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5-Minute Lower-Abs And Obliques Workout | Class FitSugar

you have five minutes to work those obliques and lower abdominals let’s do this alright let’s give that warm up so we’re going to work the torso with a little seated twist I’ll call it this Sidewinder strained and you are here with me today Danny the lovely Danny can I show you some of the modifications so keep your eyes on her for some of the more intense you know challenging moves me and Ray are going to show the full-out version but right now we’re wringing out the torso we’re trying to get all the weight wisping to the floor I’m leaning back warming up my core you guys this is only five minutes today so take a little time it gives yourself that investment in yourself everybody’s got five minutes to work on themselves and get their torso and their core muscles strong and engaged I’m already feeling yeah wow now I like this one because you know for one it does start to work those abs and torso so then i’ma go straight leg to the last part and I’m going to come up right nice and tall so now I’m working a little bit on my back too as well engaging a little bit more on my back oblique all right nice upright think about the long it’s fine you possibly could have you know keep that back nice and long couple more seconds whew three two and one awesome now we’re going to go into a runner’s crunch we’re watch Danny through the modification here so you’re not going to come all the way up for this if you’re modifying if you’re going all the way up you’re going to roll coming all the way up into that crunch you’re going to bring the knee to the opposite elbow and then right back down lowering slow alright to roll up good meet elbow look at my arms to it like a runner done like a sprinter slow on the way down so this one is slow and controlled I see the girls wanting to speed it up and I get it right a tendency to want to do this one quickly but the more control you have on the way down the more strength you have in your core it’s easy to just fall to gravity right oh yeah but we have to fight gravity on the way down else come up abs are tight squeeze this is the chorus part this is the hole and then peel down right so that control at the top we doing panting you can add and shoulder blade off the ground and up and we’re just alternating sides here you guys look off level oh one more on this side please up boys slower down slow beautiful job all right this one is a leg lower and a crunch so watch your legs up or bent Danny’s going to start with bent knees means we’re going to go straight legs okay now what you’re going to do hands behind the head you’re going to lower one leg first okay Danny’s just kicking her out then we’re going to come up for a truck I’m going to reach towards the opposition okay that’s my crush come back down rest the shoulders which legs simultaneously woo and come up with a crutch so right now you want your low back on the ground switch legs simultaneously low back is flat reach crunch and then lower back down good switch legs reach crunch Oh lower back now that I’m on engage the lower abdominals here if your low back popping off the ground then don’t lower your legs as far you what you’re doing and keep bed knee or come on and you can kind of just lengthen your legs half way down oh boy way around and we’ll bring the ground is a huge shout yeah bring it up and relax okay well next we’re going to go into a Down Dog crunch so once you want to down dog position here alright get that stretch no fear open it up and now we’re going to come in for a crunch bring the knee to the chest can even is slightly pressed her foot to the floor to modify so I know it’s heavy to hold your whole body weight in hips like and crunch so give yourself a little bit of raised here and just place your foot gently on the floor if you need to and extend good squeeze Christ look at you right you guys are looking awesome keep it up you’re almost there here last one we’re going to come in we do it back down into dock awesome last move you’re doing amazing can scoring games in there we’re going to do a side plank and crunch watch Danny she’s going to go modified from the knees we are doing a crunch in a side plank position that is the bottom leg coming to the elbow we’re trying to keep the hips up as high as possible so we’re not letting our blood drop here we’re not like this well if you are they go modified okay because you want to have good form here really engaging the torso boom let’s go the other side quick wait we got to get the other side bring it up squeeze remember that side break is number one and then the crunch is number two that’s the added challenge where you’re balancing on one foot and you’re using that oblique to get that body up using the lower abdominals to pull that knee in to meet an elbow if you’re a runner you’re going to love these moves oh yeah these are all the torso muscles that you need to be stronger and that’s try one more give me that oh boy beautiful ciao one easy stretch amazing job I want you to do is to come onto your belly and we’re just going to open up the chat nice little Tovar going your elbows all right we’re not going all the way up onto the hands right now just keep yourself here looking forward I’m breathless a lot of grunt work okay remembering to breathe good work we were breathing through the whole time probably didn’t remind you of nothing as website should next time you do it focus on it even more good and then come up onto your feet all right for this one you’re just going to get your obliques so from here I want you to clap your hands right up top kind of squeeze your head I squeeze your head won’t hear you and then you’re just going to reach towards the sky turning and twisting kind of just opening up that oblique you’re not twisting really you’re more so bending and and on the other side then just reach those hands Mandy finger taught me this one when you cradle your head support you a little bit more that’s fine one more time the other way I hope you enjoyed this little bit of a stretch at the end your abs are ready to go and take five minutes for you you guys can do it in you deserve it see you next time well awesome where’s everybody yeah [Music]
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