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5-Minute Prefight Warmup With Christa DiPaolo

hey squad welcome to your pre-fight warmup let’s get that body warm and that mind right let’s do this alright are we ready to warm it up let’s do this show me your guard and we’re gonna start with a bob and weave going to your left in three two one let’s go and under I want those hands up by your face it is your pay five arm off right so let’s practice good technique going forward back is tall abs are tight just a little half circle to your right into your left and bob and weave believe it or not is all about firing up your quarters and the method to the madness in boxing all right now get ready on deck we have some straight punches in four in three and two let’s go straight punches and punch by the way I have Misha and Amanda with me keep going out target zones to the tree punch it and write for the front of the face palms are down elbows are tight there we go now we’re gonna take these to some cross body punches in three two one let’s go and cross and what I want you to do it’s so important embossing it’s all about the rotation do you want to lift up your heels for a little bit of power even though we’re just warming it up think about visualize punching through the side of the room palms down elbows tight beautiful give me four three two uppercuts let’s go uppercuts targets and where is it underneath the chin elbows tight to the body now we’re not just gonna stay here we’re you just spice it up let’s out the hog lips we’re gonna pick up as fast as we can in three two one let’s go this is called a shoeshine it just means fast uppercuts hit it getting that heart rate up can you go a little faster can you go a little faster you can I go a little faster and touch her now you’re ready for some squats and some hooks in three two one oh my gosh squat it hook it sit back in those heels elbow where is it 90-degree angle targets on its side of the chin like to use the warm-up is almost a little basic session for you to go over the punches it’s the perfect time so then once you watch the other boxing and kickboxing videos they start to just set it right you’re pro for more here is three lift up that he’ll last two now we’re just gonna turn into some body shots let’s go and body now target them for the body shots right for the ribs aka kidney punch that’s it [Laughter] so with this now we’re starting to get that body worn heart rates going up give me a little power right you just don’t want to analyst Li throw that punch out there put a little purpose and put a little power behind it there we go give me a few more now we’re gonna take you to some wide bub kick so keep your legs wide importance in three and two let’s go pump those arms now a modification omit the jump and just do yes the butt kicks right there or drive those knees up now what you pump those arms nice and strong back is tall driving your heels into your glutes now let’s take this we’re gonna transition into our Orthodox stance you’re in South paw and home alright your right foots board your left foot back you’re gonna give me a job and a hook and three two one show me go jab hook doesn’t need to be so fast target zone you know that we’ve gone over on face side of the chin think about it visualize it that’s what I love about foxy is that you’re always engaging your brain right we’re working from head to toe but it’s also so important up here mind-body connection ads – TV for nearly three last two you have a cross let’s go over your arm and cross this is a great power punch it works a lot of core so feel those legs when I lift up that heel and reach pull your lead shoulder back there we go palm is down elbows tight you love this one oh yeah it kind of makes you feel like about all right give me four three let’s go back to those pluck kicks let’s go and it but gesture and but you know take your butt literally all right we’re taking it to our South paw to your Orthodox get ready for that jab and that hook and three two one let’s go and Jack hook the jab you anything about snapping it out right snap it with some power hook that’s a big power punch lift up those heels there we go leave it up you need four beautiful three last two get ready for that cross hit it power lift up that heel beautiful keep that punch right to the feast I always say that cuz that’s what’s gonna sculpt those shoulders who the hell are you punching younger yeah give me a few more give me four three two buck kicks let’s go take it your neutral stance we’re almost at the finish line and you can get into your workout bring your feet together we’re gonna finish with an ear job in three two one let’s go light on those feet you can just tote a pit ah are you ready you are so ready goodbyes warm your mind is right but you know I can’t end it here so give me some high knees and three two one let’s go remember you’re still jumping rope you have one at home pick it up if not trust me this hurts give me ten no I pick it up eight pick it up seven pick it up six we’re almost there five final four final three final two one and who died now you’re nice and warm your mind is right to go and tackle your next workout
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