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5-Minute Flat Belly Abs Workout With Jake DuPree

get ready to tone your abs in five minutes let’s do this so first you’ll come down onto the floor lift the feet up interlace those fingers in front of you now side to side Russian twist taking it side to side and really try to get those shoulders moving side to side not just the elbows for ten 10 nine 9 eight 8 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 and 1 hold Center take the lower back down legs go straight out and back in keeping the belly button nice and drawn back as you lower and lift taking it down again the modified version just stay low and tiny curls up down and up 3 more down and up 2 more down and up last one I’ll hold it other top now here we go Russian twist again because I’m just that kind of jerk 7 6 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 and wine arrest it all the way down lift the shoulders lift the head looking towards your belly button hands behind your head legs go nice and long point the feet now tiny little kicks important thing right here is to draw that belly button down to the mat pushing your lower back into the mat now big ole kicks big ole kicks how big can you kick in let’s go it feels so good to kick those legs now take the opposite elbow to opposite thigh switch and switch nice and long with those legs keep the shoulders off the floor for a 10 10 9 9 8 hu got it 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 and 1 both feet down take the hands underneath your booty legs straight up to the ceiling point the feet legs nice and long you’ll kick the legs straight out then all the way up to the ceiling as you lift up with the legs try to lift that booty nice and high as high as you can coming up into a candlestick if you cannot lift the booty just keep kicking a leg straight out and up if when you’re lowering the booty down and do not your booty smack into your hands really control it through those lower abs right here’s hold it up legs up to the ceiling flex the feet now lower the legs down for two point and lift uh-huh flex it down down points lift and lift again right here draw that belly button in lower abs lift and lift three more and down and ten you got it up and up two more down and down lift it up last one my tears hold it up at the top flex the feet reach the fingertips up to touch the toes now tap and tap if you cannot keep your legs straight bend the knees and try to reach up as high as you can on your leg if not just play feet down hands nice little curls up and up hands behind the thighs tiny curls up lift now reach the opposite arm tapping the outside of your she’ll or your foot out and out cross and cross now as you cross that body drop the opposite leg down cross ten in nine and eight and seven go six and five four three two and one arrested down the size of your feet together let the knees fall open hands behind your head lift the shoulders lift the head now tiny curls up and up really drawing that belly button down to getting those lower abs active I love doing this with the knees spread open because it helps with the hip flexors not being tight up and up if you want to make it a little bit extra lift the feet up off the floor and if that needs to be a little bit more touch the knees and the elbows together for a ten you got hit nine and eight all on seven and six in five four three two hold it up now here we go you’ll take it cross and cross into a bicycle taking it side to this side fourteen nine eight seven six five four three two and one rest it down coming on to your right side and do a forearm plank right elbow down lift the hips up high left hand behind your head now touch the elbow down to the floor then up to the ceiling down and up if that’s too much take your right knee down onto the mat but Keith lifted so you can get that oblique work yes and for you got it in three two more two more two last one last one rest the hips swing the legs back other side my little darlings left elbow down right hand behind the head lift the hips up now twist it down and up good good down and up and forth aha and three two more tube both forearms down on the mat forearm plank and hold it don’t move hold it really puff up between your shoulder blades if you need a modification take the knees down on to the mat bring the feet close to the booty so those hamstrings can remain active now alternate a leg right leg up left leg up lift and lift you got it cut nice little lift in five five four four you got it three three still not done two and two one of both feet on the floor and now rocking it forward and back yes keeping those ABS drawn in my little dears 1409 yes eight seven six five four three two and one Child’s Pose press it back just like that you’re right tight and ready to go you
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