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5 Unbelievable Places We Are Dying To Experience ♥ Wanderlust Bucket List

hey guys so a couple of weeks ago we shot a blog in bronte park and we talked about for the first time our new transformational program called boho beautiful in 10 days at the end of the video we asked you guys to share some of the most amazing places that you have fallen in love with on this planet and we no idea what we gotten outselves into omg over 500 comments from you guys which was amazing and almost single one of you had suggested the most amazing places that some of them we actually never even heard of we took al day yesterday 10 or 11 hours we went though every single comment and we logged them we put them on a map we researched so many places we never even heard of because we wanted to a learn about them all and b feature 5 to bring forward to u guys so i guess you can say these 5 places have officially made the boho beautiful travel bucket list so each of these 5 places spoke to us for different reasons and were going to talk about each one of them and what we found but the other main component we looked at was price cause we like we can’t really snap our fingers and appear anywhere the money component how much it costs to buy a ticket to get there that really brings it into is this a reality or is this just a far off dream and it helps you choose where it is that is realistic for you o travel and we use this amazing site called Liligo to help us find the best deals that we can to travel to these amazing places and liligo sponsored this video the only reason we allow anyone to sponsor anything we do is if they’re ligit choose your departure city you choose where u wanna go and within seconds it gives you like a whole number of flight deals its a flight comparrison site it goes to all the other sites that give deals and places them deals we would have never found it also has trains and buses car rentaks we don’t always use air travel i wanna take a train across siberia where to go so if your up for a quick trip i wanna do a transsiberian adventrue these places are not in a particular order from our most favourite to least where just kinda listing them out so our first place is croatia what drew us to croatia is the plitvice lakes national park oldest and biggest natural park you can hike the whole park in 6 hours half steps just to make it last longer but another thing that really spoke to us you ready for this baby bear refuge not just any baby bears orhphaned baby bears right now they have 8 baby bears their mothers were killed within the first year of birth so its this amazing places thats run by volunteers we love to find places that we can volunteer at especially to animal causes stunning beaches it was only 955 to get there from toronto so the second place on our list is india region of kerala we were blown away by the amount of ashrams and yoga reterats different courses you can take to expand your yogic practice thats something thats really important for us when were looking into travelling is that self exploration and then education growth we’ve been talking going to india for self growth purposes for a very long time actually and above it all the place itself is southern india beautiful beaches national geographic voted it one of the top paradises in the world its really easy to be vegan there costs 835 dollars to fly from toronto india is definitely on our bucket list so the third place of our 5 places were sharing with you guys today is patagonia which is the region of patagonia in chile and argentina it is so diverse in its nature and in its adventure everything it has to offer lansscape from glaciers volcanoes hot spings waterfalls pacific ocean lakes rivers i mean you got everything in one place its pretty spectacular i mean on top of that you could go snowboarding on a glacier and then go surfing 4 hours later perfect for mark its definitely a spot for us tp visit and shoot some awesome videos and guess what on top of that you can get there from toronto from 851 dollars cheapest flight we found which is unreal you’re travelling all the way south so our fourth choice to add to the bucket list havasu falls arizone first pic we saw someone stand up paddle boarding surrounded in a canyon of some sort with this amazing river where like where is this another selection that spoke to us the photos seemed un earthly anytime we see those places we get such a urge to go shoot yoga videos and bring you with us to experience it this magic its about 16 km hike but also whats cool you can camp out there as well which is awesome for us and this place will be a key place we found flight to las vegas 422 dollars to flight to vegas and then a 3 hr drive drives through the dessert are magical so havasu falls definitely on our list the 5th and final place on the list drum roll mascarene islands the mascarenes islands east of madagascar they are reunion island rodriguez island maritious island we were exposed to one of these islands and then we asked for suggetsions we find out that theres two more islands and reunion is just part of the three gems of the world and besides obviously the most incredible beaches they have so many national parks many gorges and waterfalls are unbelievable to fly there it only costs 1090 dollars that was the cheapest flight we found one of the lessons were learning and i hope everyone else takes from this life is too short not to travel and just experience the beauty of life and there you have it guys thats 5 addictions to the ongoing boho beautiful bucket list and if you guys liked this video please let us know because we would love to make more videos like this for you guys thanks again you guys lots of loive see ya later
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