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5 Minute Yoga Tutorials: Alignment For Twisting | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

hi it’s lovely fight master and today’s tutorial is on twisting in Mario saunas see so I’m going to show Mauricio senousy twisting and also just give you some general alignment points whenever you’re taking a twist in any pose so Margie asana see we start with the legs in front and we want to make sure that we’re sitting up very tall and if you feel like you’re not sitting up very tall maybe you’re kind of watching a little bit or maybe your hips are a little bit going forward I don’t have a blanket with me today but if I did I would sit on the edge of it since I don’t have a blanket another thing I could do is just kind of fold the back of the mat a little bit and sit right on the edge of that and that’s gonna lift my hips and make my back straighter so that’s important whenever you twist you need to start from a nice straight spine so sitting up nice and tall gonna bend one knee and then I’ll take my hand behind me so I’m bending the left knee so I’m taking the left hand behind I want to keep this right leg nice and active with the toes pointing up to the ceiling when I inhale reach the right arm up and as I exhale I’ll take it right across the side and then again as I inhale lengthen up tall and as I exhale I can roll this right shoulder back so we want to always inhale to lengthen before we twist because we want the vertebra stacked right on top of each other so what I see a lot in the twisting is I see this leg kind of going different places so you want to make sure that the toes point straight up to the ceiling and another thing that I see is kind of this shoulder rolling this way so we want to make sure that the shoulder rolls back and you’re widening across the collarbones and when you widen across your collarbones your shoulder blades in the back start to come together and that’s really good to get a it’s almost like a little baby backbend in your upper back so that over time you keep that so you can stand up really tall because a lot of us are you know sitting at computers or driving and this back starts to get rounded and repetition becomes reality if the back so is round and it won’t go the other way after well so inhale nice and tall exhale to take the arm across another thing that you can do as you get a little more flexible is you can take this arm this is my right arm today I’m bringing out even further around so my armpit is right by my leg and I could wrap it around and clasp my hand behind me and then inhale again to lengthen exhale to roll open we’ll do the other leg so maybe you can see the class a little bit better so take the no my right hand is behind me my right leg is bent I’ll inhale lift up through the left arm exhale I can take it around and twist or I can take this armpit across and wrap oh this is the tighter side inhale to lengthen exhale to twist so anytime anytime you’re twisting the twist is always from the waist up we don’t want the hips to twist and when we’re sitting down it’s a lot easier but say you’re doing twisting triangle pose it becomes a lot more difficult to keep the hips nice and level but keep that in mind because it’s better for your back and remember length and always lengthen the spine first on your inhale get nice and tall and then as you exhale you can make your twist so I hope this was helpful and if you have a tutorial or a question something you’d like to see please leave a comment below and I want to thank you so much for all of your subscribing I’m so thrilled with other people who have been subscribing super happy when you send us a donation you don’t know how much we appreciate it and if you can’t donate please please please tell your friends so that we can get more people enjoying the benefits of free yoga have a wonderful day namaste
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