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5-Minute Fat-Blasting Bodyweight Workout

I know your time is precious so I’ve created these quick fat busting calorie crushing moves just for you sound good let’s get started okay we’re not messing around in this workout every move is pretty advanced so we’re going to start with a little jumping jack and sprint interval okay so this is getting the body warmed up we’re going to do a couple of these jacks oh yeah arms are nice and long pop off the balls of the feet go into a nice little sprint interval so abs are in tight pull up the knees okay if you want to skip instead that’s the modification we’re going to go into a scissor jack so instead of regular Jack scissor jack cardio crushing and I’m not kidding today alright so arms out wide go back into those sprint intervals ready back up come knees up abs in tight pump your arms like you’re a sprinter ah love it love it good back into the regular jacks good back and forth and my heart is already up breathe back and forth ready back into sprintgod knees up knees up come on spring animals either awesome they work the abs they burn calories good back in just those are jacks cross those arms cross those legs back and forth last little spring ready three two and go pick it up pick it up you got to crush it five minutes you got it burn burn burn and relax all right next move gonna be more core focus we’re gonna come down into a plank we’re to go into a pike jump and a scissor jump so gonna go Pike jump in out feet come apart in together in out apart together let’s go so you’re picking it up a little bit try not to let your hips sag here try to keep your abs tight so no dropping keep them tight in and out come on body whoo make sure you’re breathing it out back and forth fat busting come on calorie crushing let me know if you had to quit on this one make sure you’re working it still comment if you crushed it and time oh my goodness okay so you should be feeling good now back up on the feet we’re gonna go into a little split lunge and squat combo now this is crazy okay legs are gonna be working so split lunge we’re gonna hop to the other side then we’re gonna squat oh yeah ready lunge lunge squat lunge lunge squat okay love me now but more so you’ll love me later back squat lunge lunge squat you’re doing okay come on remember you got to modify this this one is lunge lunge and squat all right come on keep going lunge and squat can always modify squat good last one what lunge ah okay now this next one kind of come back down on the floor but more like a Burpee okay so we’re gonna do a little creepy crawler in the middle so right here you hear me breathing I know you’re breathing – now we’re gonna go down out creepy crawler creepy crawler back in and up oh yeah so here one two quick Burpee in add the jump if you want out in in and oh my goodness come on abs are working your whole body it’s crushing it doing great in in and up out in in come on couple more seconds breathe it out – let’s get one more for fun down out in in and up alright so you’re working with me now this last one is an advanced move okay donkey kick and reverse bridge so we’re gonna take ourselves hands are gonna go down to the ground I’m gonna bring the legs up kick the heels and come up down up I didn’t get too much air on that one so you want to really push off your hand and swing your legs up down up okay you get a deep squat really lift and come up another pro but I work on this one gets my upper body strong down flip and oh good good four seconds breathe let’s get two more hands ready down up go ahead one more down up and relax way to crush it I am wiped and I hope you are too now you can no longer say you don’t have time for a workout don’t forget to bookmark this video and let me know what other tips you’d like to know in the comments below see you next time on pop sugar
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