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5 Minutes To A Sexy Back And 6-Pack Abs | Class FitSugar

it’s time for rock-hard six-pack abs and a sexy back to match let’s get started today is time to get a sexy back and a six-pack you guys ready we’re gonna start on the floor we’re pretty much gonna be down here the whole time we’re gonna start with a runner’s crunch so you’re gonna have your legs out nice and long all right lay flat on your back then you want your elbows bent at 90 degrees you’re gonna roll up pull those abs in you’re gonna bring one elbow back one forward and then you’re gonna slowly peel that back down alternating arms and leg so when you roll up I want you to exhale and then peel that back down to the ground notice how my elbows staying 90 so I am working my shoulders I’m pausing at the top slowly peeling down this really warms up that entire front abdominal wall and believe it or not you’re working your back you’re working your entire midsection here so rolling up rolling down oh you got that runners look right you got your elbows bent at 90 good making sure to peel down slow let’s get one more on the other leg exhale and roll down oh baby I hope you’re warm okay so stay right here now I want you to bring your legs up okay arms up this is a reverse bird dog so with this one you want your opposite arm and leg to lengthen exhale and then bring it together so exhale inhale bring it up Val here notice that my low back is pressed into the mat that’s so key all right that means you’re pulling in your abdominals your deep smooth muscles there and you’re really working that entire midsection again oh man feel the burn come on doing good couple more seconds breathe oh yeah good hope you’re fired up last to bring you together exhale Shh bring it together all right now come onto your side and this is gonna work those obliques and your shoulder and your back okay so come into a side plank make sure that elbow is directly underneath the shoulder you’re coming up into that side oblique plank now you’re gonna rotate bringing that elbow down towards the hand and then open it up my entire shoulder is working to stabilize my body so my back is working and I’m working my obliques my core my back muscles here good rotate and open I know this looks a lot easier than it is so if some of you have to modify go from the knees okay that’s a great modification for this one you even go with one leg straight and one leg down rotating just try to keep that body straight look switch sides okay so going from that elbow legs are nice and long you’re gonna lift up and rotate coming down and open really keep those hips up from the ground I know the tendency here is to let those hips drop keep them up there rotate and open good and remember you can modify this one by going down to that knee it’s okay rotate and open breathe you’re doing great last couple I’ll do this last one up on my toes down and up and excellent alright now we’re gonna work that back side okay so you’re gonna come onto your belly and now I want you to really in this position and what should really lift up that chest okay you bring those arms down to your side lift up look towards the floor reach those arms up overhead and then come back down so the key here is to keep the chest it’s high as possible that chest up even as those hands come up over the head and then bring them back this is a really challenging move for that back alright the low back and the upper and middle back are working breathe it out you got it couple more seconds good let’s get two more remember you want to really exhale during the exertion right here and then inhale all the way back okay now coming on to your back again bicycle crunches with straight legs so we’ll really get back into that stomach so you got your legs up shoulder blades up here’s where you really got to pull your shoulder blades off the ground you’re gonna exhale bring your opposite elbow to knee and switch Shh breathe keep your low back on the ground don’t let that back arch up right keep it pressed to the floor exhale good you’re breathing you’re moving laughs – good then we got one more exercise you’re gonna come onto your back and for this one you’re gonna do a twist so you’re down on the ground you’re gonna lift that chest and rotate down and rotate this one is a major challenge on the back Oh bleep down and rotate good this one’s a challenge give me two more turn up and relax whoa I know that’s a quick burn but hopefully you made it with me and see you next time thanks for watching see you guys next time PopSugar fitness
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