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5 Minute Yoga Tutorial: How To Step Forward From Downward Dog | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

hi it’s Leslie fight master and today’s tutorial comes to us from Juliana Xavier and she was wanting to know how to step forward from downward facing dog so to step the foot between the hands so we’re gonna start in downward facing dog and I think the best way to measure how far away your hands and feet should be is to first come into extended Child’s Pose so let’s do that so from extended Child’s Pose excretes your arms forward shoulder distance apart and make sure here that your wrists and your elbows are off the mat and then to set up the arms properly begin to spin the triceps down toward the mat and the biceps the inner arms up toward the ceiling so you get a nice external rotation of the arm in the shoulder socket so spreading the fingers reaching forward and then make your way up onto the knees and tuck your toes under and lift your hips and stretch back and it should be about the proper distance then with your feet be sure that they are hips width apart and firm your legs and draw your ribcage in in your belly so to step the foot forward first inhale and reach the leg up that you want to some rich in my right leg up and incidentally it’s better to keep your hips level as opposed to lift the leg each time it lifts at some times but if you keep doing it over and over it’s not so good for your sacroiliac joint over time so just an aside and then as you exhale I’m gonna start to swing the leg and as you swing the leg pull your belly in strongly and get your shoulders right over your wrists and then the last part is just a little bit of a pressing the foot forward so when you’re first starting out you might not get the foot all the way forward and if that happens the best thing to do lift up inhale exhale step it as far forward as it will pick it up and put it forward and that works just as well so as you’re learning and getting more strength and more flexibility just modify as you need to when you’re working on externally rotated standing poses which would be like warrior two or triangle pose or side angle pose it’s best from downward dog just up the foot right in the middle of your hand so it’s right square in the middle and then I can spin my back heel flat and when I look my friend heels in line with my back arch and I’m all set for Wario two or triangle or side angle if you’re working on a neutrally rotated pose like warrior one or pyramid pose parsable two nos or something like that or Crescent pose high lunge or low lunge it’s best to step the foot right next to the hand so if I were coming into warrior one I would step my foot right up next to my hand and then when I spin my back heel flat I’m lined up front heel with back heel so that when I come up my feet are already in line as they should be so that is how to step forward from downward-facing dog your foot to your hands thanks for watching please subscribe please tell your friends if they would be interested in free yoga and if you can donate we would love donations and if you can’t no worries tell a friend and help spread the word bye you
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