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5-Minute Thigh-Sculpting Pilates Workout | Class FitSugar

hey guys welcome to my 5-minute bar inspired Pilates based workout this workout you can do anywhere anytime and you don’t need any equipment at all I’m Kristin McGee cu9 by camping ambassador and I’m psyched to work out with you okay let’s get started I want you to light in the back of your mat and then take your feet slightly forward so you form a shallow L you can lie down on your elbow if you want to just make sure your hips stay stacked we’re gonna start with daga J’s so kick the leg up and then point the toes down two and lower great three and lower keep your shoulders down away from your ears abs in and up five six seven eight really lengthen the leg out of the hip nine and ten now we’re gonna do a passe dougga J so you come up straighten and release passe up and release good four three keep breathing for shoulders down and five now we’re gonna reverse that so kick passe slide hip pocket slide good kick keep those hips stacked kick okay now turn your foot parallel brush it forward twice and reach it back once try not to sway the hips keep those abs tight just work the legs kick kick forward tick kick forward and back kick kick forward stay back there this is great for the butt so you’re gonna do these little pulses straight up these are little arabesque lifts keep going really squeeze the glute excellent and now tiny circles eight in each direction tiny circles back beautiful and now keep that leg back there as you come up in this pretzel like position take your arms out in front of you abs in and up you’re gonna lift and lower that back leg I know it’s killer for the booty three four five six seven eight nine ten now you’re gonna push it back around you so you’re trying to do little pulses back you got this I know it’s killer six seven eight nine ten try and hold it up there feel that burn beautiful now bring that leg up come onto your knees and you’re gonna do some little kneel backs you come all the way back and all the way up again abs in and up hinge and lift so you’re working hamstrings glutes quads four nice five and up six keep breathing seven eight nine and ten hold it excellent come on up and go to your other side so you can lie down make sure you get to the back edge in the mat slide your legs forward keep shoulders down away from the ears abs in and up and kick – so you can flex up point down for five nice six seven keep those hips forward eight abs in and up nine ten pelvic floor engage so now you’re gonna passe extend and reach squeeze the glutes and reach four three per for last one four five reverse it kick and slide kick and slide three four and five very nice now kick it forward kick it reach it back try and keep your abs tight kick kick reach it back kick kick reach it back kick kick reach it back one more stay back there little arabesque lifts really squeeze through the glutes a little bath eye area right there you want to burn that out good and now little circles eight in each direction try and keep the body super still so you’re working the core the whole time that nice dancer like control so nice now keep the leg back there come up into that pretzel position set yourself up and you’re gonna lift two three four five six seven eight nine ten and then pulse two three four five you really feel that many obliques to that whole back line the buttocks nine and ten hold it excellent bring it down and now we’re gonna go onto hands and geez so I want your hands underneath your shoulders knees underneath your hips take one leg up flex the foot strong and do little pulses straight up to the ceiling so we’re gonna really blast out the but now really pulse it keep the tailbone long keep the abs in and up now turn that knee out and bring it forward and back I call these little fire hydrants depayne dog 3 these are great for the outer thigh for 5 glute medius 6 7 8 or those medial glutes root medius 9 10 you got this 11 12 13 14 excellent 15 now hold it here kick it out to the side squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze try and keep equal weight in your hands feel that burn you got it excellent bring your knee in other side little pulses 4 nice keep the torso Square to the mat abs in and up really flex push the heel to the ceiling turn that knee out and we’re gonna finish with those awesome fire hydrants 3 4 five six seven you got this eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen excellent fourteen fifteen stay here sixteen kick it out to the side try not to lean into your pan to the outer hand stakes center right there really feel that burn really feel that squeeze and bring the knee in and sit your hips back excellent work
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