have
a girl crush on them. I know it can be scary and I know there is a chance of rejection but I also think that beautiful things come from telling people the truth about how you really feel and I also think it’s cute when someone tells them when someone tells me that they like me as a person they want to hang out more or something like that and then you get some
girl time to hang out. And I remember meeting some new people and not knowing if they felt the same way about me I’m talking
about like another one of my girlfriends and you could just tell both of us had this energy between us where we wanted to hang
out more with each other and so eventually I was just like “Hey I really like you” and she’s like “I like you too.” And then we decided to hang out and we had a good time and then now we’re really close friends and so I feel like if
you just let somebody know how you feel you can really create a beautiful relationship so don’t be afraid don’t be afraid to open up. So I really think it goes
all the way back to that being open being vulnerable and really trying to
connect with somebody. Honestly I say like attracts like. You attract your tribe with your vibe and you put out this positive energy vibes you’ll find someone who will like you back for exactly who you are. (beep) Okay hold right there. Into that plank bring
the feet in together. Come down slow drop the knees and back into Child’s Pose inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth and go ahead and lift up
rolling those shoulders back. Okay give yourself a big round of applause and I’m gonna air hug you I’m gonna air hug you. You guys thank you. I hope you enjoyed those
tips for making new friends I know it can be really scary but honestly just do it tell someone that you
have a girl crush on them and then maybe they’ll
feel the same way, okay? The worst thing that could happen is that they don’t and then you move on. All right, I love you so much give this video a thumbs up and I will see you next time. Bye. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)
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