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5 Minute Yoga Poses For Chronic Low Back Pain | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

hi it’s leslie fightmaster today’s tutorial is for yoga poses for chronic low back pain nikki maiden asked about doing a tutorial for this so nikki i’m not exactly sure what’s causing your low back pain so i’m just going to show you some poses that will help to strengthen the low back and usually when the back is stronger the uh the low back pain can sometimes lessen so here are a couple of things one on the hands and knees i’m on a blanket just because my mat is a little bit thin and i’m on a very hard floor so the blanket is optional but on hands and knees wrists under shoulders knees under hips just practicing lifting here in the low belly and the rib cage pulling in so as if someone’s right above me kind of holding all of that in i’ll lift the right leg and extend it back now when i lift the right leg i want to make sure that the leg doesn’t go up so i’ll lift it from the inner thigh and let the outer hip drop down the other thing i’m looking for is making sure my low back doesn’t arch so i’m going to lift again and then extend the left arm forward so this is a great way to strengthen the back as well as the belly muscles because when the back is uncomfortable if there’s chronic low back pain sometimes the belly muscles need to be strengthened as well so this does both left leg back so again don’t let the hip open up keep the hips nice and level keep lifting the belly and the ribs try not to let your low back arch and reach your right arm forward and just hold that for about five breaths on each side and try and see if you can work up to doing it three times in a row and then another one these are strengthening back bends so i’ve got the blanket under my pelvis so as i inhale i’m going to peel the chest up and lift the shoulder heads keep my belly lifted and also lift the legs legs can be hips width or together inner thighs are spinning up toward the ceiling like i have a block between my inner thighs and i can pull the belly in and breathe here breathing into the chest and then lower down so maybe taking a few breaths in that pose working up to five to ten breaths ten will be a lot of breath so maybe working to five another one similar to that is arms in front and i lift my right leg and my left arm so i’m going to lift those two at the same time i’m going to press down through what’s on the floor to lift and still keep my belly lifted and lower down and the other side lift so this will strengthen my low back but as i work through these again it’s very important to keep the belly muscles lifted so where you find your hip bones here you want to think about lifting your hip bones towards your lower ribs so you’re making that space a little bit smaller instead of letting the back arch so it’s important your back will arch of course because it’s a backbend but you don’t want to overarch it now if your low back hurts when you do a forward fold i’m going to stand up and show you how it’s better to do a forward fold if your back hurts so when you inhale and reach up exhale come forward you’ll just stay right here at 90 degrees and you can keep your hands right on your shin so if you’re doing a sun salutation you’ll exhale fold forward stay right here inhale stay here again exhale bend the knees plant the palms and come to plank if you’re finding your back is arching in plank take your knees down to do chaturanga or just hold plank and if you hold plank you’ll also firm the belly muscles and the back muscles so nikki i hope this helps you and anybody else who has low back pain always always always check with a doctor first before doing any of these exercises and thank you so much for watching please subscribe please tell a friend thank you for your donations i really appreciate everything you guys are giving thank you namaste you
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