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5-Minute Arm Toning Workout Without Weights | Class FitSugar

you don’t need weights to strengthen tighten and tone those arms I’ve cleared a workout that fits into your busy lifestyle that you can do anywhere all right so let’s hit those arms working so we’re going to start with a warm up here for the back and the shoulders you’re going to start in a nice little squat position thumbs pointing out you’re going to bend forward and then bring those thumbs up towards the sky squeeze the shoulder blades together together and come back together so you’re gonna squeeze and then bring the arms back to Center squeeze and back to Center remember you’re working the back of the shoulders that is a big muscle there that’s gonna tone those arms and make them look good so really work the back also gives you great posture to really strengthen the middle of your back right in between your shoulder blades and let’s get that whole shoulder warmed up for other exercises that are gonna challenge those arms go ahead keep it going breathe actually on the way up good and keep that back flat you don’t want to hunch you don’t want to be looking like this it doesn’t allow you to get that good squeeze last one bring it down squeeze awesome job now we’re gonna come on down to the ground this one’s great you’re in a push-up position you’re gonna set yourself up so that you’re sent stable here and you’re gonna do a little shoulder tap back and forth so this one yeah works the ABS a little bit but it also really works those shoulders so you’re gonna go back and forth now we’re gonna start to add a little- pushup so tap tap slowly let yourself drop blow and then push up good tap tap so this is a negative push-up slowly let yourself down I know it’s hard and push up good here back and forth you can cheat a little bit too when you roll up all the way and push up doing great last one back slow negative negative negative come on come on five push-up awesome now we’re going to lie flat on the stomach here and this is a w so what you’re going to do is have your thumbs up towards the ceiling your forehead is going to touch the floor and you’re going to just pinch so you’ll squeeze all the way back all right you’re working the back again the shoulders back and forth doing great exhale now keep those elbows bent at 90 keep your head down to your neck a safe good news last one squeeze now lift so lift your chest arms come back you’re gonna bring those hands overhead overhead reach reach and bring it back good reach keep your chest just slightly above the ground really really important here you’re working all the muscles in the back and shoulders good up and down just a couple more you guys you’re looking great read it out you’re looking good breathe nice job I love it couple more seconds good ah and relax all right now we’re gonna go into a tricep pushup this is working those shoulders working those triceps so your elbows are gonna come in tight to your body you’re gonna lower yourself down nice and slow slow slow slow slow slow slow slow and then push up good you don’t have to let your stomach come to the ground you could also go about half way and then push up you could also go from your knees and push up but the key here is to keep your elbows in tight so you work your triceps and shoulders and your biceps aren’t sensing you on the way down oh baby that was a burner so if you’ve got to go modified it’s okay one more just like that lower exhale let’s do one more for fun come on down and up good now we’re gonna come back up to the feet we’re gonna finish here this is a combo move so you’re gonna start on your feet you’re gonna walk out all right lengthen those hamstrings use those shoulders to do that plank walk then drop down to the elbows I want you to add a rotation open back to the center open back to the center now push back into a push-up oh yeah walk it back in halfway all the way back out just to save time so we’re gonna go down down open up rotate abs are in tight don’t let your body sink toward the ground use the core come back up to those hands you see all these muscles working this is a dynamic move you’re doing great you’re almost done you guys five minutes working those arms with no weights no matter where you are you can fit it in let me know where you’re doing this workout guys where are you getting it in where you squeezing it into your life come on down good give it that rotation open back and forth good all the way up come on bring it in are you ready for one more we do it yeah you can good here we go down down your arms burning open keep those abs in tight open come on walk it all the way back up all the way all the way all the way love that hamstring curl ah and great job with that arm workout great job working your arms and your upper back and shoulders tell us where you were doing that workout in your living room while traveling leave the deets in the comments below thanks for watching PopSugar fitness
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