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5-Minute Squat Workout For A Tight Booty

[Music] set it back squat Siri good sex so we like to take it slow so that we really activate up a whole egg good press those heels into the floor and sit those glutes back oh yeah yeah turn in bags please go to the back wall you get low down and up good let’s do four more and that’s like how warm the body feel oh yeah and yeah don’t bother the knees as much when your legs are worn out as well and too good last one we’re gonna hold down here we pulse it out you said there’s always pulse at right there great sure for eight seven the last four three two and one we’re gonna take it up and on we sit we straighten both legs up that right leg comes off the floor go right back into that sit but Anna set ferreting the modified version over there liar great go turn in there and up yes for sure yeah up you feeling the burn Anna oh yeah in the ballet really talented that balance activating the whole body down add up good you go for five keep breathing for I love how that gets into the ABS the obliques feel it exactly three you hold it for a second at the top two and last one we’re gonna freeze up there pull that balance good we pulse it up just that right leg eight good seven stay away at six and I I can feel it and three good ladies two and one go yeah down both legs good find that breath again that’s it the more you breathe use your timer in half good we squeeze those pieces the legs stream up counting that booty oh yeah don’t forget the glue and cover yes for the ladies three [Music] good – and once good we’re gonna sit it down right away we pull off that left leg right leg straightens and down good feel those palms still pushing together so those arms stay nice and activate it up and out and how we feelin I’m really good and I’m gonna be way harder for me I can really feel it yeah my left sides always hotter yeah yeah I notice yeah that one leg is stronger than the other and up good here we go first side for tightening the ABS my balance for sure though yeah coming up abs and arms are definitely cheaper balance and the eye line it’s like great ahead I can’t look at you throw don’t look at me good last one hold it up left leg go nice and long we pulse it up you go for a good seven six three through stay with it two and one yeah shake your legs let me shake it ever that I turned it’s good we’re gonna do a series with turned out legs getting those inner thighs we got hands on hips we’re just gonna sit and take it up straight needs again go you want to feel those heels pressing down and knees opening up some that back wall yeah exactly really getting those inner thighs there it’s going a little bit I’m not going asteroids not as low but still going I can still feel a need for the modifications on this one boys very tight yeah this is great for opening up those hips to eight skills good seven then I cannot breath that’s great okay handling on the breath yeah I suppose forget the green so you actually really have to connect again don’t you yeah go ladies stay with it we go for three good last two and one stay low right here go I’ll say it out for eight good whoo I know how much everyone loves ya smile three last two and say hello we take it right left huh go left side to side good ruble zone into the music oh you ever got a bad fat burn good first five six bring a got really into pulse it down for eight more to go last five six seven and eight [Applause] [Music]
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