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5-Minute Ab Workout With Julia Brown

what’s up everyone welcome to class fit sugar my name is julia brown and i’m gonna lead you through a five minute ab series all you need is a yoga mat let’s get started all right everyone let’s grab our yoga mats and let’s get started the first exercise is reverse crunches so we’ll start on our backs and we’re gonna go for 30 seconds so think about putting your hands under your butt and extending your legs out and you want to exhale as you extend your legs out keep going everyone we’re halfway there we’re almost done and we’re gonna go right into our next exercise last five seconds here really push your hips up and now we’re going straight into flutter kicks here we’re gonna make them nice and big keeping our lower back flat onto the ground driving your belly into the floor nice job everyone we’re almost done keep it up we got 15 seconds left we’re almost there make sure you keep those toes pointed and remember to breathe yes five more seconds we’re almost done awesome job now we’re going straight into leg lower so keep your legs up and we’re gonna nice and slowly lower one leg at a time remembering to breathe keeping your chest up we’re almost done here guys keep it up remember this is the ab series that you can literally do anywhere our next exercise is going to be ab circles in three two one keeping your feet flat onto the ground hands behind your head we’re gonna go in one direction here coming up and really squeezing your abs up top and then we’ll switch directions after 30 seconds we’re halfway through keep it up everyone you got this a nice hard squeeze up top we have five seconds left here we’re almost there and three two one we’re going to reverse directions here so now going in the opposite direction remembering to breathe squeeze those abs keep them nice and tight we have 15 seconds left here we’re almost done keep it up remember you can literally do this anywhere anytime and it’s only five minutes of your time we got five seconds left here in three two and one we’re going into mini crunches for 30 seconds nice and tight keep them nice and small really squeezing up top and coming all the way down nice job everyone the next time i are on the beach with your friends remember to do this ab exercise we’re almost there we got eight seconds left really squeeze squeeze squeeze up top three two and one we’re going into a plank position and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna squeeze your entire body push yourself forward and then right back to center make sure you’re really squeezing your glutes here so think about being in a plank and then pushing yourself all the way forward and coming right back to center nice job everyone we’re almost there we got 10 seconds keeping your abs nice and tight abs city let’s go five seconds left three two and one now we’re gonna go up down plank right into it so keeping your hips nice and still coming up one at a time and then right back down these are so hard but we’re almost done here you got it keep it up remember keep your hips still squeeze those glutes don’t let your hips shake we’re almost there ten seconds here and we’re going into a rainbow plank three two and one let’s go right back down and now you’re gonna use your hips and come side to side here keeping your your abs nice and tight and remembering to breathe your back should be nice and flat nice job everyone we have 15 seconds left we’re almost there last 10 seconds and we’re going into a bear crawl and it’s our last exercise push through these last three two and one up into that fair call position and all you’re going to do is you’re going to hold it you want your knees to be right under your hips and your wrists to be right into your shoulders keeping your back nice and flat as you can see i’m out of breath but it’s okay because we’re almost there last 15 seconds here just hold it hold it hold it and remember to breathe keeping your core nice and tight this is the last exercise of our ab routine let’s get this going we’re almost there hold it hold it hold it nice job everyone thank you so much for tuning in you see how we crushed our entire core within five minutes is all you need five simple minutes i hope to see you next time on our next class fit sugar [Music]
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