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5-Minute Lose The Pooch Workout | Class FitSugar

we all got that little extra layer that we’d like to tighten up right well today I’ve got a 5 minute workout it’s gonna help you lose the pooch ready let’s get going we’re gonna start first in a plate position so come right down onto your elbows and for this one what you’re gonna do is a really controlled hip raise and lower so let’s start with a lower we’re gonna go down controlled abs tight pull those abs in nice and tight and lift all right we’re not going super high with those hips but we’re going above level right above that straight so down and up good so it’s just below that straight plank position oh now keep those abs pulled in tight and really engage the whole entire time you want to be safe with this this isn’t something you do fast right you’d put your back at risk so nice and slow engage those abdominals almost touching the floor and then lifting abs in tight this one I really feel my whole abdominal wall is warming up and when I lift those hips I’m pulling my belly button in toward my spine really trying to engage those abdominals and lower down good let’s get one more down ah and back down all right now let’s flip over onto the back for this one this is a straight leg crunch I love this move okay because it really does work that entire abdominal wall hands behind the head you’re gonna lift your shoulder blades up off the ground keep your low back pulled through the floor so it’s a lift and lower when you lift try to control it alright don’t jerk your head just lift those shoulder blades gently off the ground breathe good exhale as you come up lift really pull on the ABS into the floor low back goes into the floor as you lift those shoulder blades up and you exhale all right breathe it out exhale you’re doing great keep working love this one you guys because you know what it’s not a lot of range of motion but it’s a lot of work on the core breathe good couple more lift up if you got trouble holding your head bring your hands in front just to lower that resistance a little bit B I got up a little higher because there’s less resistance from my upper body all right now this next one I love it it’s a butterfly crunch okay it’s gonna be a double though because we’re gonna go right with a leg lift and lifting the upper body at the same time so now I’m going to lift those legs animal if my shoulders the same time okay then lower down now lifting pause and then lower down notice how I’m not letting my low back come off the floor when I lower so you’re coming up you’re pausing pulling the ABS into the floor and then even here I’m engaging my core lift squeeze and lower down slow remember all this is so controlled you guys so you really don’t do anything fast it’s control that makes that core so strong it tightens up that pooch alright so control and really holding squeezing pulling that belly button to the floor oh man oh man oh man Oh last one and relax okay it’s burning it’s working we’re gonna go down into a Down Dog okay this is a Down Dog with a crunch so right here basically you’re gonna go with one leg coming up into a nice down dog stretch and then here you get a raise those hips bring that knee into the chest squeeze those abs every Pete oh my goodness everything is working here my shoulders are supporting me legs are getting a good stretch alright and my abs are doing all the work pull those hips up squeeze the ABS in and notice how I hold there all right hold please make it really work and get that full benefit right here from this move and keep breathing good and the switch other side awesome job up towards the sky holding these in on State I am really trying to pull that belly button in towards my spine and my hips go up and my knee comes in back and forth you’re doing great in and out just five minutes really isolating that core and really get to that target area that we want to lose right in let’s go up for one more up pull it and back alright it’s definitely gonna be a burner okay so you’re gonna go first with scissor legs so your legs are gonna be scissored like this okay you’re gonna take your hands behind your head and you’re gonna start to twist back and forth good so with this one here you’re can switch your legs as often as you want notice how I’m leaning back that makes it so much harder back and forth if you need to modify just go with both heels down if you can bring one up amazing challenge and keep alternating so you really feel the intensity you can also modify by bringing those hands in front because this is gonna make it less weight on that upper body breathe back and forth three two and done no a great stretch just to finish off you guys it’s so amazing come down on step stomach be safe here and just give yourself a little extension through that nice abdominal wall and pat yourself on the back great job see you next time
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