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5 Minute Abs And Obliques Workout – Abs Exercises For A Strong Toned Core

hey guys it’s Kelly from finish Lim calm and today I have a very quick abs and obliques work out for you we’re going to be doing in rolls of 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between for a total of 5 minutes that’s it no equipment you’re not going to need anything for this so let’s go ahead and get started drop it on the floor and we’ll get started our first exercise is going to be an upward facing plank plus a reach so kick one leg out tuck it in and then press up onto that bent leg you should feel this in your glutes your thighs and all throughout your midsection your entire core is working this exercise remember we’re doing this 50 seconds on 10 seconds off or we’ll do the other side the opposite side of the body for the next animal side focus I’m pulling in that cooler you’re really squeezing your glutes as you come up inhale the way down exhale on the way up – come on or I come back down put that other foot on the ground extend that opposite leg out we’re going to repeat that same thing the other side of the body here we go so tuck in extend up and out almost done keep it going yes I lied now we’re done all right play flat on your back we’re doing bicycle crunch with a drop so just like a regular bicycle crunch but our other leg is going to do a leg lift lower down so here and come up head back down before you pedal so there’s one smooth controlled leg lift in between each bicycle crunch make sure you’re not holding your breath crunch off to each side as high as you can and just hold it there during that leg lift all right except we’re doing a jackknife get up so again you should definitely feel this in your abs but that’s not the only thing we’re working here so stretch all the way up come up tap that tail just switch which legs above you doing it on each time takes a little bit of balance so move slower to meet you go on we only have one more set up to this try to get as many good reps as you can all right here’s our last one which we labels both in and out so legs up here we go so down and then draw your legs in and back out before you move them back up try not to put your hands on your bunch of cheap to make it all core work here though you should you will feel this in your thighs as well Oh keep it going for the last one or number all right there we go this is already done this workout is complete you
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