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Hi guys! Hope you well. Okay so I know you
guys are busy and you love delicious food but without the fuss, so I’ve got
five quick and easy recipes only using five ingredients. First recipe – homemade
flat breads with soft-boiled egg, mango chutney and chili. You’re gonna love it
for breakfast, brunch or lunch. So first job we’re gonna boil some eggs.
Three heaped tablespoons of self-raising flour, three tablespoons of yoghurt, just a
little salt, stir and you can also add just a little tablespoon of oil and what
you’ve made is a really quick, ridiculously simple little dough. Hardly
any kneading required just get the pan on and roll it out to half a centimeter thick. Look at that. Mango chutney, yoghurt, just a little bit eggs cooked to perfection guys. Sprinkled with fresh red chili. Let’s have a try. The next one you’re gonna
love. It’s a tray bake. All in one tray chicken, peppers, harissa, a wicked wicked
combination. Peppers, push in the little core get rid of the seeds and then just
tear it up to rough sized chunks. Two onions here cut them into quarters.
Unpick them like little petals. Season it nice sea salt, pepper as well. We’re gonna
go in with some extra virgin olive oil and a little swig of vinegar and then
I’m gonna use some harissa, 4 teaspoons goes into our tray. Give this a nice
little mix. The chicken put it in the tray and literally I’m rubbing the
harissa and the oil inside and outside the chicken. A little bit of sea salt on
top in the oven we go for 50 minutes to an hour at 180 degrees Celsius which is
350 degrees Fahrenheit. Look at that! Just want to scrape that down and then put
that back over the chicken. Beautiful fresh mint. Look how juicy it
is! So good! And now for something a little bit messy and super delicious
with my messy meatball buns. Pan on medium-high heat. Over here I’ve got some
nice mince meat. Salt and pepper, pesto, four teaspoons in our mince meat. We’re gonna
go in with olive oil and it’s to put it straight in the pan just for five
minutes on a medium medium-high heat. Plum tomatoes shake them into your hands
scrunch them in to the sauce often when you get mozzarella it
comes in the whey and actually you don’t have to throw that away. Use that just
to clean the tin out and pour that into your sauce. Buffalo mozzarella just get
little slices and I’m gonna get a piece of mozzarella and I’m gonna place it on
each meatball. I want to just lightly season with pepper. Cover the meatballs
and char the buns in a dry griddle pan and then we’ve got one last hit of the
pesto. No knives and forks here. Mmmm! The next one is so quick, so easy and proper
classy. I’ve got Cod wrapped in smoked pancetta with lentils, spinach it is so so
good. Get yourself a pan, get it on full whack. Here we’ve got a beautiful steak
of cod I’m gonna wrap it in some smoked pancetta. Just lay the pancetta over the
cod like this and then just tuck it under like that. Beautiful. Then we’re
adding rosemary. Pick this cod up and I’m gonna put it straight down in the fat
like that. Gonna turn that down to sort of a medium heat and about
two-and-a-half minutes on each side maybe two minutes and then when you
think it’s looking good just get yourself a little pallet knife let’s get
under the fish get in there and let’s turn it over. Look at that, gorgeous. I’m
gonna go in with the spinach. Straight into the pan here. This will just wilt.
Put the fish on the board. That’s your spinach, add just a little drizzle of vinegar. Lentils, cook the lentils in the pan with
all the sticky bits of goodness and in under five minutes we’ve got a beautiful,
delicious, fantastic looking, nutritious dish. And finishing off with some dessert
with my delicious banoffee frozen cheesecake. Chocolate, so I’m gonna use
two packs in this recipe. One is gonna be for shaving, later on, and the other one I
only need 50 grams of this. I’ve got a pan with about an inch of water just on
a very light simmer. Heat proof bowl on top. So just crack it in to the bowl. So
while that’s just melting I’ve got 300 grams of oaty biscuits.
I’m gonna put a couple of tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil into this and
then this chocolate which is melted we’re gonna put that straight inside.
Give it a really good whaz up. While the biscuit base comes together
oil a 20 centimetre springform tin and line it with grease proof paper. For the
filling we’re using 8 overripe bananas. I’m going to have 500 grams of cream
cheese, dulce de leche. All whizzed up and ready to go
you simply just pour it in now. The smell is amazing! You scrape your knife down
the chocolate bar to create delicate curls. Sprinkle liberally over your
cheesecake to finish. So there you go guys if you want more inspiration and
recipes head over to where we’ve got thousands of recipes.
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