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5-Minute Ab Workout

I’ve got a five minute core workout to help you sculpt rock-hard abs get ready to look amazing in that crop top let’s do this all right you guys we’re ready to get crop top ready I’ve got my girl Andi here to join us for the workout you can use a 5 pound dumbbell no dumbbell or a heavy book to use some resistance during this workout okay we’re going to use a 5 pound dumbbell we’re going to start with a straight leg kick so you’ve got one foot in front you’re going to take your opposite leg kick it up to the opposite hand step back and kick so when you’re doing this think about tightening up your abs pulling it in so you’re almost doing like a crunch as you kick okay takes a little bit of balance and you’re kicking to that opposite side squeeze big exhale all the way up that’s it so whenever you breathe you engage those abdominals could you make that diaphragm work let’s switch up legs after this one good so other foot forward and we get ready and kick it up good so you guys are just really using those ads you’re gonna use your hip flexors a little bit here so the more you can engage the core the better okay oh yeah I’m feeling it that’s it always breathing there’s a little dance to it no like it okay yeah charger on warm up exercise gets the hip flexors and the ABS lower abdominals last one and relax good next one we’re gonna make it so that that knee opens up touches the elbow comes down and switch in and now this is an oblique crunch you’re standing you could do this one on the airplane even this isn’t in line in line good wait for coffee anybody not skinny going up squeeze remember exhale Shh right there you’re opening up that knee so you are working the hips a little bit multitasking here nice landing open it up squeeze make those obliques crunch crunch good last couple seconds here legs are warmed up ABS are warming up we’re getting the obliques three two good you look good in and one oh now you’re gonna grab your heavy book or your light free weight you don’t have anything it’s totally okay we’re gonna go into a woodchopper so you want your feet about hip-width apart you’re going to come down to the outside of the knee bend the knees a little bit to keep your back flat gonna whip it up pivot that foot a little bit come back down so come up and down right here is where you want fast and then you slow it down fast and then you slow it down right at the top good abs are working this we get those rotational muffle get that definition those lines in the front of the stomach right oh my goodness last couple seconds here last one in and then switch up side so now we’re going to the outside of the other knee bend the knees keep the back flat whip it up pivot good down really think about the twists happening through your waist so you’re rotating that trunk and you’re breathing good this gets the cardio up a little bit you guys nice last couple seconds here mister – morini one come on guys and two good now hold that weight with both hands right above the head and this one’s just a nice little oblique crunch with a little side Bend so you’re gonna squeeze and right here when you lean this side feels it so you’re gonna pull it up and go slow don’t go too far this one’s very important to go slow and controlled so you don’t strain a muscle because you can feel that and the longer those arms are the harder it is right oh my goodness huh good a couple more seconds obliques are working three two and one nice now keep that weight in hand we’re gonna go high knee March with a figure eight rotation so you’re gonna pick one knee up you’re gonna rotate a figure eight down around come up switch so the longer those arms stay the harder it’s gonna be on your abs right feel it oh my and it’s throwing me off balance – this is great core work really getting nice rotation work in the shoulders a little bit so multitasking a little bit good a knee drop that weight down really figure 8 it so you got to use those obliques there we go that’s it good couple more seconds over to one and relax good trick yeah okay now in this last move you guys this is awesome this is the flashlight rotational so you got your arms out straight what you’re going to do is you’re going to twist from side to side now what I want you to think about here is pulling your abs in tight engage your belly button in towards your spine got to keep those ABS super super tense here it’s like an isometric crunch good open all of that every bit I love it I can see your abs engaged your obliques are working core muscles everything working together good breathe I know if your arms get tired bring it in here a little bit and you can start going a little faster bring it in a little bit inning and we’re going to just tighten it up into that last 10 seconds you’re going fast so your honor it nice and tight abs are in three two one oh nice job Annie way to work it guys we’ll see you next time on pop sugar fitness
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